Energy Storage Canada – Toronto, Canada

November 30, 2023

Energy Storage Canada

The Innovative Voice of Sustainability


Cutting-edge technologies and unwavering commitment propel Energy Storage Canada forth as a national leader in renewable energy.

The energy sector in North America stands on the frontier of opportunity, with profound implications for the region’s economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and global leadership.

In an era marked by shifting paradigms and heightened awareness of climate change, the energy landscape has become a focal point for innovation, resilience, and strategic vision.

At its core, the sector faces the formidable challenge of balancing growing energy demands with the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To succeed in this environment, companies must adopt a multifaceted approach.

This entails embracing technological advancements, including renewable energy sources, energy storage solutions, and smart grid systems, while also maintaining the reliability and affordability of energy.

Energy Storage Canada, based in Toronto, is emerging as a dominant voice within the North American energy sector. It has displayed an outstanding ability to address the diverse needs of consumers,  businesses, and government entities alike.

Its forward-thinking leadership and commitment to research and development stand as the key to ensuring equitable access and socio-economic sustainability.

A Choice to Shape the Future

Energy Storage Canada started in 2014 when a group of innovators within the energy sector realized how critical of a role sustainable energy solutions would play in the world going forward.

America was already the third-largest energy producer and consumer, so it became clear that the energy sector would soon become an arena of immense significance and complexity for the entirety of the continent.

At the time, they weren’t quite ready for a national scale of operation, so the ensuing company that was established was initially named Energy Storage Ontario.  The company focused much of its efforts on educating key decision-makers in Ontario about its accumulating value and the role it would play as energy demands increased.

Educating soon turned to collaboration, and by 2016, Energy Storage Ontario had grown to the national scale, where it officially became Energy Storage Canada, and the pilot projects and demonstrations it once theorized with officials have now become a consistent reality for the company.

An executive rountable featured as poart of ESC’s 2023 Conference. Seated, Left to Right: Kristyn Annis, ESC Board Vice-Chair, Counsel, BLG; Sonia

A Key Influencer of the Region

Despite playing on the national level, Energy Storage Canada still firmly honors its roots. Recently, after informing government officials about the advantages of large utility-scale procurements, Ontario has announced a 2.5-gigawatt energy storage procurement.

It is currently the largest procurement in Canada and one of the largest in North America. So, it’s very clear that while Energy Storage Canada has plans to develop sustainable energy throughout its nation and eventually the world, it is still making sure that the local region it first found success in is taken care of.

However, because of its rapid growth, the company has been able to adopt a very open-minded philosophy when it comes to the types of technologies it’s willing to research and invest in.

“We’re technology agnostic,” says Executive Director Justin Rangooni, “and what that means is that we look at, support, and advocate for all energy storage technology.”

In practical terms, this means that the list of technologies the company supports includes those that are well-known, like batteries, compressed air storage, flywheels, and thermal. At the same time, the list also includes newly developed methods like electrolysis and hydrogen storage as well.

Having such a wide reach allows the company to remain active within all of Canada’s provinces. However, its focus remains solely on energy storage technology.

A lot of the company’s activity is also inspired by the Canadian government’s aspirational goal of establishing a provincial net zero electricity grid by 2035 and then a country-wide grid by 2050.

“If this goal is going to be attained by 2035, what role does energy storage have to play?” Rangooni asks, “We [reported} a power advisory estimate of about 8 to 12 gigawatts of energy storage that would need to be installed across Canada and various provinces to help Canada achieve the net zero goal.”

So, apart from research and development, much of the company’s work also involves the removal of regulatory and legislative barriers to create market opportunities for Canada’s eventual transition into cleaner energy.

Presentation of 2023 Friend of Energy Storage Award to Hon. Todd Smith, Minister of Energy, Ontario, by ESC Board Chair, Brad Kyte.

The Method and Partnerships Driving Canadian Sustainable Energy

The conversation of energy, as well as its impact on the global environment, has always been one charged with resistance, controversy, and, in some cases, conspiracy.

However, none of that moves the needle forward, so as a company, Energy Storage Canada seeks to improve the efficiency of the companies and partners that are already aligned with clean energy practices.

It stands to set an example that demonstrates how environmental stewardship and economic prosperity can coexist.

“What Energy Storage does is it optimizes what’s on the grid already. So, if you’re grid is clean with wind, solar, hydro… clean, green energy, [we] can optimize that,” Rangooni explains.

Essentially, the installation of Energy Storage can make sure that when the wind’s not blowing or the sun’s not shining, the energy that has been produced continues to efficiently supply the grid.

Alternatively, when the energy supply is high but demand is low, the company can “capture all that good, clean energy and then release it back into the grid when it’s needed,” Rangooni concludes.

It’s impressive that Energy Storage Canada can provide such efficient services, but what’s even more impressive is that the entire operation is led by a small team of just three people!

This includes Leone King, the Communications and Member Relations Manager, who manages the company’s general and advocacy operations and its community of over eighty members. She also organizes the company’s annual conference as well.

Then there is Robert Tremblay, the company Policy Manager, who handles much of the workings of the energy markets of Canada’s different provinces with a goal of keeping the company informed about the unique distinctions between each region’s unique energy system.

With such a compact leadership team, this also means that the company collaborates with key partners to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“We do rely on and employ some great external consultants like Power Advisory and Sussex Strategy Group to really help us create our policy submissions and drive our advocacy,” Rangooni states, emphasizing the necessity of such advisors supporting the company.

These consultants work closely with the Energy Storage team and leadership to focus on different jurisdictions like Ontario, Alberta, and The Maritimes, federally speaking.

Specifically, Power Advisory plays a key role in supporting the company with key analysis and information to facilitate the majority of its public policy submissions. Whereas Sussex Strategy Group provides incredible support with government relations, PR training, and political navigation.

At the same time, both external consultancies also help with guidance for the more focused energy solutions that the company researches, like long-duration storage tech and methodology.

Overall, Rangooni describes the company as a “swiss army knife” that seeks to collaborate with anybody who’s looking to help transition Canada’s energy system to the future.  This explains why it also allies itself with partners like Water Power Canada, the Canadian Nuclear Association, and other similar organizations.

A Bright Future for Canadian Energy

As a company, Energy Storage Canada understands that the successful transformation of North America’s energy sector hinges on strategic planning, collaboration, and adaptability. It also understands its role in this movement as well.

“The future we’re heading into with increased electrification [and] trying to achieve net zero goals, it can’t be done without Energy Storage,” Rangooni states, explaining that with the development of technology and the subsequent power sources, the need for an entity that exclusively focuses on providing efficient solutions is paramount.

These developments are happening everywhere, whether residential, commercial or specifically, with the onset of more electric vehicles being developed. A company like Energy Storage Canada is a critical piece to achieving an energy transition that ensures affordability, resiliency, and reliability.

The path forward is complex, but by harnessing innovation, partnership, and strategic vision, the energy sector can ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Energy Storage Canada’s willingness to explore emerging technological models, as well as its public-private partnerships, will surely bridge the gap between ambition and execution, leveraging the strength of the private sector and the guidance of government policies to accelerate the transition to cleaner, more efficient energy systems.

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Energy Storage Canada

What: A pioneering energy storage company that provides clean solutions and promotes sustainable practices in Canada’s energy sector.

Where: Toronto, Canada



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