METCO Engineering – Texas, USA

January 2, 2024
METCO Engineering - Texas, USA

METCO Engineering

METCO Engineering: Building on Sustainable Construction Practices


Dive into the world of METCO Engineering, where cutting-edge technology, strategic investments, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability are reshaping the future of engineering and construction.

Since its inception in 2004 in Texas, METCO Engineering has distinguished itself in the design-build sector. Founded by Barry Bagheri, P.E., the company excels in a range of projects from simple rooftop solar systems to complex campus CHP microgrid district energy systems. Bagheri’s expertise in advanced controls and pumping systems has positioned METCO as a leader in resolving intricate engineering challenges.

As a proponent of sustainability and energy efficiency, METCO Engineering collaborates with clients to advance towards net zero goals. Cliff Braddock, the Director of Business Development, emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency as the primary, cost-effective step towards net zero, advocating against the use of inefficient HVAC and lighting systems. METCO’s design-build capabilities are robust, going beyond traditional consultation to deliver solutions that ensure energy and carbon footprint savings. The company has evolved from its roots in MEP design to become a leader in Energy Savings Performance Contracting, including offering Continuous Commissioning® services for HVAC systems.

METCO’s operational excellence is founded on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As an EPC provider, the company specializes in net zero engineering, conducting detailed ASHRAE audits to find energy-saving opportunities and focusing on reducing emissions through solutions like solar PV and CHP. Clients benefit from the “Sustainability Report Card,” which evaluates energy usage and carbon footprint, aiding in reducing energy intensity and emissions.

During uncertain times like the Covid-19 pandemic, METCO maintained price stability and offered a broad spectrum of services, including net zero assessments, pre-construction, project management, and construction, all underpinned by transparent pricing and a firm policy against post-agreement change orders. The company values strong partnerships with vendors and suppliers and is committed to diversity, collaborating with minority and women-owned businesses. METCO Engineering has set industry standards since 2004, leading the charge in design-build services and sustainable solutions, and continues to strive for a sustainable future.

Embracing Technology for Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

METCO Engineering’s integration of innovative technologies significantly enhances its operations, streamlining processes and improving service quality and efficiency. At the heart of its design and construction processes is Building Information Modeling (BIM), which allows METCO to create detailed digital project representations for comprehensive visualization and simulation before physical work begins. This approach not only fosters collaboration among multidisciplinary teams but also minimizes the need for costly rework, aligning projects with both timelines and budgets.

Another key technological asset is the Project Information Management System (PIMS), revolutionizing the management of project data and communications. As a centralized hub for project information, PIMS enhances transparency and collaboration, providing real-time updates and keeping all stakeholders, including clients and partners, informed. This system streamlines project execution and strengthens accountability and control.

METCO is also delving into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), aiming to further enhance its services. These technologies are expected to allow for advanced analysis of extensive project data, aid in predictive maintenance, optimize costs, and improve risk management strategies. Garet McInroe, Director of Programs, emphasizes the foundational role of technologies like BIM and PIMS in METCO’s project delivery, ensuring precision, efficiency, and seamless collaboration.

METCO Engineering - Texas, USANurturing Robust Supply Chain Relationships

Strategic alliances with partners and suppliers are central to the success of METCO Engineering, going beyond mere transactional interactions to create a solid foundation for delivering exceptional services. These collaborative relationships with architects, subcontractors, vendors, and other industry professionals are rooted in mutual trust and respect, blending diverse expertise to foster innovation and meet project goals efficiently. This synergy not only facilitates resource sharing but also brings together varied insights and skills, leading to solutions tailored to unique customer challenges.

Trusted suppliers are integral to METCO’s operational strategy, chosen for their reliability and quality, crucial in maintaining project timelines and minimizing disruptions. The company’s commitment to effective communication ensures alignment with project objectives and swift response to emerging challenges, thereby preventing delays and cost overruns.

Innovation emerges naturally from these partnerships, with METCO encouraging partners and suppliers to introduce new ideas and technologies, enhancing project outcomes and driving continuous improvement in processes and services. Risk mitigation is another key benefit of these relationships, providing stability and reliability in the face of unforeseen challenges. These strategic partnerships are essential in ensuring smooth project progression, underlining METCO’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. The company’s approach to collaborative relationships exemplifies how strategic alliances can amplify capabilities, spur innovation, and guarantee project success, upholding METCO’s high standards of quality and client satisfaction.

