From the Editor – March 2021

March 4, 2021
From the Editor

The importance of people.

It’s a common denominator and key emphasis of every conversation I have with community and company executives throughout North America, Oceania, and the Caribbean. Those daily interviews are my favorite part of this job – truly enlightening and never a dull moment. Each and every person is keen to share what makes their business or city/town/county/shire special and successful.

Inevitably, the emphasis comes around to highlighting the people in their circle. The valuable customers they serve. The supplier and partner relationships that sustain them and help them grow. And, almost always, the discussion ends with something along the line of “We wouldn’t be where we are without our own amazing team.” These aren’t empty words… I hear the heartfelt sincerity in the voice. Which is sometimes a surprise, when the person I’m speaking with has been very matter-of-fact and ‘all business’ during the call. It comes through loud and clear that every member of their team plays a key role in keeping things alive and moving forward. Acknowledging that doesn’t have to cost a penny. A simple kind word or gesture, asking how they’re doing – and actually listening – can mean more than you know. And a big thank you that comes with a smile is always welcome, even on Zoom! 😊

This month’s editions of Business View North America and Civil & Municipal showcase great examples of innovation, green initiatives, and strategic master planning for a bright post-pandemic future across the board. Our cover feature salutes HAAKER Equipment Company, coming up to half a century as a family-owned, total service equipment provider to the municipal, industrial, and contractor industries. Kudos to ATCO Wood Products’ focus on softwood lumber manufacturing in the most sustainable way, and Blue Marble Global Payroll and Payroll Vault with their sage solutions for navigating the complexities of payroll reporting.

The Aviation sector is starting to soar again after a bumpy 2020. We spoke with Airport reps at Yeager, Rogue Valley International – Medford, Leesburg International, Pryor Field Regional, and Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville and they are all busy with upgrades and expansions that will benefit, not only their airports, but also their local communities and regions at large.

Our exciting March issue of BV Civil & Municipal opens with a positive outlook from the Mississippi Municipal League and then carries on with a scenic cross-country and cross-border tour of 20 outstanding Towns and Cities – from Dracut, Massachusetts to Monroe, Louisiana to Amherst, Nova Scotia – and ends on a good news note with our cover story on Collingwood, Ontario.

At this point, I’d like to give a shout-out to my own super amazing team! These great magazines you love to read don’t produce themselves. It takes a huge group effort of talented individuals working behind the scenes to create four beautiful editions of Business View every month. Cheers to you all from your grateful EIC – couldn’t do it without you!


Editor in Chief

Lorie Lee Steiner

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