Arrow Linen Supply Company – Garden City, New York

March 27, 2024

Arrow Linen Supply Company

The Fabric of Success


A family legacy outfitting the hospitality industry since 1947, blending tradition with innovation

Arrow Linen Supply Company, established in 1947, has carved a distinguished path through the heart of the food and beverage industry. Specializing in providing essential textiles—from uniforms and aprons to tablecloths and towels—this family-operated entity has become an indispensable partner to restaurants, delis, cafes, catering halls, and country clubs across the tri-state area. Under the stewardship of the Magliocco family, now in its fourth generation, Arrow Linen has expanded its footprint, boasting over forty trucks and adding new routes to accommodate burgeoning demand in New York City.

The inception of Arrow Linen Supply Company is a tale of evolution and keen market observation. John Magliocco, the Assistant General Manager, recounts how his great-grandfather acquired a modest venture and, with subsequent generations, transformed it into a linchpin of the industry. The shift towards specializing in restaurant linens emerged as a response to a clear gap in the market. “Restaurants were struggling with the upkeep of their linens, facing high replacement costs and operational inefficiencies,” Magliocco notes. This observation sparked the idea to offer a service that supplies and manages linens, significantly reducing the burden on restaurant owners.

Magliocco further details the competitive advantages Arrow Linen has cultivated over the years, pointing out the meticulous care and expertise they bring to linen management. “We extend the life of textiles significantly, leveraging the right chemicals and temperatures, something beyond the reach of most of our clients,” he states. This technical prowess and a sophisticated inventory management system sets Arrow Linen apart. “We’re not just suppliers; we’re linen management experts, helping businesses control costs and avoid unnecessary overstock,” he adds, underlining the comprehensive service that Arrow Linen provides to its clients.

Arrow Linen’s Response to the Pandemic

As the world grappled with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the globe were forced to adapt or face closure. For Arrow Linen Supply Company, the pandemic presented both obstacles and opportunities. With the company’s operations deeply intertwined with the restaurant industry—a sector struck by lockdowns and restrictions—the company’s agility and strategic planning were tested.

Magliocco details the operational shifts that Arrow Linen undertook to navigate these turbulent times. The consolidation of operations into the Garden City plant while utilizing the Brooklyn site as a depot exemplified the company’s adaptive strategies. This move not only ensured uninterrupted service but also optimized costs. “The cost of water in Long Island is significantly lower than in the city,” Magliocco points out, highlighting the financial prudence behind this decision.

The impact of the pandemic on the demand for Arrow Linen’s services was multifaceted. On one hand, the unfortunate closure of numerous competitors created a vacuum in the market. On the other, the heightened focus on sanitation among restaurants that survived the pandemic surge led to an increased need for linens, particularly tablecloths. Magliocco observed a marked uptick in hygiene practices within the industry. “There was a higher demand in terms of sanitation,” he notes, adding that many establishments now employ double tablecloth tactics to mitigate contamination risks further.

This pivot towards enhanced cleanliness protocols signified a broader trend in consumer expectations post-pandemic, with businesses prioritizing health and safety more than ever. Arrow Linen, through its strategic and operational shifts and keen understanding of market dynamics, weathered the storm and positioned itself as a crucial partner to the evolving needs of the hospitality sector.


Strategic Expansion and Technological Advancements

In the linen supply and management world, staying ahead requires meeting demand and anticipating and strategically planning for it. Arrow Linen Supply Company’s recent operational expansions and technological upgrades underscore its push for efficiency, sustainability, and client satisfaction. As the company scales up its services in response to growing needs, it also seeks innovative ways to enhance its operational capabilities.

Magliocco shares insights into the strategic reasoning behind adding two new routes to New York City, a decision to optimize service delivery and manage workload more effectively. “The routes in the city were very heavy, leading to overtime in the RSR and RSA categories,” he explains. This proactive approach to workload management ensures that the quality of service remains high while accommodating new clients seamlessly.

On the technological front, Magliocco is particularly excited about recent advancements that have transformed operations. Introducing an automated packaging system represents a leap forward in efficiency and environmental responsibility. “We’ve automated our packaging system, which has significantly reduced our plastic waste,” Magliocco states, noting the dual benefits of sustainability and operational efficiency. This new system conserves resources and improves the presentation and storage stability of its linens, making it easier for restaurants to manage their inventory.

Arrow Linen’s Approach to Team Dynamics

At a time when employee turnover can plague even the most established firms, Arrow Linen Supply Company is a remarkable exception. The company’s strategic approach to recruitment and retention reflects a deep understanding of workplace culture’s impact on operational success. Magliocco sheds light on how Arrow Linen has cultivated an environment where employees are not just workers but valued members of a close-knit family, significantly minimizing turnover, and fostering loyalty.

“Our retention is almost none,” he asserts, attributing this success to the company’s exceptional workplace culture. “We treat everyone like family, and the employees love working here.” This familial approach extends beyond mere words, as evidenced by the comprehensive incentive programs and benefits designed to make each team member feel appreciated and secure in their role.

