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March 4, 2024

Suisun City, California

Where Winds of Diversity Ignite the Spirit of Community


A progressive city agenda is ensuring a bright future for Suisun City

In the heart of Solano County, California, lies Suisun City, a picturesque community that effortlessly blends historical significance with modern aspirations. Celebrating its 154th year of incorporation in 2022, this progressive city boasts a rich cultural tapestry and a community-driven spirit that sets it apart.

A Windy Legacy

Suisun City, named after the Patwin word “Suisun,” meaning where the west wind blows, bears testament to its geographical identity. Mayor Alma Hernandez relays, “Like clockwork, practically every day at 3 pm, you feel that west wind come through. We are known for wind.”

The inception of Suisun City, dating back to 1868, was fueled by a strategic location boasting a thriving port, railroad accessibility, and proximity to water – elements that continue to define its character. Centuries prior, the land was inhabited by the Suisunes of the Patwin Wintun Nation, a heritage that endures. Mayor Hernandez underscores their ongoing involvement, stating, “They continue to contribute locally, helping educate our community through our library system, specifically through Solano Land Trust, highlighting some of the area and locations of their ancestry.”

With a population close to 30,000, Suisun City spans 4.4 square miles. “We’re pretty landlocked,” acknowledges Hernandez. “On one side we have the city of Fairfield and Highway 12. On the other side, we have marshland. It’s the largest contiguous Marsh in the western part of the United States, something we’re very proud to be very close to. On the other side, we are waterfront. And on the other side, we have Travis Air Force Base.”

She notes that the city still has some infill development opportunities, bringing housing, commercial, and mixed-use options to the community. Currently, the housing authority is looking at ways to develop 34 acres of land. “That is the largest still intact piece of land that is owned by our housing authority,” explains Hernandez.

“Currently, we’re looking at how to mindfully develop that. It’s right next to a train station, also access to water is not too far away. It is in a prime location for transportation access, and five minutes from our downtown. What we’re currently working on, is finding out what the community is looking for, and how we can develop mindfully to that.”

Nestled between Sacramento, Silicon Valley, Napa Valley, and San Francisco, Suisun City is situated in an ideal location. “What that means to the local community here though, is that we commute out a lot for work. We don’t have much industry. We are known as a bedroom community, as a place that people come home, to raise their families, to invest in their homes or to go out and connect with the community,” the mayor portrays, adding that the landscape has shifted with the pandemic, ushering in an era of remote work and altering the city’s traditional commuting patterns.


Celebrating Diversity

Suisun City proudly wears the badge of the “Most Diverse Small City in the Bay Area,” a title earned in 2019. Demographically, the community is evenly distributed, representing a harmonious blend of cultures. “Our city council is one of the most diverse in the county,” touts Hernandez.

“We collectively speak six languages. We speak English, Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, Farsi and French. So, it’s a reflection back to the community of just the diversity that we have, by those that are helping lead the city itself.”

Known in the area for its signature events, Suisun City actively celebrates its heritage, bringing the community together in unity. From traditional festivities like the Fourth of July and Christmas events to culturally specific events, the city actively encourages a sense of togetherness.

“For our Christmas on the waterfront, we have a really neat lighted boat parade,” describes Mayor Hernandez. “Because we are a waterfront-facing city, we have a small Harbor, we have our Yacht Club, we have a lot of our boating community that comes out, and they light up their boats. This is how Santa Claus gets to deliver to the community. He gets on a boat, tours the harbor, and then makes his landing to meet the children.”

Elaborating on other celebrations, she continues, “We have introduced some of the first in our community in regards to celebrating diversity, including our first Cinco De Mayo celebration, which is the fifth of May, it’s a celebration that celebrates Mexican heritage, and our first Dia Los Muertos, another Hispanic event.”

“We introduced our Native American heritage celebration, and we’ve introduced our first menorah lighting, to celebrate our Jewish community. There is something very beautiful to be said about being able to not only celebrate diversity but help members who are not part of a specific group or ethnicity, understand, learn, and celebrate alongside,” she describes.

Infrastructure Projects and Economic Development

Suisun City has been proactive in enhancing its infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of its growing community. A notable accomplishment includes securing a grant from Caltrans to beautify Highway 12, a crucial route passing through Suisun that needed aesthetic improvements.

In terms of economic development, the city recently participated in a groundbreaking ceremony for Tractor Supply, a major retailer that is opening a Suisun City location. In addition, the sale of a marina building to Larsen Marine brings a boat retailer to the city’s downtown. There is an opportunity for Suisun City to expand and annex its borders, to bring a logistics center to the community. “That’s one of the larger projects that we have currently under environmental review, and depending on if it successfully goes through, it brings a different industry to Suisun that it hasn’t had before.”

Transportation is another priority, and Suisun City has a pivotal role in the expansion of Union Pacific Rail, as Hernandez details, “As they expand to other areas in the region, whether it’s towards the Napa Sonoma area or the East Bay, San Jose, the city of Suisun City is marked as an area that whatever the final map of how the rail will expand, it’ll go through Suisun City. So that makes us a really important location that’s been identified on that rail system.”

