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January 31, 2024

Solano Community College

Steering Education into the Future


Preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow by equipping them with today’s top educational offerings

Solano Community College (SCC), nestled in Solano County, stands as a beacon of education with an illustrious history spanning close to 80 years.

Founded in 1945 as Vallejo Junior College, SCC has evolved into a cherished county tradition. Originally under the Vallejo Unified School District, the college expanded its reach to a countywide scope in 1967.

The 192-acre Fairfield campus was completed in 1971 and marked its inauguration with 5,000 students enrolled. Situated off Interstate 80, the school has grown over the years, expanding its facilities, programs, staff, and services to cater to the county’s burgeoning needs, with centers in Vacaville and Vallejo.




Education for tomorrow

Dr. Celia Esposito-Noy, Superintendent/President of SCC, states, “We have continuously adapted to meet the evolving needs of our community.”

Named as “One of the 100 Best Communities for Young People” five times by America’s Promise Alliance, the college is committed to delivering career and technical education, associate degrees, and pioneering a Bachelor of Science degree.

With a focus on inclusivity, the school serves traditional students and caters to working adults seeking career changes or upskilling. “Our commitment to providing a diverse range of educational opportunities is at the core of our mission, ensuring accessibility and relevance in today’s dynamic educational landscape,” adds Dr. Esposito-Noy.

Solano Community College (SCC) is part of California’s Public Community College System, which includes 116 colleges within 72 districts. Its service spans Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo, Winters, and Travis Air Force Base. The institution plays a crucial role in providing educational opportunities for graduates from 15 public high schools and three private schools in the region.

To ensure accessibility for the Spring and Fall semesters, including summer sessions, SCC offers the best flexible scheduling. This adaptability facilitates day, evening, and Saturday learners, on and off campus.

The college is at the forefront of innovative teaching methods, integrating online and in-person classes and services offered at all three campuses.  opportunities into its academic offerings. Esposito-Noy says, “Our commitment to educational access is reflected in the range of methods we employ to ensure a dynamic learning experience.”

Solano extends this philosophy to short-term classes, open-entry/open-exit formats, and specialized workshops and seminars tailored to diverse interests. With a current student population of 9,500, the vibrant campuses serve as dynamic hubs throughout Solano county.

Serving as a central point for academic pursuits and career training, the school welcomes a diverse population. Lucky Lofton, Vice-President of Facilities and Executive Bond Manager at SCC, says, “Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity extends beyond traditional boundaries.”

Inclusiveness and embracing the community

Solano Community College’s unwavering commitment to accessibility solidifies its position as an educational cornerstone for residents in the region.

From the shores of the San Pablo Bay to the fertile expanses of the Sacramento Valley, the campus provides a unique and diverse setting. Esposito-Noy underscores the region’s significance, “Our location enriches the college experience, offering students both the tranquility of nature and the dynamism of nearby urban centers.”

Beyond its geographical allure, the area boasts a robust economy, driven by agriculture, healthcare, and technology sectors.

The population’s diversity mirrors the inclusivity embraced by the college and creates an environment where students engage with a variety of perspectives.

With partnerships established with K-12 districts, public agencies, and various organizations, collaboration is at the core of Solano College’s values. “Our commitment to education has been unwavering. We have weathered challenges and celebrated successes, always with the community at the core of our mission,” says Esposito-Noy.

Solano Community College has taken steps to not only aid their students in academic life but in lifestyle areas as well. Dr. Esposito-Noy states, “We have done quite a bit, especially at the start of COVID. We have partnered with the local food bank and work with them regularly.” This partnership played a pivotal role in addressing the heightened need for food during the pandemic’s early stages.

The college established an on-campus food pantry, as Lofton notes, “We established a food pantry and a clothing pantry to ensure that no student goes without food or clothing.”

The clothing pantry is available to SCC students and to those who are interviewing and securing employment through the Workforce Development Board. Dr. Esposito-Noy states, “I am on the board there and we make clothing available for their participants as well.”

