Worldwide Supply – Franklin, New Jersey

February 23, 2023
Worldwide Supply - Franklin, New Jersey

Worldwide Supply

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With technology expertise and trusted experience, Worldwide Supply cements its leading position in the IT industry

Established in 2004, Worldwide Supply is a trusted provider of high-end IT, network, and telecommunications solutions and equipment for clients around the globe. This industry leader serves businesses across a variety of sectors, including cable operators, carriers, internet service providers, construction, enterprise, healthcare, insurance, oil and gas, retail, utilities, and wireless technology.

Worldwide Supply identifies six major advantages that have made them a partner of choice in over 100 countries: global organization, industry recognition, values-based approach, new or pre-owned product alternatives, 50%+ cost savings maintenance, and certified engineers on staff.

Worldwide Supply - Franklin, New JerseyOne of the biggest differentiators for Worldwide Supply is their clear distinction of and commitment to core values.

“There is nothing more important as an organization than how we conduct ourselves to all of our stakeholders,” explains Worldwide Supply CEO, Jay VanOrden.

“We live by these values every day and that has created a very unique and special work environment at Worldwide Supply. We have created a culture that promotes the behavior of taking care of the customer at all costs. When you combine that with the significant savings, it is our recipe for success.”

Worldwide Supply identifies its core values as accountability, dedication, flexibility, integrity, and teamwork. The company pledges to remain committed to its clients, create lasting partnerships for long-term success, uphold a lifetime product warranty on all certified pre-owned equipment, make good on all promises, and maintain a knowledgeable team that understands the importance of a strong values-based approach.

In addition to preserving a clear vision of service excellence, this company is devoted to consistent evolution. VanOrden shares, “Worldwide Supply has undergone significant development since our founding. We began as a networking equipment supplier for several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The majority of our products were refurbished secondary market equipment.”

“Since then, we have branched out massively. First, we expanded into Europe via the Netherlands. As we grew our customer base from North America, throughout Europe, and then eventually to Asia, we formed another entity to better serve our clients across the globe,” he outlines.

Worldwide Supply maintains an on-hand inventory of new and refurbished equipment valued at over $1 billion. The organization has set the industry standard for quality, thanks to world-class testing and configuration centers, and nurtures solid partnerships with leading international OEMs such as Cisco, Arris Casa, Harmonics, and more. Just some of Worldwide Supply’s popular products include routers, switches, CMTS, optics, wireless technology, servers, storage and bulk fiber.

The team has even developed its own brand, covering a wide range of 25G, 100G, 400G optics

VanOrden continues, “In 2020, we formed a third entity under the Worldwide Supply umbrella called Worldwide Services. We had done such a good job over the years branding ourselves as a quality pre-owned equipment supplier that we hadn’t had the chance to showcase our expertise in the services side of the market, so this was an important step in distinguishing our ability to provide specialized solutions and network support. Worldwide Services has three areas of focus: NetGuard third-party maintenance, professional field services, and cybersecurity.”

NetGuard third-party maintenance services provide an alternative to costly, often unpredictable OEM maintenance agreements and warranty upgrades. This branch offers access to comprehensive, personalized resolutions for network, server, and storage maintenance, while saving clients 50 to 80% of traditional OEM costs.

Professional Field Services is supported by nearly 2,000 certified engineers and field technicians, providing a cradle-to-grave service suite that is designed to essentially be an extension of clients’ in-house IT departments, from design and installation through to maintenance and technical support across the globe.

VanOrden explains that cybersecurity has been a hot topic across all industries in recent years- and demand for trusted security systems will only continue to increase. “You can’t pick up an IT publication today without reading something about cyberattacks,” he says.

“The newest platform in our portfolio is our managed cybersecurity offering, which was set up in response to our client’s concerns regarding a lack of technical expertise available and the incredible expenses associated should they actually find it. We designed a turnkey system to cover all grounds- everything from vulnerability testing to network monitoring, assessment, and reporting- even compliance and policy advice. The uptake of our managed cybersecurity stream has been enormous, and we anticipate that over the next one to three years, it will dwarf the other services that we’re providing,” VanOrden elaborates.

Delivering such a broad spectrum of services is not without challenges.

Worldwide Supply balances its steady horizontal growth with a keen eye for purposeful investment, having spent millions on the development of state-of-the-art testing and staging laboratories, distribution centers, and technical talent.

VanOrden details, “One of the things that really sets us apart from the rest, especially in the equipment side, is that we actually have the expertise in-house to perform testing, staging, and configuration at a highly sophisticated level. Very few providers out there have the resources or staff to do so at our level. I think this distinction is why we’ve become such a trusted advisor to our clients because they have seen our capabilities firsthand.”

He continues, “Another advantage we have is the business model we’ve adopted. We have three entities under the Worldwide Supply holding company- Worldwide Supply, Worldwide Services, and Worldwide Supply BV for our European operations. Although they are separate business units, they share one massive resource pool, which allows us to delegate based on project demand. This comes in especially handy as we continue to deal with global supply chain constraints and navigate our industry’s limited talent pool.”

Worldwide Supply looks ahead through the lens of its three-year strategic plan, which Mr. VanOrden says is focused on internal growth and expansion.

“We will continue to develop our services branch in particular; the equipment and hardware side will never go away; it’s always going to be a part of our expertise and our legacy. But we listen closely to where demand presents and the vast majority of our clients need reliable network maintenance, technical support, professional services, and cybersecurity systems.”

“Another area we see potential growth in is providing networks as a service. Rather than clients having to invest in hardware platforms, it’s likely that we will soon see more companies building a network offering that operates like a utility. It’s all about keeping a close eye on the market, collecting feedback from stakeholders and industry partners, and figuring out where demand is likely to go. We will continue to do just that and plan to follow market demand wherever it may lead.”

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Worldwide Supply

What: Global provider of new and pre-owned networking equipment and service solutions

Where: Worldwide Supply is headquartered in Franklin, New Jersey



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