From the Editor – August/September 2022

August 31, 2022
From the Editor

Hello dear readers,

I’m writing today with sadness in my heart and a world of gratitude and love for my wonderful Mom, Annie, who just recently passed away in her 100th year.

I grew up, literally, at her side in the family decorating business from the age of two. That’s where she taught me that genuinely caring for every consumer, contractor, and sales rep was the biggest and most satisfying part of doing business – nothing false or staged, just doing your best to help others. Of course, I didn’t realize the value of building these relationships until much later, when Mom and Dad retired and my sister and I took over the business.

For 14 years as a co-owner, I experienced the ups and downs of retail from every aspect and it wasn’t easy. That being said, I believe that those lessons learned made me not only a better businessperson but a better person overall. I even brought in my own daughter (Michelle) and passed along the knowledge, the same way that my Mom had shared with me. Michelle is now one of our valued freelance writers here at Business View.

In my current role as Editor in Chief at BVM, I’m privileged to speak with executives, owners, and workers at every level in a plethora of industry sectors. From multi-generational family businesses to fastest-growing start-ups, it is a true pleasure to discover that the importance of customer service and a culture of caring is alive and thriving in companies and communities throughout North America and the Caribbean.

It’s a joyful thing to share these inspiring stories with you in every issue of Business View. As my Mom would say often after she retired, “I don’t miss the business, itself, so much, it’s the people. They are what make life interesting and worthwhile.”

Enjoy the read and be well, my friends.

Editor in Chief

Lorie Lee Steiner


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