Lake Park, Florida – Palm Beach County

April 22, 2024

Lake Park, Florida

Pioneering Progress and Sustainable Development


Putting residents first with a growth-minded focus

Celebrating its centennial, Lake Park, Florida, stands as a symbol of innovation and community spirit. Settled on the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway of Lake Worth Lagoon, Lake Park is a quaint yet dynamic community with a rich history and a forward-looking approach to development.

Founded in 1917 by Harry Kelsey, Lake Park was envisioned as a model community, including modern amenities such as sidewalks and streetlights long before such features became commonplace. Despite setbacks like the 1929 stock market crash, Lake Park endured, eventually shedding its original name of Kelsey City in favor of the moniker it proudly bears today.

Over the decades, Lake Park has evolved into a mosaic of residential, commercial, and industrial zones, each playing a vital role in the town’s economic landscape. With a population exceeding 9,000 residents, Lake Park may be geographically modest, but its land use diversity sets it apart. Single-family homes coexist harmoniously with commercial corridors and mixed-use areas, creating a community with abundant opportunities for growth and activity.

Mayor Roger Michaud

In a recent interview, key figures in Lake Park’s administration provided insight into the town’s ongoing infrastructure projects and initiatives to support growth and development. Mayor Roger Michaud, Town Manager John D’Agostino, Assistant Town Manager/Human Resources Director Bambi McKibbon-Turner, Community Development Director Nadia Di Tommaso, and Grants Writer/Chief Public Information Officer Merrell Angstreich, along with Peter Baytarian, Managing Partner at developer Forest Development, offered valuable perspectives on the town’s innovative approach to infrastructure and its impact on the community.

Advancements in infrastructure

Central to Lake Park’s development strategy is a focus on sustainable infrastructure, particularly water resource management. Given Florida’s unique geographic challenges, including its susceptibility to flooding, Lake Park has spearheaded initiatives like the master drainage plan designed to harness the power of nature to mitigate flooding and ensure clean water discharge.

Through creative solutions such as bioswales and underground filtration chambers, Lake Park has transformed its approach to stormwater management, earning statewide recognition for its green infrastructure initiatives. By reintroducing elements of nature to the shoreline and embracing productive problem-solving, Lake Park exemplifies a commitment to environmental stewardship and resilience in the face of climate uncertainty.

Embracing progress and safety

Safety infrastructure, including surveillance cameras, license plate readers and shot spotters, represents a proactive approach to law enforcement, enabling the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to combat crime and maintain public safety effectively. The integration of surveillance technology demonstrates Lake Park’s willingness to embrace innovation in the service of community security, resulting in a rapid decline in the crime rate over recent years.

Mobility is a focal theme in Lake Park’s development strategy. A mobility plan is being implemented to enhance transportation options and reduce congestion. By leveraging mobility fees from developers to fund alternative modes of transportation, Lake Park is among the first area municipalities to create its own mobility plan and anticipates facilitating seamless movement within and beyond its borders.

The emphasis on mobility dovetails with the town’s vision for public spaces and community gathering areas. Through the Parks Master Plan, Lake Park seeks to transform its waterfront and parks into vibrant recreational and social activity hubs, further developing community life.

In addressing forthcoming transportation needs, advocating for expanding public transit options, including establishing a Tri-Rail train station in Lake Park, aligns with the town’s comprehensive mobility plan. This forward-thinking approach aims to improve connectivity and accessibility for residents and visitors.

Business growth and expansion

Town Manager John D’Agostino

Further highlighting Lake Park’s business-friendly environment are characteristics of accessibility, openness, and flexibility. The town’s proactive stance on land use regulations underscores the importance of granting businesses the flexibility to pursue innovative ventures and seize emerging opportunities.

Moreover, the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) outlines Lake Park’s dedication to incentivizing business growth and rejuvenating vital commercial corridors. The town seeks to ignite economic development and cultivate a flourishing business ecosystem through targeted incentive programs and strategic investments. To help accomplish these goals, the CRA recently hired its first Community Redevelopment Administrator.

