Tech Company Gives You Free Access to 20 Billion Miles of Empty Trucks

September 9, 2016

HaulHound, the free app that promises to deliver a lightning fast, easy-to-use way for truckers to post their available empty capacity so shippers can readily Find and Fill Empty Trucks to transport their products, announced the official unveiling of its new platform at the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in Dallas, TX, August 25-27.

Each year, North American truck drivers log more than 20 billion empty truck miles; yet, shippers cannot easily find and fill empty trucks. Until now, truckers and shippers have been forced to subscribe and visit individual website after website, or make telephone call after telephone call to secure a load or empty truck. This means lost time and profits for drivers, freight brokers, and shippers alike.

HaulHound’s ultimate goal is to provide a better way to post and book empty trucks with its free, fast, and easy logistics tool. Using HaulHound, truckers will now be able quickly post and edit their truck capacity from anywhere in real time. HaulHound’s user-friendly system streamlines this information and conveniently updates posts automatically when they expire – making the whole process incredibly simple and allowing truckers to focus on more important areas of their business. In turn, HaulHound’s innovative new, online aggregation system allows shippers to search various logistics sources at once and refine their search results instantaneously to compare availability and other vital information needed to find and fill empty trucks.

HaulHound is a collaborative effort between industry veterans and technology specialists aimed at leveraging the latest technology to eliminate the excessive time and miles wasted by not being able to efficiently connect shippers and empty trucks. “When we started the company, our goal was simple. We wanted to make the process of booking trucks as fast and easy as possible,” proclaimed Andrew Kim, President of HaulHound. “Our people have extensive experience in the industry and a wide range of backgrounds, so it was really important for us to meet the needs of both truckers and shippers. In the end, everyone wants a more efficient, faster system that saves them time and money; that’s what HaulHound will deliver.”


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