Tallassee, Alabama

June 27, 2024

Tallassee, Alabama

A Perfect Blend of History, Industry, and Community Spirit


Building on a rich history and strategic location to nurture economic growth and community development.

Tallassee, Alabama, is a charming town that seamlessly blends rich history with a vibrant present. With roots stretching back to its origins as a Native American settlement, Tallassee has grown into a vibrant community rich with historical significance and industrial prowess. Situated along the scenic banks of the Tallapoosa River, this quaint community is a gem waiting to be discovered.

Mayor Sarah Hill enthusiastically highlights the city’s unique historical trajectory. “The city of Tallassee was originally a Native American locality,” she says. Its location along the Tallapoosa River ensured the city played a significant role during the Civil War, including its carbine armory and later as a bustling mill town.

The industrial heart of Tallassee beats strong, as Mayor Hill emphasizes. “We have many industries. We’re the industrial seat of Elmore County.” This industrial identity has been pivotal in shaping the city’s economic landscape. Despite the closure of the cotton mill plant in 1988, which marked the end of an era, Tallassee has continued to thrive and adapt.

Tallassee’s geographical location adds to its uniqueness. “We have Tallapoosa County on our east side and Elmore County on our west side, separated by the Tallapoosa River,” Mayor Hill explains. This dual-county existence highlights the city’s expansive reach and its strategic significance in the region.

Tallassee’s compact size belies its vast potential. “We are a little bit smaller than what you would think, but we have big potential,” Mayor Hill asserts, reflecting the community’s optimistic outlook. This optimism is grounded in the city’s rich past and ongoing efforts to innovate and grow.


Transforming Tallassee: Infrastructure and Investment

Tallassee is not just relying on its rich history; it is also heavily investing in its future. Recent and upcoming infrastructure projects underscore the city’s commitment to modernization and growth.

Tallassee just completed about a $4.75 million sewer rehabilitation upgrade to the sewer lagoons. This project will enhance capacity and ensure reliable service for residents for the next four to five decades, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to essential utilities.

Downtown Tallassee is also getting a facelift. There’s an ongoing streetscape project to revitalize the city’s core. Partnering with the Alabama Department of Transportation, the city is making ADA-compliant and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks a crucial step in its broader downtown revitalization efforts.

The city’s infrastructure investments are not limited to the downtown area. Tallassee has secured significant funding to overhaul its gas mains. “We are the recipient of a $9.7 million gas grant from fiscal year 2022 and a $5.46 million grant for 2023,” the mayor states. These funds, totaling approximately $15 million, will replace antiquated cast iron gas mains throughout the city, enhancing safety and reliability for all residents.

Water management is another critical area of focus. Tallassee is set to upgrade its water treatment facilities with a combined $1.1 million investment. Ensuring that this vital resource is sustainably managed for the future.

Moreover, Elmore County is contributing significantly to the city’s quality-of-life projects. Mayor Hill proudly shares, “Elmore County is giving the City $10 million to complete two quality-of-life projects – artificial turf for our football field and a new state-of-the-art recreation center.” These enhancements will provide modern recreational amenities, fostering community spirit and engagement.

Why Tallassee is a Prime Destination for Families and Businesses

Tallassee’s charm lies in its rich history, robust infrastructure, vibrant community, and business-friendly environment. Mayor Hill passionately outlines the factors that make Tallassee an attractive destination for new residents and businesses.

“We’re very pro-business,” she emphasizes, pointing to the city’s consistently low business license fees as a significant draw for entrepreneurs. The city’s welcoming attitude towards new enterprises is mirrored in its people. “We have amazing people, people that have been here for generations and a lot of new people into the area,” she continues, highlighting the community’s blend of long-term residents and newcomers.

The natural beauty of Tallassee is another significant draw. “Our ecological area is absolutely gorgeous,” the mayor states. Located on the Tallapoosa River and just 15 minutes away from Lake Martin, the city offers many outdoor activities. “We have options to kayak, canoe, paddle, go out on boats, fish,” she enumerates, painting a picture of an active, outdoor lifestyle that appeals to many.

Tallassee also prioritizes recreational opportunities for its youth. Mayor Hill notes the abundance of facilities: “We have two baseball complexes, a softball complex, and big swimming town.” Such amenities ensure that children and teenagers have plenty of activities to engage in, fostering a healthy, active community.

Education and the arts play a central role in the city’s appeal. “Our school system has one of the best arts programs in the state,” Mayor Hill proudly shares. With approximately 450-500 students at the high school, nearly 160 participate in the arts or music program. “That is one of our biggest claims to fame,” she adds, spotlighting the renowned Tallassee Music Department.

