The Heinz Brand Launches Petition to Make Monday After the Big Game a National Holiday

February 7, 2017
Smunday petition, view of empty lit up football stadium.

The first Sunday in February is known to be a day of fun, friends and football. No matter who you’re rooting for, whether you’re a sports fan or not, when it comes to the Big Game, there is one universal consensus: no one wants to go to work the next day.

This year, the Heinz brand will try to bring some of the greatness of Big Game Sunday into Monday, by petitioning to make the day after the Big Game, coined SMUNDAY, a national holiday. People may have talked about this before, but the Heinz brand never settles and doesn’t believe Americans should have to settle for the worst Monday of the year.

The Heinz brand is kicking off the campaign with a petition, encouraging Americans to stand behind SMUNDAY. The goal is to get 100,000 signatures, when this goal is reached, it will be sent to Congress, in the hopes of making this dream a reality.

And to show unwavering commitment to this effort, Kraft Heinz salaried employees across the U.S. will get the day off on Monday, February 6.

“The Heinz brand doesn’t settle on delivering superior taste or quality and we don’t believe America should have to settle on the day after the best sports day of the year. Statistics show over 16 million people are expected to call in “sick” or plan to miss work on the day after the Big Game,” said Nicole Kulwicki, Head of Heinz brands. “Making SMUNDAY a national holiday means people all over the country can officially make Monday a day to celebrate too.”

The Heinz brand encourages all of America to never settle and join in the effort to make SMUNDAY an official national holiday.

Supporters can sign the petition at:

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