Quinte West, Ontario

January 2, 2024
Quinte West, Ontario

Quinte West, Ontario

Quinte West, ON: A Vibrant Community with a Flourishing Future


A dynamic blend of rich historical roots coupled with innovative educational partnerships, strategic infrastructure development, and robust community collaboration

Perched strategically between Toronto and Ottawa, Quinte West, Ontario, presents an idyllic blend of accessibility and scenic beauty. With unmistakable pride, Mayor Jim Harrison encapsulates this locale’s essence, emphasizing its prime location.

“We’re an hour and a half from Toronto and about two hours from Ottawa, making us an ideal spot for those looking to explore major urban centers,” he notes. The city’s picturesque setting at the mouth of the Trent River and the Bay of Quinte adds a layer of natural allure to its geographical advantage.

Mayor Harrison’s description of Quinte West paints a picture of a city that harmoniously intertwines nature and modern infrastructure. “Our city is adorned with kilometers of shoreline, providing a paradise for boaters and fishermen. The water here is pristine,” he says, highlighting the area’s appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

Transportation and traffic, often the bane of urban living, are areas where Quinte West distinguishes itself. The mayor humorously remarks on the rarity of traffic jams, attributing any congestion to local causes rather than the chronic issues seen in larger cities.

Recreational opportunities abound in Quinte West, with the mayor proudly citing local sports teams as a focal point of community spirit. “The Trenton Golden Hawks and the Frankford Huskies are not just teams; they’re a testament to our city’s support for youth and sports. The local engagement and spectatorship level speaks volumes about our community spirit,” he asserts.

Quinte West, OntarioA Blend of History and Modernity

Under the guidance of its dedicated officials, Quinte West is not just a city that prides itself on its natural beauty and strategic location but is also deeply invested in rejuvenating its urban centers. This focus is particularly evident in the initiatives to revamp its historical and downtown areas, aligning with the City’s broader vision for growth and community enrichment.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) David Clazie elaborates on the efforts to revitalize the downtown areas, particularly in Trenton and the former village of Frankford. “Our downtown has a rich history with several older buildings, including the original City Hall. We’ve engaged consultants to plan renovations and breathe new life into these historical structures,” he explains. This approach indicates a respect for the city’s heritage while adapting to contemporary needs.

The downtown area, a hub for residents and tourists, is transforming to enhance its appeal. “We collaborate closely with the Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) and the Chamber of Commerce to organize events, drawing people to the downtown area. Our extensive waterfront trail system also weaves through downtown, attracting visitors,” Clazie adds. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to revitalize street spaces, with several successful revitalizations already completed and more planned in the City’s capital strategy.

Housing, a pressing concern in many cities, is also a priority for Quinte West. Clazie discusses collaborations with the County of Hastings and other partners to tackle the housing challenge. “We’re actively working on housing projects, focusing on affordability and community well-being,” he says. These initiatives demonstrate a commitment to addressing the diverse needs of Quinte West’s residents.

Tackling Quinte West’s Infrastructure Challenges

Like many other municipalities, Quinte West grapples with the challenges of aging infrastructure. Addressing these issues is crucial for sustaining the City’s growth and ensuring the well-being of its residents. The City’s initiatives highlight a proactive and strategic approach to urban development and community enhancement, particularly in upgrading and expanding its infrastructure.

Director of Public Works and Environmental Services, Chris Angelo, proudly discusses a recent accomplishment, the King Street Revitalization Rehabilitation Project. “This 1.25 KM project, costing approximately $5 million, is a hallmark of our commitment to urban renewal. It involved upgrading both above and below-ground infrastructure,” Angelo explains. This endeavor included new water mains, sewers, sidewalks, curbs, and an active transportation pathway linking the waterfront trails and downtown core. Angelo emphasizes the project’s alignment with the Safe Streets program, enhancing road safety for all users.

Apart from its functional improvements, the King Street project represents Quinte West’s dedication to blending utility with community-focused urban design. The project refurbished a vital corridor and enhanced connectivity to critical areas like the local hospital, a high school, and the downtown area.

Angelo highlights Quinte West’s broader challenge: an infrastructure deficit pegged at approximately $160 to $170 million. “This deficit encompasses necessary upgrades and replacements of our water and sewer systems, along with expanding treatment plant capacities for future growth,” he states. Quinte West’s largest wastewater plant in the Trenton area alone requires an $80 million investment for expansion on top of the $60 million already spent on updates.

The scale of these investments underscores the necessity of federal and provincial support. Angelo stresses this point, “Given the magnitude of these projects, particularly the wastewater plant expansion, federal and provincial assistance is vital. An $80 million investment is a substantial burden for our residents.”

Commercial Growth and Community Integration

Quinte West is not only a city that cherishes its natural beauty and heritage but also one that is actively fostering commercial growth and community integration. The City’s efforts in attracting new businesses while supporting existing ones and its unique blend of urban and rural characteristics paint a picture of a dynamic and thriving community.

