Miami Beach Convention Center – Miami Beach, Florida

January 3, 2024
Miami Beach Convention Center - Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach Convention Center

Redefining Convention Center Excellence: Miami Beach Convention Center’s Visionary Journey


Read how the Miami Beach Convention Center is shaping the future of event hosting with its innovative blend of sustainability, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to unforgettable experiences.

Located in the vibrant heart of Miami Beach is the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC), a hub of activity and innovation, a place where the pulse of the city’s dynamic culture and the rhythm of international business converge. As you explore this architectural marvel, you find a facility that not only hosts world-class events but also encapsulates the spirit of Miami Beach and Miami itself.

Sprawling over 1.4 million square feet, the MBCC boasts a sleek, contemporary design that mirrors the city’s flair for the arts and modernism. The recent renovation has transformed it into a masterpiece of functionality and aesthetic brilliance. Each corner of the center, from its spacious exhibition halls to its elegant ballrooms, is infused with a sense of sophistication and versatility, catering to a diverse array of events from high-powered conventions to exclusive galas.

The center’s exhibit space, a sprawling 500,000 square feet, offers unparalleled flexibility. This vast expanse can morph seamlessly to accommodate trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences, irrespective of scale or complexity. The 84 breakout rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, provide ideal settings for workshops, seminars, and meetings, ensuring every event is not just held, but elevated to new heights.

Its location further enhances its allure. The MBCC is ensconced in the heart of Miami Beach, surrounded by world-renowned hotels, fine dining, and iconic beaches. This proximity to the city’s best attractions means that visitors can seamlessly transition from business to leisure, experiencing the full spectrum of what Miami Beach has to offer. For event planners and attendees alike, the MBCC is more than just a venue. It’s a destination that promises an experience. With its state-of-the-art facilities, commitment to sustainability, and prime location, the center is a hub for events and a catalyst for economic growth and cultural exchange, reflecting Miami Beach’s status as a global crossroads.

A Comprehensive Revival

Miami Beach Convention Center - Miami Beach, Florida

Freddie Peterson

The recent enhancements at the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) highlight a journey of ambitious transformation. OVG360’s Freddie Peterson, the General Manager, provides an insightful glimpse into these changes and their impacts.

“This is a beautiful venue and I say that selfishly,” Peterson proudly shares, emphasizing the extensive space. The city’s hefty investment of $640 million from 2015 to 2020 reflects a profound commitment to revitalizing this facility. This investment extends beyond the convention center itself, incorporating elements like the picturesque Pride Park and the three-acre Collins Canal Park.

The renovation’s scope is truly impressive. Peterson highlights an often-overlooked yet essential feature: “Believe it or not, we have 800 roofdeck parking spaces.” This detail underscores the center’s emphasis on accessibility and convenience for its clients and visitors. The city’s investment extends into arts and culture, a point Peterson passionately discusses. “The city has spent well over 10 million on art in public places,” he notes, revealing a commitment to not only functional but also aesthetic and cultural enrichment. This investment in public art, combined with the architectural enhancements like the distinctive fins surrounding the building, adds a unique charm to the MBCC.

Diverse Events on the Horizon

The MBCC’s ability to adapt to various industry needs, from high-profile art shows to cutting-edge tech conferences, showcases its integral role in the event hosting landscape. Peterson’s insights into the upcoming events for 2024 provide a vivid illustration of how the center is a crucible for diverse gatherings, bringing together different industries and communities under one roof. This versatility not only reflects the MBCC’s operational excellence but also its strategic positioning in the heart of Miami Beach, a city known for its cultural and commercial vibrancy.

“We tend to run in seven different verticals,” Peterson explains, referring to the center’s focus areas: Tech, medical/health, finance, education, sports, special events, and the arts and cultural sector. This strategic approach enables the MBCC to cater to various industries, making it a hub for an eclectic mix of events. Art Basel, a cherished annual event, holds a special place in the center’s calendar. “It’s in its 22nd year here at the Miami Beach Convention Center,” Peterson notes, underscoring its significance. The Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show, touted as the largest boat show on the planet, is another marquee event that not only activates the center but also connects the broader Miami area.

The MBCC’s event lineup is extensive and varied. Peterson mentions Seatrade, a major event in the cruise ship industry, and FIME, alongside new launches like Cosmoprof, a beauty event by Informa Markets. The partnership with Informa markets and Reed Exhibitions has fostered a series of annual events, including several jewelry shows and the popular Supercon.

Peterson’s excitement is palpable as he talks about expanding into the sports market. “It’s starting to heat up a lot more,” he says, revealing plans for volleyball, a major basketball event, and other sports-related gatherings. These additions complement the large scale events that drive room nights and economic impact, showcasing the MBCC’s ability to adapt and accommodate a broad range of events. This adaptability, coupled with the efforts of the sales team and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB), underscores the MBCC’s dynamism and its pivotal role in the event hosting landscape.

