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58 Business View - November 2014
2007. Hailing from Detroit, he has a reputation as a
superior operator and boasts more than 35 years of
retail and operational management experience. "JD",
as he is known, has been an integral part of the orga-
nization’s growth and operating success for V&J Hold-
ing Companies Inc. since 1994. With a keen ability to
multi-task and develop right teams, he has mastered
the art of multi-brand and multi-marketing retail man-
agement. Draper has direct responsibility for more than
100 restaurants, including Pizza Hut, Coffee Beanery,
Burger King, Häagen Dazs and Auntie Anne's that oper-
ate across six states: Wisconsin, Michigan, New York,
Ohio, Minnesota and Massachusetts. He has received
numerous awards attesting to his management abili-
ties and was the 2013 recipient of IFA’s Ronald E. Har-
rison Award, honoring his accomplishments in diversity
and inclusion. Prior to joining V&J Holding Companies
Inc., Draper served as a vice president of operations
and a company district manager with Burger King for
20 years. He is involved in a wide variety of community
and philanthropic organizations as well as recreational
activities, such as racquetball and golf. Draper attend-
ed Wayne State University and earned his degree in
business administration.
Richard Emmett is the chief legal and human resourc-
es officer for Dunkin’ Brands Inc. (Dunkin’ Donuts/
Baskin-Robbins). He has extensive experience working
with big-brand food service franchises and has devel-
oped an impressive record of success both in business
and in enhancing franchisee relationships. He joined
Dunkin’ Brands Inc. in 2009 from QCE HOLDING LLC
(Quiznos) where he served as executive vice president,
chief legal officer and secretary. Emmett also served
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