Newest Ride Sharing Service Challenges Uber and Lyft With Its New Flat Fee Pricing for Drivers

July 18, 2017
Pull Up n' Go

Pull Up n’ Go, the new Nevada based ridesharing service, sets new standards in the industry by offering a weekly flat fee of $14.99 for their drivers. By directly attacking the Uber and Lyft model that charges drivers a huge percentage of every ride, Pull Up n’ Go is poised for explosive growth as it presents a huge benefit to the average rideshare driver.

With Pull Up n’ Go, drivers pay a small flat fee each week and keep 100 percent of their earnings from every single ride. Under this flat fee model, drivers are able to accomplish their financial goals without paying a huge share of their income to huge corporations.

In a recent interview, CEO Billy Kirby spoke about the motivation behind his new startup. “One of the number one complaints that drivers have is that they have to pay percentages from each ride they give, sometimes up to 25%. This hurts drivers financially who are driving to pay for the basic necessities of life. Ultimately, we wanted to create a formula that would benefit the drivers and add less stress for them financially. By taking advantage of our low weekly fee, drivers now receive one hundred percent of the fare from every single ride. That extra income will do wonders for drivers and their families, and that’s a game changer!”

The Pull Up n’ Go app is easy to use and allows payments to be made through credit or with cash. If riders want to hire Pull Up n’ Go drivers, they create a request by downloading the app and selecting one of the current ride options – Economy, SUV, or Luxury. Once they provide their location and send a request through the app, a driver will Pull Up n’ Go to their location in just a matter of minutes.

“As an entrepreneur, I understand the needs of other entrepreneurs,” said Kirby. “We work hard for our money so that we can enjoy the things that really matter to us in life, and that means something different for each individual, but always requires money.”

The company, which is still in beta test mode, is picking up momentum fast and anticipates a launch date in the very near future.

When asked if Pull Up n’ Go could compete with rideshare giants Uber and Lyft, Kirby responded, “When you’re people-driven and motivated by helping others, things tend to shift on their own because people will fight for what they believe in. Once rideshare drivers realize they can make more money, work less, and still offer low cost rides with Pull Up n’ Go, we will quickly become their go-to favorite rideshare service.”

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