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June 27, 2024

Skyler Design Build LLC

Building on a Great Future Design


Navigating Complex Construction with a Clear Blueprint for Success

In an ever-evolving construction landscape, Skyler Design Build, LLC, widely recognized as Skyler, stands as a beacon of resilience, accountability, and innovation. As a nationwide general contractor, Skyler is much more than a construction partner. They are a design-build, project management firm, development team, construction maintenance provider, and consulting firm. With a diverse portfolio spanning aviation, government, higher education, healthcare, industrial sectors, and life sciences, Skyler is renowned for its expertise in tackling complex projects.

President Dustin Crockett

“We are the team you want by your side when things get tough,” remarks President Dustin Crockett. “We excel in projects that go beyond traditional commodity construction markets, such as office buildings, retail, or multi-family sectors.”


Healthcare Restoration: A New Frontier

Approximately 90% of Skyler’s business is in healthcare, particularly hospitals. Skyler has carved out a niche in healthcare restoration following natural disasters or other operational impacts on critical care hospitals. “Skyler is on speed dial for some of the largest names in healthcare. We’ve undertaken some extraordinary and challenging projects with nearly impossible timelines,” says Crockett.

In 2021, Skyler was on-site in Houma, Louisiana, following Hurricane Ida, five weeks following Skyler’s arrival at a general acute care hospital they had resurrected the facility from total destruction. “We had the opportunity to rebuild a surgical center, and from that we learned that we excel at putting hospitals back together in critical times.” Fast forward to 2022, when Hurricane Ian struck Florida, Skyler restored a four-story hospital in just 97 days. “We had critical care like the pharmacy, emergency department, and lab open within four days after starting construction” Crockett recounts. “We’ve mastered maintaining infection controls, quality, and safety at the highest levels while performing some of the fastest, most efficient construction anyone will ever witness.”

In the face of supply chain issues, Skyler has developed strategies to secure necessary materials promptly. “We’ve been known to send employees across the country to pick up materials to ensure project success and meet timelines,” Crockett explains.

Building on Strong Relationships

Vice President, Dayne Ryan Crockett

Central to Skyler’s success is its commitment to building and maintaining trusted relationships with everyone involved. “We all win together—the client, vendors, subcontractors, and employees must share the desire to be part of a winning team. If you like to win with honesty and high integrity, you’re a great fit with Skyler,” asserts Crockett.

This philosophy is encapsulated in the company’s 10 guiding principles, known as the Skyler Way, which emphasizes accountability, adaptability, punctuality, technological leadership, skilled labor, partnership, mission-critical focus, courage to lead, pride in workmanship, and efficiency with integrity. Skyler is also a faith-based company, distinguishing itself from many other construction firms. “We believe in safety and quality, but we also have a higher power to report to, which drives our accountability and dedication,” notes Crockett.

Skyler’s long-standing relationship with Sky Ridge Medical Center highlights its commitment to clients. “They’ve been a cornerstone in our healthcare division in Colorado. Our team has been there every day for seven years, and we consider them family,” Crockett shares. “We want to continue to see them flourish in their marketspace and knowing we play a tiny role in their growth and success is quite rewarding. “On the subject of subcontractors and vendors, he adds, there are too many to list, but we have a long list we use, respect and continue to rely on every day.

Skyler also emphasizes diversity and inclusion through its Skyclone outreach, which empowers service-disabled veterans, minority-owned, women-owned, Native American-owned, and other diverse businesses initially in Texas but now nationwide. “We’re not only helping them grow but also expanding our business in areas we wouldn’t have otherwise,” Crockett says.

A Holistic Approach to Consulting

Skyler offers comprehensive services that go beyond construction, including upfront consulting and conceptual planning as part of their integrated design-build approach. “Often, cost-cutting measures eliminate front-end planning. We typically offer these services at a no or low cost, with a breakup fee if clients change direction,” explains Crockett. Skyler’s adaptability is evident in its development of custom delivery methods to meet specific client needs. By being involved from the beginning, Skyler can source materials early and adapt designs quickly, mitigating project delays and unnecessary costs. They also provide land assessments, advising clients to invest in better-suited land, optimizing project timelines and budgets. “It is the simple details that align all of the teams and put our clients in the best position for success, he portrays, we want to ensure a win for everyone.”

Adapting to Market Demands

Senior Superintendent, Chris Gray

By closely monitoring market trends and client needs, Skyler carefully selects projects that align with its strengths and growth areas. “Our process for new client onboarding starts with an aligned culture—that’s a huge criterion,” explains Crockett. “We also consider whether the project fits within our portfolio of past successful ventures and our areas of expertise. We watch the market for hot sectors with three to six-year growth potential, and we invest in those areas while continuing to service and expand our core business, such as healthcare.”

Skyler employs a rigorous vetting process, known as the “go/no-go” evaluation, which is currently being enhanced with AI training to evaluate more opportunities that fit Skyler’s demographic reach and strategic goals. This process ensures that each project aligns with the company’s objectives and assesses the viability of opportunities. ” We have only so many people or resources in estimating, and you hate to say that’s the pinch point, but it is, because there are thousands of projects out there, each requiring substantial time to evaluate,” Crockett acknowledges. “Additionally, we prioritize our existing core clients, so the workload balance within estimating is critical.”

Crockett notes that some commodity construction firms are entering specialized service lines, including healthcare and life science, often without understanding the critical infection control and system requirements. “They’re offering unrealistically low prices, and in strained times, clients are tempted by cheap bids, even knowing it could lead to trouble. In these situations, we choose to walk away from clients who prioritize price over everything else. We focus on clients who value experience and adhere to high standards, rather than those looking for a lottery ticket win.”

A Forward-Thinking Vision

As Skyler continues to experience success, the company remains focused on its core values and strategic objectives. Controller, Howard Katzeff, shares his optimism, “Things are looking promising for us. With our leadership, we anticipate significant growth driven by our loyal clients and new opportunities brought in by the team. Hard work truly pays off.”

Looking ahead, Crockett outlines ambitious growth plans, aiming to double or triple revenue by the second quarter of 2025. We have some very exciting projects on our horizon and this growth will be supported by the company’s new headquarters in Houston, slated for completion in late 2025 or early 2026. Despite this expansion, Skyler remains committed to ensuring that its greatest resource-its people-remains at the heart of its operations. “Our people are our greatest asset. We’d rather keep them happy and share the wealth, versus having a monumental building with our name on it. That’s just not who we are.”


Skyler Design Build LLC

What: A successful construction firm with continued growth in the trajectory

Where: Houston, Texas



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