The introduction of microtransit increases the efficiency of public transportation while enhancing connectivity for residents. “We’ve removed some of those large buses that didn’t carry so many people,” says Hernandez. “But we still need public transportation. We’ve transitioned to something called microtransit. So, people can connect with our services and order one of our buses that picks them up from their home and delivers them to anywhere in Suisun city, and specifically nine locations in our neighboring city of Fairfield.”


Valued Collaborations

Suisun City thrives on valued partnerships and collaborations that contribute to the success of the community. Hernandez mentions the essential partnerships with Solano Transportation Authority, Caltrans, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. With no healthcare options within city limits, the community relies on outside healthcare institutions including Kaiser Permanente, North Bay Healthcare, Sutter Health Care, OLE Health, as well as educational entities such as Touro University.

The city collaborates closely with its neighbors for both the Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District and the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District. The mayor also underscores the crucial relationship with Travis Air Force Base, a significant employer in the region. She points out the necessity of partnerships with community-led organizations like the Joan Kroc Salvation Army Center, and the Contra Costa and Solano Food Bank, which contribute significantly to the well-being of the community.

A Vision for the Future

Portraying Suisun City as a multifaceted destination, accessible by various modes of transportation, Hernandez believes it has the potential to become a beautiful and culturally rich hub. Drawing on the city’s historical significance as an entertainment stop between San Francisco and Sacramento, she emphasizes the ongoing rehabilitation of the Harbor Theater as a potential anchor for the downtown area.

Mayor Hernandez envisions it evolving into an art district, showcasing diverse art forms and telling the story of Suisun City. “There is something really beautiful when you go to a location and the art of the area provides you an experience itself that tells a story,” she illustrates. “Suisun has not yet been able to tell its own story reflecting to the community. It’s something that I would love to see.”

Painting a vivid picture of Suisun City as a tight-knit community with a unique blend of big-town warmth and small-city charm, Hernandez recounts, “The reason that matters is that people choose to live in a small community. We thrive as a small community. In Suisun City we are looking towards our future, intentionally developing to create the community that we want to see thrive. But our heart is the community itself.”

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Suisun City, California

What: A small city, reinventing itself as it plans for growth

Where: Solano, California



Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District – www.FSUSD.ORG

The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD), located in the heart of Solano County, California, serves as a beacon of educational innovation and community engagement. This district, catering to a diverse student body, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fostering an environment where every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Underpinning FSUSD’s approach is a comprehensive curriculum that balances traditional academics with cutting-edge technology integration, ensuring students are not just learners but future-ready citizens.

Beyond academics, FSUSD stands out for its inclusive culture that values and celebrates diversity. Programs that support English language learners, special education, and socio-emotional learning are pivotal, ensuring no student is left behind. This inclusive approach is mirrored in the district’s commitment to engaging with parents and the wider community, fostering partnerships that enhance educational outcomes and build a strong support network for students.

Through its holistic approach to learning, commitment to inclusivity, and dedication to community engagement, FSUSD is not just preparing students for their future careers but also empowering them to be active, informed citizens in an increasingly complex world.

Suisun City Youth Commission –

The Suisun City Youth Commission is positively impacting our community through a wide range of programs for youth. We invite you to join our board, donate, or sponsor these initiatives.

Our city provides abundant resources for our youth, and the Youth Commission leads the way. We offer programs like the Spelling Bee Contest, Crochet Clubs, Anime Club, Art and Design Club, Young Musicians Program, Chess Club, Chess Education Series, Tobacco and Vaping Education Series, Bicycle Safety Education Series, Cultural Essay Writers Challenge, Juneteenth-Suisun, Kwanzaa, Veterans Day Celebration, Student to Student Awards Ceremony, National Chess Day Tournament, Community Chess Tournament, Music in the Park series, Winter Music Series, Bay and Community Stage Presentation at the Solano County Fair, and our Beyond Differences Student Service Organization.

Our achievements include sending youth to college on full scholarships, performances in the East Room at the White House and Symphony Hall, artistic presentations at the De Young Museum, and national and state chess rankings.

By joining our board, donating, or sponsoring, you can support these programs and make a difference in our community. Visit our website or contact us to get involved. Together, we can empower our youth and create a better future.

Suisun American Little League –

Little league believes in the power of youth baseball and softball to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities. We strive to build on that mission statement and focus on building up the kids in our community and hopefully along the way they enjoy playing baseball and softball.

Yin McDonalds

Yin Mc Donald’s Management operating under Yin McDonald’s, is located in Vacaville, California. This organization primarily operates in the Fast-food Restaurant Chain business & has been operating for approximately 40 years. Yin Mc Donald’s employs 300+- employees across all locations. Yin McDonald’s is a big supporter of the community through local activities & events

Republic Services –

Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority –


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