Pioneering Steps Towards Carbon Neutrality

Prioritizing energy efficiency is at the core of METCO Engineering’s strategy for environmental stewardship and achieving carbon neutrality. As highlighted by Cliff Braddock, METCO’s Director of Business Development, energy efficiency is more than cost-effective; it’s the foundation of the journey towards net zero. The initial step involves transitioning to energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, a move that is both sustainable and financially astute. By reallocating parts of the existing utility budget, METCO shows how minor modifications in energy use can lead to a net zero ready infrastructure.

Central to this approach is the METCO energy efficiency “report card,” which benchmarks a building’s energy utilization index (EUI) against similar structures, identifying opportunities to reduce the EUI. This tool is more than an assessment; it’s a guide towards smarter energy use. The path to a net zero building involves optimizing lighting, HVAC, and water systems. METCO’s Net Zero Report Card Assessment strategically identifies improvement areas, ensuring cost savings are enough to fund these enhancements. Interestingly, a significant portion of energy efficiency and emission reduction is achievable with a limited set of the identified measures, as per Pareto’s principle.

Furthermore, this journey enhances building resilience. Transitioning to net zero includes reducing energy intensity and adding onsite generation and storage, not only meeting sustainability goals but also bolstering operational integrity, particularly in emergencies.

The Role of Energy Management in Sustainable Practices

Energy management is a critical component of sustainable practices, central to reducing the carbon footprint and optimizing energy efficiency. It encompasses a systematic approach that goes beyond mere monitoring. It’s about actively controlling and enhancing energy usage within a facility or organization.

Implementing energy management involves comprehensive audits and continuous monitoring, but it extends much further. It includes upgrading to energy-efficient technologies, embracing renewable energy, and promoting changes in behavior and practices among occupants. The integration of energy management systems and data analytics is vital for pinpointing inefficiencies and crafting responsive strategies.

Energy management isn’t just about conservation; it’s about smart procurement and adherence to energy regulations. It’s a multifaceted strategy that, when executed effectively, leads to significant reductions in carbon emissions, cost savings, and a leap towards a more sustainable future.

METCO Engineering at the EarthX Conference

At the EarthX conference, a global event dedicated to environmental awareness and sustainable solutions, METCO Engineering took center stage. The company’s contribution focused on outlining the pathways to achieving net zero, emphasizing that the journey begins with energy efficiency.

The presentation dissected the three pillars of a successful Net Zero project: the technical scope, financial viability, and the business model. By exploring these components, METCO provided a comprehensive view of how to approach and implement sustainable projects.

METCO’s participation in EarthX wasn’t just about sharing knowledge; it was an active engagement in a global dialogue on environmental sustainability. Through interactive discussions and collaborations, the company not only shared its insights but also learned from other success stories. This participation reflects METCO Engineering’s deep commitment to environmental sustainability and its role in shaping a greener future.

Their approach, focusing on practical, actionable steps towards net zero, serves as a guide for decision-makers and highlights the importance of taking that initial step – the commitment to energy efficiency.

METCO Engineering - Texas, USAStrategic Investments Shaping the Future

At METCO Engineering, investment strategies are deeply intertwined with the company’s core operations and future aspirations. Recognizing the critical role of technology and innovation in the industry, substantial resources are channeled into acquiring advanced technology and equipment. This strategic investment ensures that project capabilities stay ahead of the curve, enabling the tackling of complex challenges with ease and precision.

Another crucial area of investment lies in the workforce. Believing that the team’s expertise and dedication are the bedrock of success, METCO commits to continuous employee training and development. This not only enhances skill sets but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the organization.

In addition to technology and human resources, METCO places significant emphasis on research and development. This focus is essential for staying at the forefront of industry advancements and continually refining methodologies and services. Sustainability initiatives and environmentally responsible investments are also prioritized, reflecting METCO’s commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

Envisioning a Resilient and Sustainable Future

Looking ahead, METCO Engineering envisions a future marked by sustainable growth, technological leadership, and unwavering commitment to core values. The recent extreme weather events underscore the necessity for buildings to be more resilient. METCO’s focus on net zero and resiliency begins with implementing sustainable solutions to address energy efficiency and air emissions reduction.

Over the next five years, the company’s aspiration is to deepen client relationships by consistently delivering exceptional value and tailored solutions. Investments in cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices will continue, alongside fostering the growth and development of the talented workforce. Community engagement and ethical excellence remain pivotal, as METCO expands its global footprint and upholds its commitment to environmental responsibility. This pursuit aims not only to meet but exceed corporate objectives, making a positive contribution to the engineering and construction industry and the communities served.

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METCO Engineering

What: A leading provider of design-build services specializing in energy efficiency and sustainability for a range of complex engineering projects

Where: Texas, USA



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