Clazie discusses the City’s proactive stance on commercial growth. “We’re constantly working to bring new businesses to Quinte West. Our industrial parks are a primary focus of these efforts,” he says. The City’s commitment extends beyond attracting new enterprises; it places equal emphasis on retaining and assisting existing businesses. “Every few years, we conduct a business review and retention survey, ensuring we understand and meet the needs of our current businesses,” Clazie adds. This balanced approach highlights Quinte West’s dedication to creating a nurturing environment for new and established ventures.

Mayor Harrison adds a unique perspective, highlighting the city’s robust agricultural sector. “We have a strong connection with local farmers, which enriches our community with fresh, quality produce. Just yesterday, we celebrated the opening of a new business that brings farm-fresh chicken directly to consumers,” he shares. This symbiotic relationship between the urban center and the rural outskirts is a distinctive feature of Quinte West, providing residents with access to fresh, local produce and supporting the agricultural community.

Mayor Harrison also touches on the significant role of 8 Wing/Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton, Canada’s largest air transport command unit. “The base is home to about 5,000 personnel and is a cornerstone of our community, contributing significantly to our local economy,” he states. The air base is an economic asset and a source of pride for the city. “Witnessing planes take off daily is a reminder of our nation’s role in global humanitarian efforts,” Mayor Harrison remarks, emphasizing the base’s international impact.

Navigating Workforce Development and Technological Advancements

In Quinte West, critical focal points are addressing labor shortages and adapting to the evolving work landscape. The city’s initiatives in these areas reflect a forward-thinking approach essential for sustaining economic growth and enhancing community life.

Mayor Harrison acknowledges the challenges and opportunities in workforce development. “We’re actively addressing the labor shortage issue. For instance, we recently welcomed a new plumbing business that successfully expanded due to its proficient workforce,” he shares. This example underscores the importance of skilled labor in the city’s economic fabric. Mayor Harrison also highlights initiatives like immigration programs and doctor recruitment, which are vital for sustaining the community’s health and well-being. “Our new medical facility will provide much-needed space for healthcare professionals, further enhancing our community’s appeal,” he adds.

With the rise of remote work, Quinte West is also focusing on upgrading its digital infrastructure. Angelo discusses the City’s partnership with the County of Hastings and other regional entities to expand fiber optic networks. “We’ve been working to enhance our broadband and rural infrastructure, ensuring our residents have access to high-speed internet,” he explains. This initiative is crucial for attracting and retaining a modern workforce, particularly remote workers.

Clazie elaborates on the collaborative efforts to improve connectivity. “Our partnership with the Eastern Ontario Regional Network aims to improve cell service and internet coverage across the region. Private companies are currently laying fiber in various parts of Quinte West, which will significantly boost our connectivity,” he states. This enhancement of digital infrastructure is pivotal in positioning Quinte West as an attractive destination for remote workers and modern businesses.

Quinte West, OntarioEmbracing Education and Collaboration for Future Growth

The City of Quinte West’s commitment to education and collaborative efforts forms a bedrock for its development plans. Mayor Harrison and CAO Clazie share insights into the educational landscape and key partnerships shaping the City’s trajectory, mainly as it looks toward the challenges and opportunities of the coming years.

The mayor starts by highlighting the importance of education in Quinte West, starting from its roots. “We recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of Frankford Public School, a clear indication of our enduring commitment to education,” he says. This historical milestone underscores the City’s long-standing value placed on educational institutions.

He also points out critical collaborations with higher education institutions. “Working with Loyalist College and Queen’s University, we provide pathways for residents to enhance their skills and knowledge. Our partnership with Loyalist College is especially vital, enabling students to qualify as nurses and serve our community,” he shares. These educational collaborations are crucial in fostering a skilled workforce, addressing labor shortages, and contributing to the city’s growth.

Looking ahead, Mayor Harrison emphasizes infrastructure as a priority. “Investing in our wastewater systems and ensuring high-quality water supply are crucial. We’re committed to meeting and exceeding environmental standards,” he asserts. This focus on infrastructure is about maintaining current standards and preparing for future demands.

He also underscores the importance of supporting first responders. “We have a strong team of volunteer firefighters and a training center that serves the city and surrounding areas, too. It’s about continuous improvement and seizing new opportunities,” he explains. This attention to first responders’ needs highlights the City’s commitment to safety and community well-being.

With its blend of educational initiatives, collaborative projects, and infrastructure development, Quinte West is poised for a future that builds on its rich history and community strengths. The City’s leadership has a clear vision for growth and a commitment to its people and is steering Quinte West toward a prosperous future.

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Quinte West, Ontario

What: A forward-looking city focusing on educational partnerships, infrastructure development, and community collaboration

Where: Ontario, Canada

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