Elkhart, Indiana

November 30, 2023

Elkhart, Indiana

Elkhart’s Evolution: From Industrial Heartland to Green Urban Oasis


Elkhart, Indiana, is seamlessly integrating its industrial roots with a blossoming confluence of green spaces, arts, and community-driven initiatives for a brighter, harmonious future.

In the heart of Northern Indiana, there lies a city with a rich history, a driving force in manufacturing, and a spirit of innovation: Elkhart. It’s not the largest city in Indiana, but certainly, for its Mayor, Rod Roberson, and many who call it home, it has the heart of one. This dynamic city serves as a vital connection point for major commerce routes, making it more than just a dot on the map. Elkhart’s significance runs deep into the history of American industry and entrepreneurship.

“We have a wonderful city,” declares Mayor Roberson, his voice filled with pride. “When you look at Northern Indiana and going from the largest transportation route, which is 8090 from Ohio to Indiana, we are one of the largest cities along that route.” This isn’t just a recent development; Elkhart’s prominence has historical roots. “Elkhart was built around its railroads,” he recalls, “Norfolk Southern now has one of the largest train switching yards in the country that sits right here in Elkhart.”

But railroads were just the beginning for Elkhart. With time, the city’s innovative spirit led to the blossoming of various industries. “Historically, when I go back 100 years, we had pharmaceuticals like Miles Laboratories, now Bayer,” he reminisces. Many might be familiar with the company’s products. They created Alka-Seltzer, chalk, and one-a-day vitamins. From pharmaceuticals, Elkhart transitioned to becoming the undisputed leader in recreational vehicles. “Now, it’s the number one recreational vehicle manufacturer in the country and the world, shipping internationally.”

Central to this legacy is THOR Industries, the world’s largest RV manufacturer, headquartered right in Elkhart. He also highlights others like Forest River and even Winnebago, which, while not based in Elkhart, has a manufacturing facility in Elkhart County. Beyond these giants, what’s fascinating is the ecosystem they’ve spurred. He says, “95% of the components inside the RV parts are also manufactured in this area, with Lippert leading the charge.”

But there’s more. Elkhart boasts another title that might surprise many. “We still lead the country in manufacturing band instruments for schools and professionals.” For the uninitiated, Elkhart’s role in this industry is far from minor. From woodwinds to brass, if you’ve played a saxophone, clarinet, or trumpet, you probably owe a nod to Elkhart’s manufacturers, especially Conn-Selmer, Inc.

The Transformation of Elkhart

Sprawling vistas and a rich history give Elkhart its unique charm. As Mayor Roberson explains, this city is not just built on its industrial foundations but also its dedication to progress, innovation, and embracing the future.

“Over the last year,” he proudly asserts, “Elkhart was rated number one twice by the Wall Street Journal for emerging housing markets.” This achievement is no small feat in a national landscape facing a housing shortage. The mayor’s enthusiasm shows as he discusses the significant changes the city has undergone. “We are being recognized for creating this emerging housing relationship nationwide.”

Given Elkhart’s penchant for embracing change, such monumental recognition isn’t surprising. The city has been building connections with giant corporate entities. As the mayor discloses, “Amazon located their…largest distribution [center] east of the Mississippi” in Elkhart. Spanning a staggering 800,000ft², this new addition symbolizes a significant pivot for the city, signaling its transition from its legacy manufacturing origins to a focus on quality of life and place.

Another cornerstone of the city’s transformation lies in its commitment to improving urban aesthetics and the lives of its residents. Mayor Roberson recalls, “One of the things that we did over 100 years ago was use our river for power. Now we’re using our rivers… for more amenities.” This shift in focus from pure utility to aesthetic and recreational value is evident in the River district. With over 800 apartments, this area has become a beacon for residential development in Elkhart, combining history with modernity.

Furthermore, the city’s rich cultural tapestry is intertwined with its industrial roots. The convergence of these domains is beautifully exemplified in the 35-year-old jazz fest, an event that resonates with Elkhart’s deep-rooted musical legacy. “If you ask any prominent jazz enthusiast, have they played Elkhart, or do they know of Elkhart? They do,” Mayor Roberson notes.

Elkhart has an unmistakable pulse – a combination of its industrial history, a dedication to cultural preservation, and a forward-facing approach to urban development. It’s a city reinventing itself, ensuring that while its roots remain honored, its future shines even brighter.

Elkhart’s Evolution: From Manufacturing Base to Living Oasis

Within Indiana, Elkhart’s reputation as a bustling manufacturing hub is well-known. Yet, beyond the hum of machinery and the daily commute of its workforce, Elkhart is on a transformative journey, a mission to reimagine its identity from a strictly functional manufacturing base to a vibrant, living oasis. The town’s initiatives signal a new chapter that promises jobs and a renewed sense of place, community, and lifestyle.

