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48 Business View - January 2015
new clients, she said. “We’ve been here. We do good
work and we have good people,” Watts said. “There
are always the Mom and Pops out there. But when it
comes down to it, there are companies like ours and
a handful of others that are still here after all these
years. They know we’re not going anywhere and they
know they can depend on us.”
Carrick Contracting employees are always learning
and training, new technology is continual and the com-
pany is required to keep up in order to produce qual-
ity sites for customers. It has been a member of NATE
(National Association of Tower Erectors) for more than
15 years and relies on the association’s input for new
training and safety materials. Safety is high priority as
well, and all operations closely follow OSHA standards.
Company-wide safety meetings are held monthly, in
addition to daily job safety analysis forms and “toolbox
“It never stops,” Melnick said, “and we’re happy that’s
the reality.”
A new learning opportunity for Carrick has been taking
part in the recent construction of LEED (Leadership
in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified stores
Carrick Contracting Corporation
Provider of construction management in
telecommunication and commercial markets to
both public and private sector clients
Corporate headquarters in Lake Park, Fla.
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