Dr. Esposito-Noy continues, “We help students get internships during the summer to do public health research and to learn about going into the medical profession through our two Medical School Pathway programs.”



Top program offerings

To address the impending shortage of physicians across the state, the college expanded its medical education initiatives by joining UC Davis’s medical school hub program, Avenue M.

The nursing program at Solano College stands as a beacon of academic excellence, navigating challenges with resilience. Dr. Esposito-Noy highlights the program’s commitment, stating, “We make sure first that students understand how to apply to the nursing program.”

SCC maintains a commendable program completion rate. Out of 160 nursing schools in California, the program at SCC ranks 53rd. Nationally, it ranks 230th out of over 1,700 nursing programs. Its 3-year average NCLEX-RN passing rate stands at 91.00%, earning the college an overall grade of A1. The estimated total program costs are $7,000 to $7,500.

But the COVID-19 pandemic introduced new hurdles, disrupting clinical placements, and challenging the program to secure opportunities. Through collaborations with healthcare partners, the school ensures that its nursing students receive comprehensive training and ample prospects for their future careers. “We work closely with Kaiser, Sutter, and North Bay, and Queen of the Valley and Napa, to make sure that our students have placements.”

The campus’s multifaceted community-oriented initiatives highlight a dedication to addressing immediate needs, fostering education and employment opportunities, and contributing to the long-term well-being of the community. “We were one of the first community colleges to provide face-to-face instruction at California State Prison Vacaville and California Medical Facility.” Solano College offers services and guidance to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students make major life changes.

As education undergoes transformative changes, the college remains at the forefront of innovation.

The growing landscape demands a shift toward technology-driven education. Ivy notes, “Solano College’s emphasis on technology prepares students for a workforce where digital skills are paramount. This foresight is essential in equipping graduates with success in a shifting job market.”

Solano places technology at the heart of its educational ecosystem and remains committed to providing innovative services that enhance student success, streamline administrative processes, and foster a dynamic learning environment.

Technology Services and Support (TSS) plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations across the district. The college maintains a reliable network infrastructure. This backbone enables high-speed internet access, secure communication, and seamless connectivity across campuses. Lofton says, “Through the Board’s direction, we ensure our technology program meets the demands of teaching and learning requirements.”

SCC relies on robust administrative tools to manage student records, financial transactions, and human resources and streamlines enrollment, payroll processing, and data reporting.

Smart classrooms at Solano are dynamic learning spaces. Equipped with projectors, interactive whiteboards, and audio systems, these environments enhance teaching and engage students. Faculty delivers multimedia-rich content that fosters an interactive educational experience.

And, students appreciate Canvas, the school’s Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas’s user-friendly interface, assignment tracking features, and prompt notifications streamline course content delivery and foster engagement. “Canvas is like having a personal organizer for my courses. I access lecture materials, submit assignments, and stay updated on announcements in one place,” says an anonymous student.

Campus safety is a priority and surveillance technology monitors key areas, preventing unauthorized access, and responding to incidents which contribute to a safe learning atmosphere.

Solano’s telecommunication system facilitates internal communication and external outreach, and a responsive helpdesk serves as a lifeline for users. Whether addressing technical queries or troubleshooting issues, the help desk resolves technology-related challenges. SCC’s commitment to technological advancement enhances its educational ecosystem.

Looking ahead to the upcoming 2024 fiscal year, Solano Community College’s top priorities are to grow enrollment and improve student success rates for course and degree completion. The school also wants to update the career technical education programs.

From virtual classrooms to interactive simulations, SCC prepares students for the evolving workforce. “Ultimately it is what we deliver in the classroom and in the way of services that ensures student success and that is really where the focus is for us,” concludes Esposito-Noy.

By embracing innovation, the college is weaving its legacy through the fabric of education, empowering its community, and preparing students for a digital future.

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Solano Community College, Fairfield, California

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