Riverwalk Stadium – Montgomery Biscuits – Montgomery, Alabama

March 27, 2024

Riverwalk Stadium – Montgomery Biscuits

Celebrating 20 Years of Biscuits Baseball


This community-cherished and top-tier stadium brings a fun and impactful experience to Downtown Montgomery

Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium is a historic gem that has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the past two decades. Built-in 2004 on the grounds of what was once a train shed dating back to the late 1800s, the building underwent a series of renovations, evolving from an apartment complex to a hotel before emerging as a modern ballpark. Today, Riverwalk Stadium is the proud home of Minor League Baseball’s Montgomery Biscuits, the Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.

General Manager, Michael Murphy shares, “I tell people all the time, one of the best things about our stadium is we are a historic building. But we’re not a historic baseball stadium, we have all the modern amenities that you would want, from suite levels to video boards to comfortable seating and great views of the game.”

He emphasizes the unique blend of history and contemporary convenience, with the exterior train shed area, protected by the historical society, serving as an iconic backdrop to the baseball field. The stadium’s design preserves the charm of the original building while incorporating up-to-date elements, offering fans a one-of-a-kind experience.

In terms of operations, Murphy relays, “We are a city facility. So, the city of Montgomery is the landlord. There is no city operation on game day, but from the maintenance and the upkeep of the stadium, it is a great, great partnership and great cooperation that we have with the city of Montgomery.”


Economic Impact and Downtown Revitalization

Riverwalk Stadium has played a pivotal role in the revitalization of downtown Montgomery. Murphy reflects on this impact, noting that the stadium, initially built in the early 2000s, spurred economic growth, encouraging more foot traffic downtown, and leading to the transformation of unused warehouse buildings into hotels, residential spaces, and mixed-use facilities.

“There’s an area just across the street from our ballpark called ‘The Alley’. It’s a combination of residential buildings, bars, restaurants, and then some corporations that are all kinds of mixed-use within some of these facilities,” he depicts.

“A lot of that started with the building of this baseball stadium and that’s a big thing for us to this day. It’s very important for us, as the Biscuits, for there to be a vibrant atmosphere in downtown Montgomery on a Biscuits game day, and really every day.”

Further contributing to this vibrancy, the decision was made in 2017 to shift game time from a 7:00 pm start to 6:35, encouraging fans to enjoy the surrounding amenities before games. “You think that doesn’t make a whole lot of a difference,” admits Murphy.

“One of the big things for us was we wanted people to stop in the restaurants and bars around the ballpark before they came to the game. If you worked downtown, rather than going home and picking up your family, just stay downtown, meet your family at one of the restaurants, grab an appetizer, and then come and get your kids ice cream and a hotdog and enjoy those games.”

This change was also motivated by the desire to create as much of a fun family atmosphere as possible, creating generations of baseball enthusiasts, and memories. “If you think about it, starting the game at seven o’clock, you’re about three innings in and it’s time for a family to head out if you have young kids. By moving those games to 6:35, you’re getting to stay later into the game. Where somebody may have been leaving in the fifth inning, now they’re leaving in the seventh or eighth inning or staying the whole time, being able to watch more baseball and being able to stay downtown for a little bit longer,” he adds.


Moving Forward after COVID

The Montgomery Biscuits host 69 home games annually, with an average attendance currently just below 2,900 fans per night, nearing pre-pandemic levels of 3,200. As the stadium continues to welcome back corporate partnerships, Murphy says that there has been a post-pandemic uptick in single-game ticket sales, acknowledging, “Part of that is due to companies not being able to do their outings. Individuals from those companies have started purchasing tickets on their own, to experience Biscuits games with their family. “

He points to remarkable growth on social media, with impressions surging from over 4 million in 2022 to over 26 million in 2023, which he attributes to enhanced focus by the staff. “That’s one of the ways that we are continuing to grow our brand and grow our reach and grow our fan base, as we’re getting into 20 seasons of Biscuits baseball. We are making sure that we’re not being stale, making sure that we’re doing unique things,” he conveys.

The organization had to think outside the box during the 2020 pandemic-imposed hiatus. “We did our best to pivot in that time but maintain that focus of doing things that were different, fun, and impactful. The same way that we try to operate as a baseball business was the way that we operated as a restaurant and venue,” Murphy remarks.

With creativity and determination, the team pivoted to provide alternative experiences, such as a collaboration with a local streaming company to showcase a burger cook-off on the infield. Murphy recounts, “We had five or six barbecue competition competitors that were out here. We were raising money for first responders at the time, and nurses and health care workers.”

This prompted other innovative experiences in the spacious stadium. With a capacity exceeding 7000, attendees could spread out, and engage in activities like playing catch, watching movies on the video board, or enjoying a beverage.

Celebrating 20 Years of Biscuits Baseball

Murphy explains the structure of minor league baseball, where, in the case of the Biscuits, player development is overseen by the Tampa Bay Rays. “We have a great partnership with the Rays, we like to make sure that they have everything they need. The Rays have had a ton of success throughout their minor league system,” highlights Murphy.

The Montgomery Biscuits serve as a platform for showcasing future Major League Baseball stars, offering local fans a rare opportunity to witness top-tier talent in their backyard.

Reflecting on the team’s success over the past two decades, he says, “We have gone to the playoffs for eight straight years, and that sustained success that the Rays have had in drafting players, signing players as free agents, developing those players for them to make an impact, it only benefits us. If you’re a hardcore baseball fan, you’re not going to find a higher level of talent in a two-hour radius unless you go to Atlanta and watch the Braves play. But you’re not going to find anything locally that is this talent level.”

Looking Ahead to 2024

In anticipation of the 20th anniversary, Murphy outlines the priorities for 2024. Celebrating the rich history of the Biscuits, honoring past players, and engaging fans through storytelling are at the forefront. “That’s a huge piece of what we’re doing to create the best experience that we possibly can in Riverwalk Stadium for our fans, both here locally and fans that are visiting from out of town. We want them to be able to come and say, ‘I went to a game at Riverwalk Stadium, I saw the Montgomery Biscuits. It was the best experience I have had in minor league baseball,” he portrays.

For 2 decades Riverwalk Stadium has been bringing people together, fostering community engagement, good times, and lifelong memories, As the Montgomery Biscuits embark on their 20th season, the legacy of this historic venue continues to unfold, promising even more exciting moments for fans and the community alike.


Riverwalk Stadium-Montgomery Biscuits

What: A 7000-capacity baseball stadium and the home of the Montgomery Biscuits

Where:Montgomery Alabama

Website: www.milb.com


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