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Business View - January 2015 45
ultimately to a series of subsequent cellular carriers.
The young company worked to become one of the go-to
contractors for cellular communications work in South
Florida. From there, Watts said, it relied on a top-down
commitment to hiring professionals with pride in their
work and a service-centric mindset toward customers.
That culture, she said, creates an environment where
efficiency and accuracy is a natural byproduct.
The company quickly grew to have more than 100 em-
ployees including multiple civil, tower and electrical
crews along with a maintenance division that main-
tained more than 800 tower sites in the Southeast.
“The growth happened by workload necessity in the
Southeast and our branching out into work through-
out the United States,” Watts said. “We are one of the
companies out there doing the work and doing it well.”
Carrick Contracting settled in comfortably with a work-
force that now typically ranges from 45 to 50, a slight
uptick from the 20 or 25 employees who made up the
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