Recent developments further enhance the city’s appeal. Mayor Hill mentions a substantial investment in the local high school. “We did just complete a 20-something million-dollar renovation on the high school,” she says, noting that the new building is prominently featured in the heart of Tallassee.

The retail sector in Tallassee is also expanding. “We just got a Taco Bell, and construction is underway on a new car wash,” Mayor Hill reveals, indicating a growing commercial landscape. The city boasts ample space for future development, with open areas ready to welcome regional and national businesses. The local Chamber of Commerce also supports a robust small business community, ensuring a well-rounded economic environment.

Strategic Partnerships and Overcoming Challenges

Tallassee’s growth and development are bolstered by a network of strategic partnerships and organizations that foster economic vitality. Mayor Hill highlights the city’s collaboration with several key entities. “We do have the Chamber of Commerce that the city funds,” she says, emphasizing the importance of this partnership in supporting local businesses. Additionally, once dormant, the Tallassee Downtown Redevelopment Authority is now reinvigorated with a new board. “They are very gung-ho at trying to develop that downtown community,” she explains, illustrating the renewed focus on downtown revitalization.

The city also works closely with the Tallassee Economic Development Council and the Tallassee Industrial Development Board. These groups play a crucial role in attracting new industries to the area, further cementing Tallassee’s status as a business-friendly environment. Mayor Hill underscores the proactive approach of these boards, saying they are “very active in trying to gather additional industries to our area.”


Housing Market Dynamics

The housing market in Tallassee is robust, reflecting the area’s desirability and strategic location. Mayor Hill describes it as “pretty aggressive,” noting the mix of rental homes primarily on the east side and the interest from new developers in creating moderate-cost housing within the city limits.

This development is partly driven by the proximity to Lake Martin, one of Alabama’s fastest-growing areas. “We have seen a little bit more growth outside of the city limits over the last few years,” the mayor explains, attributing this trend to the appeal of nearby Lake Martin.

Houses within Tallassee itself tend to sell quickly, demonstrating the high demand. “Usually, a house goes up for sale within our city, and it’s sold in about a week or so,” the mayor remarks. This swift turnover rate highlights the attractiveness of Tallassee as a place to live, bolstered by its strong community, strategic location, and ongoing development initiatives.

Community Events and Future Aspirations

Tallassee thrives on community spirit, with numerous events that draw people from all around. The Chamber of Commerce plays a pivotal role in organizing these gatherings. “There’s a Summerfest,” Mayor Hill mentions, highlighting one of the many festivities that enliven the city. Traditionally, Tallassee hosted Trade Day, which has evolved into a vibrant fall fest.

The city’s strong sense of community is particularly evident during homecoming. “For homecoming, we have a homecoming parade with floats. The whole town comes out,” the mayor describes. This event brings back many former residents who return to reconnect with family and friends. Another highlight is the grand Christmas parade, also orchestrated by the Chamber of Commerce, which brings holiday cheer to the streets of Tallassee.

Long-Term Goals and Vision

Tallassee is focused on continuing its infrastructure improvements and attracting new industries and retailers. Mayor Hill emphasizes the importance of infrastructure as a foundation for future growth. “I think that we need to continue getting our infrastructure up to ideal levels,” she states, recognizing that this is essential for accommodating a growing population and new businesses.

The mayor envisions a future where Tallassee welcomes more regional and national retail partners, enhancing the local economy and providing more options for residents. “I would like to see more regional and national retail partners choose to locate in Tallassee,” she says, reflecting the city’s ambition to expand its commercial landscape.

A Place to Call Home

For Mayor Hill, Tallassee’s charm lies in its unique blend of small-town warmth and strategic location. Having moved to Tallassee as a high school student and later choosing to raise her family there, she speaks from personal experience. “I love the camaraderie of getting to know everyone and know their families,” she shares. This sense of community and proximity to larger urban areas like Montgomery and Auburn make Tallassee a special place.

“Being centrally located between Montgomery and Auburn and the lake gives us a really niche ability,” she explains. This location allows residents to enjoy the benefits of a close-knit community while still having easy access to the amenities of larger cities. For Mayor Hill and many others who call Tallassee home, this balance is what makes the city truly exceptional.


City of Tallassee

What: A thriving small city with a rich historical background and a focus on community and economic development

Where: Tallassee, Alabama

Website: https://www.tallasseeal.gov/

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