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February 25, 2022
From the Editor

All work and no play… never a good recipe for success! Especially today, when work follows us everywhere we go Civil and Municipal. Your mobile phone, your tablet, your laptop, home office, business office, car, dinner table, walking the dog…

That’s why it’s such a pleasure to speak with so many company executives and municipal leaders who are all emphasizing the importance of health and wellness for their staff and the communities they live in and do business in. One of the most talked-about topics is outdoor recreation – specifically, trail systems. Often these are built along with the site of old railway tracks that have been removed and the paths repurposed to accommodate hiking, biking, and strolling enthusiasts.

These rail-trails are a welcome breath of fresh air – literally – and not only offer beautiful scenery but also a chance to step back in history. To discover the remnants of an area’s heritage and roots in a fabulous natural environment where you can take a deep breath and ponder the present and future. No Wi-Fi here, so tuck your phone away and relish the time away!

This month’s Business View Civil & Municipal takes us on a journey to eight delightful destinations, each with an inspiring tale to tell. Our cover story on the Township of North Bergen, New Jersey leads the way. Their views of Manhattan are almost as brilliant as their views on economic growth. Then on to Hazel Park, Michigan – a small city with plenty of atmosphere and amenities and big plans. Heading west, North Ogden, Utah capitalizes on its scenic mountain setting and is described as “a community of neighborhoods that’s an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family.”

A gem of the State of Texas, Sweetwater lives up to its endearing name with a diverse economy and

‘sweet’ incentives to developers to bring in quality housing options for a growing population. Meanwhile, in west-central Florida, life in Citrus County goes at a nice, slower pace. The semi-rural community has about half of its land dedicated as publicly-held property, including state forests, national wildlife refuges, and the 28,000-acre Crystal River Preserve State Park. On Florida’s southeast coast, upscale restaurants, bars, boutiques, and luxury hotels enhance the urban getaway scene in Fort Lauderdale, while outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park for its scenic trails and lagoon.

When it comes to fresh air and wellbeing, the Mayor of Belleville, Ontario shares, “That’s one of the by-products of COVID-19… we’ve really seen people enjoy an outdoor active lifestyle. So we are going to be continuing to build new recreation facilities.” These “quality of life investments” include an extension to the trail system along the Bay of Quinte.

We are also pleased to feature an exclusive interview with the Mayor and chief visionary of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Jim Diodati. He shares his insights on the unmatched tourism draw of the beloved “Falls” and the optimistic outlook for the city, itself, noting, “We see the future as very bright; we’re going to rebound from the COVID times and grow and become that much better from all the lessons learned.”

Embracing the power of positive thinking is something we can all aspire to, my friends. Be well, keep smiling, and enjoy the read!

Editor in Chief

Lorie Lee Steiner

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