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44 Business View - January 2015
Providing Turnkey
Construction Services
Carrick Contracting blends customer mindset with constant improvement
Carrick Contracting Corp. has worked for more than
22 years to establish a presence in the telecommuni-
cation and commercial industries. The Florida-based
company is now licensed or registered in more than
20 states and also serves as a certified government
Operations are headquartered in Lake Park, Fla. and
remain directed by founder Tom Carrick's hands-on
leadership. He remains involved in every facet of a
project from due diligence to construction completion.
The company's reputation has been built on the com-
bination of a strong work ethic and an exceptionally
high performance standard – which has consistently
yielded complex projects that are finished within the
timelines and budgets of all clients.
“Tom was in construction for many years building car
dealerships in South Florida,” said Lori Watts, the
company’s director of marketing. “He got his general
contractors license in July 1992 and began working for
Motorola building their Emergency Management Sys-
tem in Broward County and that’s when the telecom-
munications boom started.”
The work at Motorola then led to work at Nextel and
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