Nautilus 220

“Nautilus 220, a visionary development overlooking the picturesque Lake Park Harbor Marina, promises a seamless blend of city living and waterfront tranquility,” Baytarian shares. “Its strategic location offers breathtaking views of the Intracoastal Waterway, coupled with convenient access to nearby urban hubs such as West Palm Beach and Jupiter, as well as the region’s airports and beaches.”

This luxurious project, set to reach completion in early 2025, boasts 330 two- and three-bedroom condominium residences spread across two towers. Its standout features include a sprawling one-acre outdoor amenity deck, upscale dining at SeaHawk Prime by David Burke, and the 19th Hole featuring Topgolf Swing Suite, as well as retail, a café, and office suites. Visitors are invited to explore the Nautilus 220 sales gallery and model residence, which floats serenely in the Lake Park Harbor Marina, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the elevated lifestyle it promises.

Baytarian reflects on what initially captivated him about Lake Park and why he continues to invest in the area. “I was first attracted to Lake Park because of the location I found for Nautilus 220 – the easterly views and how wide the Intracoastal Waterway is alongside the marina, the proximity to West Palm Beach, PBI airport and Jupiter, as well as the beach and Palm Beach inlet,” he explains. “In addition, the value in and growth potential of the area, and the willingness of the Town of Lake Park to work with developers to ensure the highest and best use of properties.”

Mayor Michaud’s anecdote regarding the Nautilus 220 project exemplifies this philosophy of collaboration and flexibility. Through constructive dialogue and creative problem-solving, Lake Park adapted zoning regulations to accommodate Forest Development’s needs while advancing the town’s broader waterfront revitalization and public access goals.

Lake Park Harbor Marina P3

In collaboration with Forest Development, Lake Park is embarking on a ground-breaking Public-Private Partnership (P3) to revitalize the Lake Park Harbor Marina. This project seeks to transform the marina into a vibrant community hub, offering an array of amenities and attractions for residents and visitors alike.

The redevelopment plan encompasses several components, including constructing a hotel to enhance Lake Park’s hospitality sector and provide accommodation options for tourists and business travelers. Additionally, a state-of-the-art boat storage facility will be erected, expanding the marina’s capacity for commercial boat rental and charter services. Thus, the plan caters to the needs of boating enthusiasts and bolsters the local maritime economy.

The project will introduce new commercial spaces, fostering a dynamic waterfront environment with restaurants, retail outlets, offices, and event venues. These diverse offerings aim to create a bustling waterfront destination, attracting regional patrons and invigorating Lake Park’s commercial landscape.

The Residences at 10th & Park

Peter Baytarian, Managing Partner at developer Forest Development

The Residences at 10th & Park represents a transformative mixed-use development that redefines Lake Park’s Park Avenue Downtown District. Currently undergoing the entitlement process, this visionary project heralds a new era of urban living and commerce within the town center.

At the heart of the development stands 10th & Park, a striking 16-story architectural marvel comprising 595 luxurious multifamily residential units. These upscale residences will offer unparalleled comfort and convenience, catering to the diverse needs and lifestyles of Lake Park’s residents.

In addition to residential accommodations, the development will feature 5,467 square feet of premium restaurant space that will be open to residents and visitors. Furthermore, 9,123 square feet of retail space will enrich the streetscape, offering a curated selection of shops and services.

Collaboration and Progress

The collaborative spirit and forward-thinking ethos of Lake Park’s leadership illuminate a promising path toward continued growth and prosperity for the community. With an array of development projects already in motion and a network of supportive stakeholders, Lake Park stands on the brink of realizing its full potential as an inclusive and dynamic destination.

Mayor Michaud’s reflections highlight the impact of these initiatives, transcending the attraction of new residents and businesses to breathe new life into existing neighborhoods and commercial districts. As Mayor Michaud aptly puts it, “Lake Park’s journey towards progress is a testament to our shared vision and unwavering commitment to forging a safer, more vibrant community. Through strategic investments in infrastructure and a culture of innovation, we are shaping a future that enriches the lives of all our residents and businesses.”


Lake Park, Florida

What: A town celebrating its centennial, renowned for its commitment to infrastructure upgrades and development projects.

Where: Located within Palm Beach County on the eastern coast of Florida, Lake Park is nestled along the shores of the Intracoastal Waterway.



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