Miralis – Quebec, Ontario

January 31, 2024
Miralis - Quebec, Ontario


Innovating Excellence in Custom Kitchens


From launching ‘luminescent’ to automated plants, A glimpse into Miralis’ trailblazing journey

The realm of ad manufacturing and design is a space that requires a certain level of authentic and creative expression. Success is not just about creating beautiful spaces; it’s a fusion of innovation, precision, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Visionary leadership must learn to couple with artistic flair, and a company must embrace a culture of constantly pushing boundaries in design and technology. The ability to foresee trends and incorporate them into bespoke solutions ensures not just relevance but prominence in the market.

At the grassroots level, impeccable attention to detail, and a dedication to quality are non-negotiable. Each cabinet and every kitchen layout are a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering not just products but enduring experiences.

In the age of eco-conscious consumers, sustainable practices become a moral and market imperative, further defining the brand’s ethos. To truly thrive, the brand in question must foster a culture of collaboration and transparency.

For the Quebec-based company Miralis, such a culture is an everyday reality. This brand carefully nurtures its relationships with suppliers, artisans, and clients alike to create a bedrock of sustained success.

Known for its high-quality, custom kitchen spaces and timeless décor, the buzz around Miralis has steadily grown into a harmonious symphony of delighted clients, industry accolades, and a growing footprint. It has been recognized not just for its exquisite designs but also for its seamless fusion of artistry and functionality.

Now led by President and General Manager Daniel Drapeau, the company’s journey began in 1976 when it shifted its focus to crafting exquisite cabinets and abandoning kitchen doors and windows. Fast forward to 2008, and Daniel, along with four other visionaries, acquired the company, propelling it into a new era of growth.

Today, Miralis stands as a prime example of ingenuity and timeless sophistication. It’s a thriving brand echoing the satisfied hum of both happy clients and a passionate team environment, setting a standard that becomes synonymous with unparalleled custom kitchen design.


Miralis - Quebec, Ontario

A Distinguished Model of Excellence

Located just a few hours north of Quebec City, Miralis can certainly claim a spot as one of the top companies, if not the top, in Quebec and Ontario when it comes to custom countertops and kitchen designs. The company also has a strong presence in North America that continues to grow with its expansion.

Such widespread reach can likely be attributed to the company’s unique model of business operations, which, according to the company’s Head of Product Innovation Noémie Bernier, gives it a competitive edge against other crafters.

Inherently, kitchen and cabinet design is an industry that lends itself particularly well to smaller-scale companies and individual artisans simply as a way to preserve the aspects of the industry that ensure that acceptable designs are only designs of the highest quality.

However, it is in this way that Miralis makes its mark. “We sell through a network of dealers we call retail partners,” Bernier says, noting that the company has reached a milestone number of 130 dealers based in various areas of both the U.S. and Canada.

Most notably, Miralis has established a strong presence in Quebec, Ontario, the Northeast US and Florida.

What lies at the heart of the Miralis model for success is the company’s willingness to enhance certain aspects of its operations in favor of a more focused and complete approach.

Originally, 70% of the company’s sales came from the manufacturing of cabinet doors and kitchen components, things that would complement the full kitchen designs created by other companies.

However, in 2012, Miralis’ leadership steered it onto the breakthrough path it walks today by making the bold decision to slowly phase out of the door and component-making sector and fully step up as one of the companies that designed the entire kitchen space.

Pioneering Durability and Timelessness

It’s this exact kind of bold decision-making that, according to Marketing Consultant Valérie Brière, has allowed Miralis to establish the forward-thinking culture of trendsetting within the company’s DNA. This sentiment is in motion even today.

“Our next bold move is the two plants that are going to be launched this February,” Brière states. “So, there is one new plant in Saint-Anaclet that’s doing Kitchen, and there’s another plant in Quebec City transforming countertop.”

At the core of Miralis’ philosophy is a commitment to durability and timelessness that is emphasized within the company’s vision and deliverables. The approach to creating a Miralis kitchen follows three main criteria: resilience, aesthetics, and functionality.