Mayor Roberson lays out the current state of affairs, “We have about 40,000 people that commute here to work and go home. They come from about eight counties around Elkhart because the jobs are plentiful.” The notion isn’t just to provide jobs but to create an environment so magnetic that these employees want to make Elkhart their home.

He elaborates on the essence of this transformation, “We’re working to make Elkhart an attractive, amenitized, and fun place to be.” This approach extends beyond the traditional view of tourism. Instead of merely attracting visitors for short stays, the focus has shifted to lure potential residents, presenting Elkhart as an ideal place to live and work.

Integral to this transformation is a holistic view of development. Mayor Roberson shares, “We’ve strengthened our relationship with broadband in our downtown and outlining areas.” However, the changes are not limited to infrastructural revamps. The very roads of Elkhart are changing, signaling a shift in how the town perceives its own identity. “Now we want people to come to downtown. We’re changing our one-way to two-ways, introducing tree-lined streets, medians, bike lanes, making it more walkable, more like a neighborhood,” he passionately explains.

The Mayor stresses the importance of diversity in fostering Elkhart’s growth, saying, “One of the Wall Street Journal’s components for emerging markets is the presence of foreign-born residents. Elkhart wants to be welcoming.” He further illustrates that the city’s diverse workforce includes immigrants from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world.

Addressing new ventures and development, Roberson discloses, “We’ve just rezoned one of our malls, converting it into a light industrial space. This change will facilitate more entrepreneurial ventures in our supply companies.” A company is also set to invest a staggering $50 million in the conversion of this facility.

In response to the evolving housing needs of the younger generation, Mayor Roberson points out, “Many of our new residents desire apartments or condos. We have housing opportunities sprouting up on all sides of Elkhart.” He mentions a recently approved 250-unit apartment complex close to Amazon, indicating a strategy to position housing growth near employment hubs and amenities.

A Greener Elkhart

Elkhart, a city once known primarily for its manufacturing prowess, is now blending its industrial strengths with an increased emphasis on recreational amenities and quality of life, aiming for a harmonious balance between work and leisure.

Mayor Roberson paints a vivid picture of the city’s evolving landscape. “When you think about our green spaces, I’m a huge advocate for dog parks. These parks cater not just to pets but also to families, kids, and singles,” he says. He expresses a vision to have a dog park in every neighborhood, highlighting the city’s commitment to enhancing its community spaces. With the recent acquisition of a million-dollar federal grant, Elkhart is on the fast track to realizing this vision.

This grant isn’t just about more trees or more parks; it’s about reimagining public spaces. Mayor Roberson discusses the city’s environmental center, an impressive 66-acre expanse that hosts species unique to Indiana. Remarkably, this haven for biodiversity was once the city dump. Through the tenacity and vision of the community, it was transformed into a flourishing ecosystem. This environmental center, Roberson notes, is a crucial asset in the city’s trail system, further expanded thanks to a grant from the governor’s Green Trails initiative.

Elkhart also boasts a railroad museum, the Lerner Theater, and over 30 parks. “These spaces tell the story of Elkhart’s history, culture, and future,” Mayor Roberson emphasizes.

Elkhart’s Future: A Symphony of Arts and Business

As for the future? The horizon looks bright for Elkhart as it works on multiple fronts to cement its place as a vibrant, multifaceted city. One notable project is an 8000-seat amphitheater in the heart of the downtown area, a game-changer that he believes will be unparalleled in the region. “No one will have an amphitheater like it,” the mayor predicts, aiming for its inauguration in summer 2025. The venue’s strategic location and partnerships are set to attract A-list talent, promising memorable evenings for residents and visitors alike.

The integration of arts into the city’s DNA doesn’t stop there. Another arena, designed for more minor acts, is in the pipeline, underscoring Elkhart’s aspiration to be recognized as a city with a musical heartbeat. These artistic venues and economic drivers like Amazon’s imminent presence shape Elkhart’s forward-thinking blueprint.

Mayor Roberson’s final thoughts encapsulate the city’s trajectory. “The symbiosis between work, life, and play can now all be realized within Elkhart. This balance,” he believes, “will not only sustain Elkhart but will also pave the way for its prosperous future for many generations.”

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Elkhart, Indiana

What: A city undergoing transformative growth, prioritizing green spaces, state-of-the-art amenities, and a renewed vision for economic and social progress.

Where: Indiana, USA

Website: https://elkhartindiana.org/


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