From the Editor – April 2023

May 1, 2023
From the Editor

Dear Readers,

From coast to coast the team here at Business View publications covers dynamic companies that have proven to not only rebound from the height of the pandemic but are also hitting new levels far surpassing pre-covid business numbers.

When we look at some of the intangibles that may play a part in these company success stories a few variables jump to mind. Namely, consistency in performance, loyalty to one’s customer base, and boundless enthusiasm that not only motivates employees but also manages to reverberate through client transactions.

At Business View, we don’t stop at profiling industry-leading companies. With each issue, we go one step further to profile some of the leading regional and community airports in the country as well as a host of some of the fastest-growing regions throughout North America.

With all our profiles our hope is that our valued business leaders learn a little something new about their relevant business sector as well as something about key developments within other business sectors that may serve to increase productivity and represent a model to strive for.

In this issue, we are especially proud to bring you a special, continuing series on community-based banking options that are becoming increasingly popular across North America. We had the opportunity to speak to key representatives from highly-successful credit unions including Your Community Credit Union, Kingston Credit Union, and Justice Federal Credit Union.

While banks may be making headlines for the wrong reasons currently, these credit unions continue to focus on serving the community and members they represent and focus on flexible credit options that go one step further than traditional banking models tend to offer.

Turning to the flying public, aviation traffic is gearing up across North America. The sheer number of passengers is now equal to and often exceeding pre-COVID numbers. With this new aviation reality, regional and community airports across the continent are revving up to meet this newfound demand. With planned operational upgrades, runway resurfacing, adding as well as adding additional routes, the airports that we covered in this issue, including Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport and Davidson County Airport are setting the aviation bar high.

Just as in the businesses that we viewed this month, cities, towns and counties across the continent are also continuing to see expansion on the municipal horizon. From Flossmore, Illinois to Wellington Florida, the dynamic economic projects on the horizon as well as planned infrastructure upgrades for every region that we featured, illustrate tremendous growth potential.

The big takeaway with this issue is ‘upwards and onwards’ for all the regions, companies, and airports we were honored to profile.


Editor in Chief

Karen Surca

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