Eagle, Idaho – Treasure Valley

May 1, 2023
Eagle, Idaho - Treasure Valley

Eagle, Idaho

a gem in the Treasure Valley


Rich in history and tradition, Eagle Idaho creates a highly desirable community.

Nestled in the Treasure Valley of southwestern Idaho, the picturesque city of Eagle boasts a unique blend of rich history, long-standing tradition and a thriving economy.

The city’s growth and development have been carefully managed, creating a dynamic and sustainable community that values its past and future.

With a warm and inviting atmosphere, Eagle has become an idyllic destination for those seeking a high quality of life and a thriving business environment.

Mayor Jason Pierce highlights the city’s unique characteristics: “Eagle is a truly special place where residents can enjoy a small-town feel with easy access to the amenities of a larger city. Our picturesque setting and emphasis on community engagement make Eagle an ideal place to live and work.”

As a testament to its commitment to preserving its history, Eagle has made great strides in historic preservation and museum curation under Alana Dunn, the Museum Curator and Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Eagle. “We take great pride in our history and work diligently to preserve the unique character of our community,” says Dunn. “Our museum and preservation efforts help to educate residents and visitors about our city’s past while enhancing its cultural richness.”

Dana Biberston, the city’s Public Information Officer, points out that Eagle’s exceptional quality of life is also a result of its strong focus on community engagement and communication. “We prioritize open dialogue and transparency between the city and our residents. This approach has fostered a sense of trust and cooperation that allows us to work together to create a vibrant and thriving community,” she explains.

The city’s strategic growth and economic development have been key factors in attracting businesses and residents. Tammie Halcomb, the city’s Economic Development Specialist, emphasizes the city’s dedication to supporting local businesses: “Eagle offers a diverse and robust economic environment that encourages entrepreneurship and collaboration. We work closely with local businesses to help them succeed and create a prosperous community for all.”

The City of Eagle has always been deeply committed to fostering a strong sense of community, a sentiment that Mayor Jason Pierce believes sets the city apart. “We strive to maintain that small-town feel and provide our residents with a wealth of opportunities and resources right here in Eagle,” he explains. “Our location at the heart of the Treasure Valley, with easy access to the mountains, foothills, and river, offers a unique blend of experiences you won’t find in other nearby communities.”

Eagle’s economic development strategy has focused on preserving the city’s historic charm while embracing new growth and modern amenities. Halcomb shares how the city has struck a balance between the old and the new: “We have a vibrant downtown area and numerous subdivisions that incorporate commercial aspects, ensuring a harmonious blend of our city’s past and future.”

Attracting and supporting local, independent businesses is an important priority for the city, particularly in light of the challenges faced during the pandemic. Halcomb reveals that Eagle is keen on bringing in mom-and-pop businesses to maintain the small-town atmosphere.

Eagle, Idaho - Treasure Valley

The old IOOF building, currently Again Consignment

The city has offered significant support for these businesses, with Mayor Pierce detailing how the city provided $450,000 worth of grants to small businesses through ARPA funding during the pandemic.

The City of Eagle took a different approach to handle the pandemic, choosing not to close down businesses and instead allowing them to make their own decisions on operating safely.

This approach helped local businesses thrive, with Mayor Pierce noting, “We put up a sign saying Eagle is open for business, and this allowed businesses to either close if they needed to due to health concerns or continue operating safely. The $1 million in ARPA funding allowed us to give back half of that amount to support our local businesses.”

In Eagle, the city’s reputation as a desirable location where residents can live, work, and play has made marketing efforts almost unnecessary. Biberston explains, “We have the green belt, the foothills, a great community, and a strong library with family-focused programs. People want to be here, and we don’t need to advertise much to attract them.”

One of the unique cultural aspects of Eagle is its museum, which found a new home two years ago in a 1938 Catholic chapel that the city bought and repurposed.

Dunn shares, “The city decided it would make a great museum and moved it to the Civic campus, where it now stands alongside City Hall and the library. It has allowed us to display Eagle’s history in a beautiful and historic space, from Eagle Island to more recent times.” The museum has attracted significantly more visitors since its relocation, enhancing the city’s cultural appeal.