“So, we like to make our products very durable and resistant; that’s the first step. After that, we take a lot of care and make sure that we don’t push a model with a color that we aren’t sure will be beautiful in [at least] a decade. Lastly, we work with a network of specialists that are very capable of making the space functional for life,” Bernier explains.

These three elements, combined with acute attention to detail and quality during the ideation stage of the process, are what capture the unique timelessness of Miralis’ designs.

Simply put, the goal is not to sell six kitchens to a family in their lifespan. Rather, it is to sell them one kitchen that they’ll love for 25+ years. This commitment is not just rhetoric; it’s ingrained in Miralis’ product development, where a relentless pursuit of quality ensures kitchens that endure both in style and substance. The company does not pretend to be perfect, but they thrive to be better every day.

With the advent of the company’s two new plants, that pursuit is certainly reaching the next stage, as these new additions to the company’s operations are well-posed to redefine its entire manufacturing process and presence.

Miralis has invested $45 million in state-of-the-art, highly automated manufacturing plants, and they introduce unparalleled efficiency. The plant in Saint-Anaclet boasts 80% automation, from material intake to assembly lines, requiring 25 personnel to produce 250 cabinets daily.

Vice President of Sales Ryan Barber comments on the strategic benefits that these plants present, saying that “the new manufacturing sites will allow us to double our capacity. The expansion will further facilitate our ability to meet the growing demand that we have and to achieve our ambitious goals in the U.S.”

Currently, the company is working on creating a collection of products designed to work seamlessly within this new, highly optimized production line. At the moment, the company is considering mainly engineered products like laminate for this line, but it is still a growing project that will evolve.

The plant inSaint-Anaclet, while also automated, offers a different kind of innovation. The unveiling of the Luminescent in the saint-anaclet plant epitomizes Miralis’ forward-thinking approach.

This cutting-edge integration of LED lighting inside cabinets is poised to become the industry standard. Company leadership envisions a future where most cabinets, from the pantry to the base and upper cabinets, seamlessly incorporate Luminescence offerings.

Drawing parallels to the ubiquity of light in refrigerators, Miralis anticipates a paradigm shift in cabinet design, enhancing functionality and aesthetics.


Miralis - Quebec, Ontario

Expanding Horizons and Nurturing Partnerships Across the U.S. Market

With over 45 authorized retailers, Miralis’ strategic focus has allowed it to make significant inroads in the US market. The luminescence offer, along with shorter lead times thanks to the new facilities and instant pricing quotes, positions Miralis as a formidable player in the US kitchen design landscape.

“It’s a testament to our commitment to serving our American customers,” Barber states. “There are several features in our business model that allow us to achieve that expansion, and our product innovation is one of them.”

Their commitment to serving American customers with durability and timeless design solidifies their foothold in the market.

However, what really solidifies Miralis in the long run is something more internal.  For Miralis, the concept of family spirit extends beyond its team members to suppliers, dealers, and everyone in their ecosystem.

The family spirit extends to their annual design contest, where dealers, designers and employees participate, creating a sense of pride and celebration.

It even extends to the way it interacts with its suppliers’ products, meaning that Miralis doesn’t just buy products from its suppliers; it works with them to develop products as well.

With a set of environmental criteria guiding supplier relationships, Miralis fosters growth that benefits all parties involved. So, when crafting the story of Miralis, the narrative should certainly weave a tapestry of innovation, durability, and a commitment to building connections.

From illuminating the future of cabinet design to automated plants heralding a new era in manufacturing, Miralis stands at the forefront of kitchen excellence.

As they expand their horizons into the US market, their legacy is defined not just by the kitchens they create but by the enduring relationships and lasting impact they cultivate. Miralis is where innovation meets endurance, and their journey continues to shape the future of kitchen design.

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What: A pioneering force in custom kitchen and cabinet manufacturing and design.

Where: Headquartered in Quebec, Miralis has a significant presence in Quebec, Ontario, the US Northeast, and Florida.

Website: https://www.miralis.com/en


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