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June 27, 2024

Brookens Construction

Constructing the Right Solutions that Cover the Competition


Roofing done the right way while expertly ‘covering’ the customer’s peace of mind

With catastrophic weather events on the rise, it is no wonder that professional contractors who can come in and fix damaged properties quickly and to an exacting standard are in increasingly high demand. However, only those who are transparent with their customers, focused on the job at hand, and skilled with the expertise to do the job right the first time remain leaders in the roofing industry.

For Brookens Construction it is a simple formula for roofing success; know what the client needs and provide unparalleled products and services to ensure a successful client experience.

Possessing these abilities in spades while proving year after year to be the leading roofing company of choice in the local market, Brookens Construction consistently ‘covers’ the competition.

The roofing company has survived the ups and downs of the market and offers the expertise, knowledge, customer-focused approach, and construction know-how to get the job done correctly.

Serving the midwest market focused primarily in Madison, Milwaukee, and the Fox Valley in Wisconsin, Brookens Construction has earned its place as the leader in the roofing sector by utilizing innovative products, and highly skilled staff and serves an additional role as representing a valuable link and resource between the customer and insurance providers.

The number one-rated roofer specializes in roofing needs, and gutters in addition to possessing specialized knowledge in the realm of insurance restoration claims, Brookens Construction carries out its top-tier work over a cross-section of properties including multi-family units and single-family residential homes throughout its Wisconsin key market footprint.

Covering insurance concerns one roof at a time

Named the 11th fastest-growing company in Wisconsin in 2023, Brookens Construction goes the extra mile by working closely with its valued clients to help ease the insurance questions and worries that come along with any catastrophic weather damage that has affected a homeowner’s property.

Although the laws are very clear concerning interpreting someone’s insurance policy or acting as an adjuster, Brookens Construction has filled a much-needed niche, serving as a very valuable resource for its customers when it comes to the often confusing insurance territory.

By acting as a helpful middleman between the homeowner and the insurance process, Brookens Construction plays a key role in providing useful information as well as relevant suggestions that assist in covering all the bases when it comes to much-needed damage repairs and associated insurance coverage concerns.

“Our business model is insurance restoration,” Brandon Allen, Co-Owner of Brookens Construction, describes.

“Over the last 10 to 15 years we have had more and more frequent damaging weather events in our region in the midwest and we have noticed this shift over the last decade or so into our region and specifically in Wisconsin. In the three markets that we primarily serve we see damaging weather, particularly hail and wind storms that come through and destroy people’s roofs and exteriors of their homes,” Allen continues.

“In the insurance restoration world we would be considered a storm catcher,” he says. “ We perform the retail operations. If you need a roof on your house, we come up with an estimate and when a storm hits, everybody in the affected area, which is an isolated, consolidated area, needs a roofer and we are there.”

Covering winning roofing services and solutions

Allen is quick to highlight the perks of choosing Brookens Construction over its local competitors and goes on to describe the process that the company undertakes with each project.

After performing a cost-free inspection, Brookens Construction produces a very detailed photo report. “Our report involves descriptions of what we are seeing, what the storm dates were according to NOAA data, and also includes our recommendations based on our findings,” Allen outlines.

To ease any concerns the best they can, Brookens Construction goes one step further and helps to direct often apprehensive homeowners through the ins and outs of the insurance process that is within their legal and business capacity.

“We will provide [its report and associated findings] if there is a need to file a claim for the homeowner,” Allen explains.

“We give them the information on how to do that and we will tell them whether they ultimately have to do it. We will meet with their insurance adjuster out on the site and show them and oversee it. Then we will work with them to the point where they have a check in hand from their insurance provider.”

Allen points out that his team provides this comprehensive service without requiring potential clients to sign any contingency agreement. As Allen notes, this aspect alone differentiates Brookens Construction from other roofers who make it a standard requirement to sign with them which prevents the client from seeking other roofing contractors to carry out the work.

“The customer has not signed any agreement with us, and we don’t have any contingency agreements stating that we were the first ones here, or that because we offered a free inspection you are therefore obligated to go with us to do your roof replacement,” Allen states.

With no sales pitch or pressure put on potential customers, Allen illustrates that people overwhelmingly choose Brookens Construction to carry out their roofing needs.

“People appreciate that no tactics are locking them into something against their will,” he adds.

“We use a roofing system,” Allen elaborates. “So if we are putting on a roofing system from say Malarkey Roofing Products, we are using all the products that they have available for that particular roofing system and the same goes for any other roofing system.”

Allen continues by outlining that any system that Brookens installs has the corresponding warranty attached which is a huge plus for its customers who are already noticeably anxious about any storm damage and ensuing insurance coverage concerns to begin with.


Brandon Allen, Co-Owner

Covering customers with the right products and processes

When it comes to specific products, Allen articulates that Brookens Construction uses modified asphalt shingles on all their projects.

“An oxidized asphalt shingle you will see in almost every house you drive by with a shingle on it.”

The roofing company goes the extra mile and keeps the environmental realities of its market in mind when carrying out a roofing restoration project.

“We are putting well above code requirements for the ice and water shield which is an adhesive-backed underlayment product that is in this region intended to prevent damage from ice dams which are pretty common here,” Allen says.

“We are always going above and beyond with just the amount of fasteners per shingle and just little things that most homeowners and consumers are never going to consider, such as going from three or four nails per shingle to six nails per shingle to give you enhanced wind protection and by using starter shingles on the rakes and the eaves.”

Covering the technology gap while looking to the future

An area in which Allen is particularly proud and in part attributes to Brookens Construction’s leading position in the local market is its implementation of leading technology seamlessly integrated into its overall business model.

Whether working on large multi-family projects or single family dwellings open communication with its customers and transparency are held paramount, Allen insists.

Technology has helped to ensure that these principles are easily translated.

“In 2016 we started off with JobNimbus which was one of a handful of CRM’s available,” Allen begins.

“By 2020 we began to find limitations in what that software was able to provide for us so we started using this program called Zapier that builds integrations between different software that don’t have integrations built in so we could just go and connect with  QuickBooks for example.”

This has led to further technology development and the adoption of a technology department devoted to automating the business based on its core values and business model.

“We have a custom CRM at this point and a full-time software engineer and we have created an IT department with three specialists in it whose job it is to make sure that we are at the forefront of technology,” Allen summarizes.

With technology and automation in full focus, the best in the field working as part of a valued team and the customer up-front in all the decisions that are made, Brookens Construction will continue to do what it does best; cover the customer with an unparalleled construction experience one roof at a time.


Brookens Construction

What: Leading roofing restoration company with top-tier technology, specialized insurance knowledge and a loyal customer base

Where: Madison Wisconsin



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Smog exists where emissions exist, even if you don’t always see it. Its a form of air pollution resulting from the interaction of UV sunlight with chemicals in the atmosphere like nitrogen oxides that get into the air primarily from the burning of fuel. As a gas, smog is easily inhaled, making it extremely hazardous to humans and animals, and can lead to severe health risks including lung tissue damage, bronchial infections, and heart problems.

All Malarkey shingles include 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules. These granules, which blend inconspicuously into the shingle’s color, contain a photocatalytic coating which, when activated by the UV rays of the sun, creates the energy needed to break-apart airborne water molecules (like from humidity) into their component parts (i.e., H20 breaks into H and OH).

The newly formed OH molecule seeks to bind with other molecules. When a smog-molecule gets near the roof, the OH molecule binds with it, chemically transforming it from a dangerous, inhalable gas (NO2) into a water-soluble nitrate salt solid (NO3) that washes away with rainwater as a mild fertilizer.

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