Recognized Excellence and Enhanced Security

Miami Beach Convention Center - Miami Beach, Florida

Danny Medina

The Miami Beach Convention Center’s impressive array of awards and its focus on safety and security reveal the depth of its commitment to excellence and guest well-being. Peterson expresses gratitude for the recognition the MBCC has received. “Wall Street Journal recently recognized us as being among the best 30 convention centers in the US,” he shares, a testament to the center’s standing in the industry. This accolade is just one in a series of prestigious awards, including Smart Meetings magazine’s Smart Stars 2023 and the Facilities and Destinations 2023 Prime Site Award.

The center’s commitment to sustainability has also garnered acclaim, with Peterson highlighting the UFI “best practice” recognition for their sustainability program, led by MBCC’s Director of Marketing & External Relations Ariane Hiltebrand and by Regional RVP/GM Danny Medina with Sodexo Live!, hospitality partner to the MBCC. Other notable recognitions include the Distinctive Achievement Award of 2023 from the Association Conventions and Facilities magazine and the Silver Stellar Award from the North Star Meetings Group. Exhibitor Magazine’s Centres of Excellence Award 2023 underscores the MBCC’s dedication to industry excellence.

These awards recognize not just the venue’s physical attributes but also the team’s efforts that make a significant difference in its operations. “Our venue partners OVG360, Sodexo Live!, Everlast Productions, Smart City Networks and First Class Parking act as one voice, one team, under one roof,” Peterson points out.

Miami Beach Convention Center - Miami Beach, Florida


Safety and security are paramount at the MBCC, as Peterson elaborates on the center’s approach. “We always lean in with safety, health of people, health of the building, and then the safety security side,” he explains. Under the leadership of their safety and security head, Jac, the MBCC has built a robust team, incorporating partnerships with contract partners like Sodexo Live! and first responder communities, including the fire and police departments and the Department of Homeland Security.

Culinary Delights and Sustainability Initiatives

Danny Medina, Regional Vice President/General Manager of Sodexo Live!, dives into the fascinating world of the Miami Beach Convention Center’s culinary and sustainability efforts, painting a picture of innovation and environmental consciousness.

Medina enthusiastically describes the recent opening of the Rum Room and Venu, located in the historic Clubhouse on the MBCC Campus: “It’s a more than 100-year-old building,” he notes, emphasizing its transformation into a vibrant dining space. Rum Room, a public-facing restaurant, offers over 100 seats and features a menu inspired by Florida-Caribbean cuisine, crafted by Sodexo Live!’s Executive Chef Ismael Lasalle. The venue, adorned with unique treatments, serves a variety of dishes and rum-inspired cocktails, including the rum negroni and traditional daiquiri.

The adjacent event space, capable of hosting up to 200 people, adds another dimension to the MBCC’s offerings. “It’s unique for our property,” Medina says, “an amenity not many convention centers can boast.” Positioned on Collins Canal, it provides a picturesque setting for private and corporate events.

Turning to sustainability, Medina details the center’s comprehensive efforts in this arena. A key focus is on food – from sourcing ingredients within a 300-mile radius to establishing an urban vegetable garden onsite. “We’re serving over half a million people annually,” he explains, underscoring the importance of responsible sourcing and minimizing waste. Medina further  highlights innovative waste management strategies, such as partnering with local food rescues to donate prepared but unused dishes to those in the community in need, and collaborating with Compost for Life to convert appropriate food scraps into compost. “We’ve diverted 80,000 pounds of food from landfills,” he proudly states, reflecting on the significant environmental impact of these initiatives.

Envisioning the Future

As Peterson reflects on the future trajectory of the Miami Beach Convention Center, his vision is marked by a strong commitment to sustainability, technological innovation, and unforgettable event experiences. He envisions a continued focus on environmental stewardship and sustainability. “We’re heavily invested into the Events Industry Council’s Sustainability Events Standards Certificate program,” he notes, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices in both front and back-of-house operations. Achieving the silver LEED certificate for the venue’s energy efficiency and green building, the MBCC now aims to advance further through the EIC’s organizational certificate program, incorporating eight specific sustainability standards.

The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and the City of Miami Beach actively support the Miami Beach Convention Center’s (MBCC) sustainability initiatives, as noted by Peterson. He also acknowledges Oak View Group’s commitment to environmental stewardship, highlighting a collaborative effort in sustainability. The MBCC’s Conventions C.A.R.E program, a key initiative led by the MBCC’s CSR Committee, diverts supplies from landfills to nonprofits and the community, reflecting the center’s commitment to both sustainability and social responsibility.

Looking forward, the MBCC plans to introduce innovations like solar panels, and improved energy management, signaling a determined approach to technological advancements and environmental care. Peterson emphasizes the center’s dedication to creating memorable experiences, with the integration of the surrounding campus and upcoming projects like the Grand Hyatt hotel, enhancing its status as a leading destination for events.

Concluding his future outlook, Peterson touches on the next phase of digital innovation. The focus will be on building a state-of-the-art digital program, enhancing virtual planner tools on the  website, and integrating robust interactive floor plans in collaboration with the GMCVB. “We’re looking at the whole innovative side moving forward,” he asserts, painting a picture of a forward-thinking, adaptable, and sustainable convention center ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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Miami Beach Convention Center

What: A state-of-the-art convention center known for its expansive space, innovative sustainability efforts, and diverse range of events, from high-profile art shows to major industry conferences.

Where: Miami Beach, Florida



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