Molio Announces the Crowdfunding Campaign and Launch of the First Interactive Learning Projector for Kids

September 9, 2016

Imagine a kid-friendly projector and interactive learning center that makes movies, games, and learning come to life for youngsters and families. That is exactly what the Egger AR interactive projector does.

Egger is the first interactive projector designed especially for kids. It is a powerful tool that parents can use to inspire creativity, fun, and early childhood development in youngsters. The Egger uses the latest in Augmented Reality games, apps, and lessons that let children interact with learning in totally new and engaging way. It is a home theatre, a learning center, and fun for the whole family.
Everyone knows that kids are naturally drawn to tablets and phones, often spending hours staring at small, bright, screens that are not healthy for their young eyes and that unsupervised use of internet devices can expose kids to harmful online material. The team behind Egger team sought a way to deliver fun and educational digital media to kids in a way that protects their eyes, engages their imagination, and contributes to their early cognitive development.

Instead of adapting existing technologies, Egger started fresh with a soft, lightweight, cartoon themed projector and remote control that is designed especially for kids. It can be used anywhere in the home and can beam entertainment and learning onto any flat surface. It uses advanced sensors to control the projection brightness and never exceeds 100 lumens to create the optimal, safe viewing experience. Additionally, it has a feature that turns off the projector if a child is in front of the device, a nice added safety measure.

With protecting children in mind, Egger also features powerful parental controls so that kids see only what their parents allow and are never exposed to harmful content.
The Egger also becomes a platform for Molio’s patented Augmented Reality interactive apps that let children interact with what’s on the screen and helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and cognitive learning skills. The included apps use special paper for drawing and coloring. When placed under the Egger camera, the pictures come to life dancing and moving on the projection for a truly interactive feedback for kids.

The current version of Egger is far more than a simple projector, it has a powerful Android controlled Quad-Core processor for compatibility with thousands of apps, can play movies, music and multimedia for the whole family, and even make video calls on the big screen. Addition content can be downloaded to the device via USB so users can add their own content.
Egger is created by the Wuhan Molio Network Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2013. Molio is made up of specialists for early childhood development as well as top technologist specializing in the research and operation of augmented reality interaction products for children.

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