McHenry, Illinois – McHenry County

October 31, 2023
McHenry, Illinois - McHenry County

McHenry, Illinois

Where Community Spirit Meets Progress


McHenry Illinois is a Community Steeped in History and Poised for Growth while always focused on its residents

Situated in McHenry County, approximately 55 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, McHenry is a city that combines a strong sense of community with a commitment to progress. Covering an area of 15 square miles, this city is strategically positioned along Illinois Routes 31 and 120, nestled alongside the picturesque Fox River’s western bank.

Since its inception in 1836, McHenry has undergone consistent growth and transformation, evolving from a favored 1920s resort destination to a hub for various industries like boatbuilding, automotive components, electronics, and metalworking after World War II.

Today, with a population of 27,000 residents, McHenry boasts a diverse business landscape while retaining its small-town charm and natural beauty, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a friendly and engaged community that offers continued growth and quality of life opportunities.

McHenry, Illinois - McHenry CountyA Vision for Business Expansion

Currently, the city is pursuing various avenues for business attraction and community development. Noting that retail is high on the list, Director of Economic Development, Doug Martin shares, “We’re always looking to expand our business footprint. We get a lot of requests for restaurants, and entertainment type uses for families and children. We’re looking to attract a grocer to the South side of town, and we’re looking to expand our downtown offerings with redevelopment. Some other areas of town need commercial redevelopment that we’re also looking to expand. We get a lot of requests for different types of businesses, and we do the best we can.”

Revitalizing Downtown McHenry

The revitalization of McHenry’s downtown core is a top priority, with initiatives like the Riverwalk and the development of Miller Point Park playing a pivotal role.

Derik Morefield, City Administrator, relays, “McHenry realized many years ago that there were opportunities for redevelopment. The downtown established a tax increment finance district back in the early 2000s, which we were able to extend through the year 2037. So, that’s kind of the umbrella that covers two of our three downtown areas.”

The focus of this financing has been on leveraging the scenic riverfront as an economic driver, creating a riverwalk to connect two downtown districts. A vacant riverfront property, which was purchased by the city has been transformed into Miller Point Park, a popular destination with public amenities and small retail incubator shops which attract visitors from throughout the region and are a tribute to the exemplary community collaboration in the city.

Community Collaboration at its Best

“They are entrepreneurial startup shops with the idea being to give the business owners a method to determine whether or not they’re ready to take a brick and mortar on,” Dorothy Wolf, Economic Development Coordinator portrays.

“The wonder of this project was it became a community project.”

She boasts that these shops were built with the help of 924 community volunteers, and $8,280 worth of food from 59 different businesses was donated to feed the volunteers every day. The shops were constructed entirely through donated labor, materials and cash contributions, amounting to just over $1M. Additional financial support came from the city, which contributed $2.27 million, and The Rise Up Foundation and the Pat and Gary Lang Family, donating $450,000, combined, partially from proceeds of charitable concerts.

“I think the heart of McHenry is the community coming together. The Chamber of Commerce manages the shops. The building trades department at the high school built them. They worked on it all year, they were out at the site helping build, they stored the pieces, and the graphic design department helped with the signage and logos. Truly a successful collaboration” adds Wolf.

The next step is to work with the 10 shop owners to discuss relocation to a more permanent space. “Of course, everybody wants to be downtown, and we have to figure out a way to get them to other places because we don’t have enough space available for them right now. So, we need creative ways to keep them here in town,” she says.

Another initiative is a streetscape program, adopted by McHenry City Council in 2022, which will see updates to aging streetscape amenities in the downtown. Additionally, a facade improvement program has been implemented to encourage businesses to invest in their buildings.

“We are fortunate that businesses see the value of being in downtown McHenry, especially along the riverfront area, and have invested not only in rehabilitating buildings on the inside for new businesses, but investing, along with the city’s assistance, in outside renovations also, to make it look nicer,” Morefield elaborates.

“A lot of downtowns still suffer today. We’ve been able to evolve. While we understand the importance of big box retailers and all that, I think we are leading that evolution into investing back in our downtown and bringing new businesses, smaller businesses, local businesses in the downtown areas.”

McHenry, Illinois - McHenry CountyA Vibrant and Engaged Community

Community spirit and engagement are taken very seriously in McHenry, and the city takes pride in its various public gathering spots. Veterans Park honors the city’s veterans and is its oldest gathering point, hosting annual Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and 9/11 ceremonies.

“We are one of the few communities that continue to hold the remembrance ceremony for 9/11 every year. We have a Vietnam Veterans Memorial out there that was constructed with donations from volunteers. We have a new pavilion that was built because of the understanding that it is a desired gathering spot for a variety of different opportunities,” Morefield says.

The park also serves as a central meeting place for the town, hosting events like live music, and the Thursday night Pearl Street Market, affectionately nicknamed “McVinia”. “Our market is more of a maker’s market. It doesn’t have as many farmers as it does makers. It is very unique, and it brings in several hundred people every Thursday night,” Wolf describes. “It has kind of the old hometown feel, think Gilmore Girls, everybody gathers in the central park. It really is a sense of community, and all those people go out to our restaurants, or eat at the park as well.”

Peterson Park is a larger waterfront venue for concerts and festivals, accommodating up to 7,000 people. This location showcases larger community happenings such as Fiesta Days, Bands Brews and BBQ, and concerts put on by the Rise Up Foundation.

As the newest community hub, Miller Point has a pavilion area for concerts, although much more intimate, along with a lighted splash pad and skating rink, for seasonal family outdoor fun.

With a full calendar of events throughout the year, including the much loved ShamROCKS the Fox St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Morefield acknowledges, “Our community really eats up those public gathering spots and attends events regularly in McHenry. It’s not just the Friday, Saturday, Sunday downtown activities. All week something is going on downtown and there always seems to be activity in our businesses, which is just fantastic.”

Diversifying Housing Options

With continued growth on the horizon, McHenry recognizes the importance of diversifying its housing options to cater to the different needs and demographics within the community, from retaining those residents who want to downsize and stay in the city, to providing workforce and affordable options for new residents.

“We had a study done on our vacancy rate, and we were full,” Martin recounts. “To attract and keep people in the community, we knew we needed workforce housing. We have a large manufacturing base. People want to stay in the community, they want to come back into the community, and we want to fit all types of families, and all types of ages in the community. So, we have various projects that have started to come to the city as a result of that study.”

To address the demand, several projects have been initiated, including the Authentix McHenry development, which will bring 288 market-rate rental apartments to the community, marking the first new rental housing construction in nearly two decades.

A workforce housing project planned for the city’s downtown aims to provide 54 units geared to the local workforce, bringing new life to the area. Another significant project is the Fox Meadows Apartment Development, which will offer 540 apartment units in the south area of town. Martin admits, “These projects will certainly add to our housing stock and diversity, and more will be on the horizon because we will not fill our gap with these projects.”

McHenry is a community rich in history, where many longstanding families and businesses have played a significant role in shaping the city’s identity.

Looking to the future, McHenry has much to look forward to. The spirit of collaboration remains strong, and more opportunities for businesses and residents to be part of McHenry’s success are expected.

“We have a lot of exciting things on the horizon,” Martin asserts. “We’re in the middle of continuing to build a very special place, and people want to be a part of it.”

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McHenry, Illinois


McHenry Illinois

What: A vibrant city of 27,000, 55 northwest of Chicago

Where: McHenry County, Illinois



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