Dunn also highlights the museum’s role in local education initiatives. “Since COVID, we have had many more homeschool groups reaching out for tours and activities,” she explains.

Additionally, the museum has worked with local schools, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other civic agencies to engage children in Eagle’s rich history. The museum is planning to hire an education specialist to develop a traveling trunk history program to bring local history directly into the classroom.

This summer, the library in Eagle has developed a program called “Adventures in Eagle,” highlighting various points of interest throughout the city, from city parks and bike parks to the museum and library.

Biberston emphasizes that this program will engage community residents and attract others who love to visit Eagle. The proximity of the museum, library, and City Hall allows for coordinated educational and cultural efforts, providing local children with a well-rounded understanding of their community.

Eagle, Idaho - Treasure Valley

Eagle Gazebo at Dusk

Mayor Jason Pierce praises the Eagle Chamber of Commerce for being an excellent resource for businesses and those looking to do business in the city. He highlights the strong sense of community in Eagle, where local companies are always willing to help out, whether it’s through financial support or human resources. “They take pride in our community as much as we do, and that’s what makes us all one big, happy family,” he says.

Regarding partnerships, Mayor Jason Pierce mentions the Association of Idaho Cities. However, he points out that Idaho is very locally controlled, with each city working independently and having its unique vision.

Looking ahead to new projects and infrastructure initiatives, several significant developments are on the horizon for Eagle.

A new Marriott Hotel is currently under construction in downtown Eagle, adding to the city’s appeal to visitors.

The city highlights another local success story is the Money Metals Exchange, which began with just two people working in the historic Eagle Hotel built in 1911 and is currently constructing a $21 million facility. As a depository for gold, silver, and other valuables, it is one of only a few such facilities in the country.

Another noteworthy business is Pet IQ, which has recently built a $15 million facility in Eagle, employing around 250 people.

Eagle is also investing in infrastructure improvements to support the growing community. One major project is the Eagle Road Ped/Bike Bridge, which will connect subdivisions across the river to the city’s business areas, providing safe passage without the need to travel on the major highway, Eagle Road.

This new bridge will facilitate residents’ access to the green belts and downtown areas, encouraging more people to walk or cycle and promoting a healthier, more connected community.

The city enjoys four distinct seasons, contributing to its appeal as a destination for various recreational activities. However, the city has faced challenges with heavy snowfall and issues around the river. Biberston mentions that they have worked to shore up the river areas to address these concerns while ensuring that melting snow does not lead to flooding.

Residential development is another area of focus for Eagle, as the city has seen significant population growth in recent years, with an increase of 10,000 residents every ten years.

Halcomb highlights that new, well-planned subdivisions are being developed, featuring commercial areas, open spaces, and trails that residents love. These comprehensive developments are designed to offer a range of amenities and contribute to Eagle’s appealing quality of life.

Mayor Pierce emphasizes that his top objectives moving forward include maintaining Eagle’s unique charm and appeal, continuing to foster and support local businesses, especially the smaller “mom and pop” shops, and preserving the city’s distinctiveness.

He says, “Whether you moved here a week ago or have lived here your whole life, there’s just a feeling that Eagle brings to the people that live here.” The city’s focus on a community-first approach and its commitment to outdoor recreational beauty and opportunities make Eagle an attractive and inviting place to live.

As the city peers into the future, it’s clear that Eagle, Idaho, has a bright future ahead, focusing on preserving its unique character, supporting local businesses, and investing in infrastructure and residential developments. Anyone living in Eagle or choosing to move there can look forward to a thriving and vibrant community that remains true to its roots and continues to be a place they love to call home.

Mayor Pierce concludes, “We’ll continue to ensure that Eagle stays different than everything around us.” With the city’s steadfast commitment to maintaining a strong sense of community and fostering economic growth, Eagle is well-positioned to flourish in the years to come.

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Eagle, Idaho

What: Thriving town with planned economic expansion and an enviable outdoor lifestyle

Where: Treasure Valley, Idaho

Website: https://www.cityofeagle.org/



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