Highlighting the innovative strategies employed to retain and attract talent, Magliocco details the introduction of employee referral programs, which incentivize current staff to bring in potential hires and ensure that recruits are a good cultural fit. “You get a gift card for an employee that stays over six months that you referred to,” he explains.

Beyond financial incentives, the company pays special attention to the physical well-being of its staff, offering practical benefits such as work boots for new hires through a partnership with Shoes for Crews. “It may sound like a little thing, but right off the bat, you get a uniform and a nice pair of shoes that are safe for the job,” Magliocco says, highlighting the thoughtful gestures that make a significant difference in employee satisfaction.

Arrow Linen’s Strategic Enhancements

For two-thirds of a century, Arrow Linen Supply Company has led with forward-thinking strategies and services designed to meet the nuanced needs of its clientele. Over the past year, the company has maintained its commitment to exceptional service and introduced innovative programs that further solidified its role as a pivotal partner to businesses in the food and beverage sector. As Magliocco explains, the automatic garment replacement program is one of the standout innovations.

“We have an automatic garment replacement program,” he begins, detailing how this initiative works hand-in-hand with the route accounting software to ensure continuous uniform inventory management. “It automatically maintains the garment inventory assigned to your account,” he says, addressing a common issue where uniforms are misplaced or not returned, leading to shortages that can disrupt business operations.

This system automates replacement based on predefined criteria and removes the burden of uniform tracking from the client, ensuring that employees always have access to the necessary attire. “It takes the whole stress away from the customer of having to worry about his guys in uniforms,” Magliocco points out, highlighting the program’s ability to replenish missing uniforms automatically, thereby ensuring that businesses can operate smoothly without any uniform-related interruptions.


A Family Legacy in Action

At the core of Arrow Linen Supply Company’s enduring success and innovation lies a deeply rooted family legacy fueled by a passion that transcends generations. John Magliocco and his brothers Anthony and Joseph represent the fourth generation at the helm of this thriving business. The trio’s motivation and drive, deeply influenced by family ties and rich history, illuminate the personal dedication behind Arrow Linen’s professional excellence.

Magliocco reflects on the foundational experiences that shaped his commitment to the family business, recounting early memories of accompanying his father to the Brooklyn plant. “Growing up as a kid, my dad always used to ask us if we wanted to come to Brooklyn with him,” he shares, highlighting the blend of childhood experiences and professional immersion that sparked his interest in the industry. This early exposure fostered a sense of belonging and instilled a profound respect for the legacy they were destined to uphold.

The presence of Magliocco’s grandfather, a nonagenarian who still plays an active role in the company’s daily operations, serves as a powerful source of inspiration. “Seeing him come in every day…you see the smile on his face,” Magliocco says, describing the joy and pride his grandfather derives from witnessing the continued growth and success of what he built. This enduring involvement shows the deep emotional and professional investment that spans generations, driving the family forward.

For Magliocco and his siblings, motivation is deeply intertwined with the desire to honor and build upon the family’s legacy. “Carrying that tradition is ultimately what gets us going,” he states, emphasizing the importance of innovation and fresh ideas in the company’s evolution. The collaborative spirit that pervades their family meetings, where members from different generations share and refine ideas, signifies the collective ambition and creativity propelling the company forward.

Vision 2024: Expanding the Horizons

As Arrow Linen Supply Company boldly strides into 2024, the leadership team, spearheaded by the Magliocco brothers, is not resting on its laurels. With a clear focus on expanding and enhancing service quality, their year’s roadmap is ambitious and strategic.

Magliocco outlines the primary initiative for 2024, emphasizing a significant enhancement to the company’s Linen Management Service. “We want to offer a program where we come to your restaurant every month, look over your costs, and trim down inventory levels,” he reveals. This approach aims to provide a more personalized touch, offering hands-on, bespoke consultations to help clients manage their linen inventory more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Beyond refining services, Magliocco also indicates a strong focus on expansion through strategic acquisitions and infrastructure improvements. “We plan to continue to expand, looking for possible companies that are available to purchase,” he notes, pointing to acquisition as a critical strategy for growth. The addition of another tunnel for processing laundry underscores the operational side of this expansion, ensuring that the company’s infrastructure keeps pace with its growing client base.

The brothers Maglioccos’ vision for 2024 is clear: expansion and enhancement. By building upon the foundation of personalized, efficient service and pursuing strategic growth opportunities, Arrow Linen Supply Company is setting the stage for a year of significant achievements. This forward-looking strategy reflects a deep understanding of the market’s dynamics and an unwavering commitment to excellence, positioning Arrow Linen as a proactive leader in the linen supply industry and further cementing its status as a critical player in the sector.


Arrow Linen Supply Company

What: A leading provider of linen and uniform services to the food and beverage industry

Where: Serving the tri-state area with headquarters in Garden City and a depot in Brooklyn



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