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November 5, 2019
Revelation Real Estate front view of building.

Revelation Real Estate

More than just a brokerage


Business View Magazine interviews Angela Fazio, owner of Revelation Real Estate, for our focus on Top Achievers in the American Real Estate Sector.

The term “East Valley” is used to describe that part of Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona that lies east of the city – an area that encompasses the cities and towns of Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, and Tempe, whose combined population totals over 1.5 million people. Today, the largest and most successful independent real estate brokerage in the East Valley, as well as one of the Top 2 Single Office Brokerages in the country, is Revelation Real Estate, owned and operated by Angela Fazio.

Founded in 2005 in the City of Chandler, with a retinue of only 15 agents, Revelation Real Estate now has over 850 agents, adding an additional 40 agents to its roster every month. Last year, this Christian-based company, built on strong beliefs, an exceptional work ethic, and a healthy infusion of humor, closed approximately $2 billion in sales.

Revelation Real Estate cafe.

While buying and selling properties is, naturally, at the heart of every real estate firm, Angela reveals that Revelation Real Estate has always had far broader concerns. “Our focus has always been more than just real estate,” she states. “It’s been to professionalize our agents, to build relationships, and to glorify God through that process. One of the sayings in our company is: ‘Iron sharpens iron; one man sharpens another,’ which is from Proverbs 27:17.”

So, this past year, Angela and her husband, Chuck, decided to broaden their outreach even more by opening up a portion of their expansive office building to the greater East Valley community. “We expanded the idea of the importance of building relationships; the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people; the importance of serving people,” Angela declares. “And we radiated that out to the whole community.”

“We realized that there was a demand in our business community for a different type of event space,” she continues. “They don’t want to meet at Starbucks, anymore, and they want an event space that is flexible. And we found that we could offer something to our local community that no one else can. So, at the beginning of this year, we launched the space as a co-work environment called The Forum. Our building still houses the real estate company; we have a large ballroom, which we use for training and our real estate school is in there, but now, we are also an event space. People can rent it for private parties; they can do business conferences because we have eight or nine conference rooms, two podcast rooms, and a green screen room. We even have our own fitness center, an in-house aesthetician and chair massage. The ballroom can be divided in two, and we also have a 7,000-sq.-ft. patio. We have people bringing their meetings and their clients here because it’s such a beautiful and attention-grabbing space and the clients appreciate the ambience. For example, Intel (one of the East Valley’s largest employers) will come in here and do a whole business conference, but we also have a bar/café, so they can have a nice lunch and stay after for happy hour.”

Revelation Real Estate green room with microphones.

In addition, Angela says that Revelation Real Estate now produces its own functions in The Forum, as well. “We have multiple events every week and they’re different in nature,” she notes. “So now, most Saturday nights, and some Friday and Thursday nights, we’ll put on events. It might be dueling pianos, a murder mystery dinner, comedy night, Karaoke, trivia night, wine and paint – a whole variety of things that we organize and put on. And then we encourage members of the business community, and realtors, to invite their clients. Last week, we had Karaoke and about a hundred people showed up. There were tables where business people brought their clients, and then the public also came. I don’t know anybody, anywhere, who has an event space that’s used for private events, for corporate events, and for business people to have fun, build relationships, and bring value to their clients.”

Angela admits that, at first, her agents were skeptical. But they soon realized that The Forum was a net positive for their own bottom lines. She remembers telling them, “Bringing in the co-work space and offering things for you to bring your clients to is going to build your business. You’re going to meet people. You’re going to get new clients. You’re going to get referral business.” And that is exactly what has happened. “People who come in here to co-work are networking with my realtors and they’re getting more business,” she says. “The realtors are embracing the concept and they’re getting referrals.”

Another example of the company’s new outreach initiatives has been a greater use of social media. “Several months ago, we obtained a large Facebook Group called East Valley Connect,” Angela reports. “There are 52,000 members of the Group and what it will become is a place to go to find out what’s going on in the East Valley. Our idea is to reach out to our community, to create value for them, and provide good information. We hired a full-time videographer and another full-time social media person, and some on-screen personalities to help us execute that plan. Then, The Forum becomes the hub for the literal connection. We have a social connection through the Facebook Group and the real connection through The Forum. The whole common theme is bringing people together, building relationships, and connecting to one another. They all complement and contribute to each other.”

Clearly, Revelation Real Estate is not your ordinary brokerage. As Angela reaffirms, “We exist to establish an environment where people are free to grow and thrive financially, professionally, personally, and spiritually, together. Therefore, we combine a full service real estate brokerage, provide comprehensive real estate and business training, and a coworking and event center concept, to provide a place where career, community, and culture meet.”

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Who: Revelation Real Estate

What: Award-winning, Christian-based real estate brokerage

Where: Chandler, Arizona



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