From the Editor – January 2023

January 31, 2023
From the Editor

Time does not stop for anyone and for the team here at Business View Magazine the year seemed to simply fly by. It is hard to believe that another year has come to a close as we roll out the welcoming mat for 2023.

With the new year gearing up, companies, both large and small, as well as towns, cities, and counties across North America have had time to reflect on the year that has come to a close as they eagerly look forward to what lies ahead

It is safe to say that several attributes have led to the success stories we have covered this last year. Whether it was a business that was breaking new ground in an area that is highly competitive, or a town that has put its residents first with bold economic infrastructure projects, everyone that we had the privilege to interview in 2022 showed tenacity, resilience, and the fortitude to see projects through regardless of the degree of funding available, or roadblocks that may have had to be lifted to see these projects take flight.

As we firmly look ahead, towns, cities, and counties that we had the privilege to speak with have a full plate of initiatives on the horizon for 2023. From extensive infrastructure projects to new workforce development initiatives and outdoor recreational opportunities, we are able to give our valued readers a glimpse into some of these endeavors as well as an understanding as to why each undertaking is significant to those we profiled for this issue. Our list of towns grew long and included Speedway, Indiana, Nicholasville, Kentucky, Gaston County, North Carolina, and Edmonds, Washington among others.

When it comes to all things hospitality and tourism, there is no better time than now for tourism and hospitality companies to attract new tourists as travel restrictions have been left in the tailwinds, and there is an anticipated influx of clients for travel and hospitality companies to cater to.

HoneyComb Hospitality, MC&A, and Ascari Hospitality Group have taken advantage of these travel headwinds and have planned dining and excursions to suit every taste and preference. From the top-rated dining scene in Toronto to the multitude of sightseeing options on the Hawaiian Islands, each hospitality company is rising to meet the demands for 2023.

From hospitality to transport, Business view had a birdseye view into the route options now available for riders on the Petersburg Area Transit. With upgrades to their fleet and the ability to connect residents to the top venues in the area, this transportation expert is providing the roadmap to great transport service. While buses may be Petersburg Area Transit’s forte, Dart Transit is getting its impressive fleet of trucks out on the road and paving the path to a first-rate logistics and hauling option for its clients.

Rounding this issue off with a chat with the CEO of Fun Factory about all things family and joy is fitting for us. If there is one thing that marks how we want to view a new year, it is to recognize the positive work that is being achieved from all of those we have the honor to profile while, as always, having fun and inspiration as we work to bring these stories to our readers.

Happy New Year and may you have only health, happiness, and optimism to see your goals come to fruition too!


Editor in Chief

Karen Surca

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