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April 29, 2024

Crown Fence

100+ Years as a Community Cornerstone


Exploring a legacy of excellence in commercial fencing solutions

Boasting over one hundred years of service, Crown Fence, established in 1923 by Arthur Fiedler, has remained a steadfast and indisputable leader in the commercial fencing industry.

F. Arthur Fiedler

From the highest echelons of management to the dedicated crews on the field, its culture of excellence permeates every aspect of its operations. Even in the wake of the recent supply chain and labor shortages affecting the country at large, Crown Fence has maintained its steady trajectory, a testament to its longevity as a brand.

For this company, securing such command of the market entails investing in top-tier materials, employing skilled workers, and adhering to rigorous standards of construction and safety protocols.

Moreover, fostering a customer-centric approach has been integral to building a strong brand identity that fosters the loyalty of its customers. The company’s operational values involve listening attentively to client needs, offering tailored solutions, and providing exceptional service at every touchpoint.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and maintaining open lines of communication, Crown Fence has solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in the industry. It has allowed for the strategic expansion and diversification that are so essential for any company’s long-term viability and growth.

Whether through geographic expansion into new markets or diversification of service offerings, Crown Fence’s forward-thinking approach to business development has consistently unlocked new opportunities and revenue streams.

This explains how it has managed to establish such a stellar track record over the years. Ultimately, success for this company has been measured not only by financial metrics but also by its impact on its clients, employees, and communities.

At this point, the name Crown Fence has become synonymous with reliability and integrity, earning the trust and admiration of its stakeholders while leaving a lasting legacy of excellence in its wake.

A Legacy of Leadership:

From its humble beginnings in Pasadena, California, Crown Fence has evolved into a third-generation family-owned enterprise.

Fiedler’s vision for Crown Fence stemmed from a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to address the unmet needs of his community.

He conducted research into the types of businesses he felt were lacking in his area, and he determined that a fence company would be a strong sector to couple with his entrepreneurial experience.

Over the years, the company has transitioned through various phases of growth and development, guided by the principles of integrity, reliability, and adaptability.

Adam Silva, Vice President

“We’re a union signatory fence company, which is quite different from most of the companies in this area that mainly just stick to the residential and commercial side,” says Vice President Adam Silva.

With this distinction, Crown Fence sets itself apart from its competitors by specializing in commercial, industrial, and public works projects.

Crown Fence’s portfolio encompasses a diverse range of ventures, showcasing the company’s versatility and expertise. The company’s projects fall into a wide range of locations that include schools, parks, airports, railways, hospitals, freeways, and even high-profile businesses.

“We can do anything from the small one-day projects that cost around $1500 to large-scale projects that could cost up to $10 million,” Silva explains, referencing the fact that Crown Fence has managed to honor the enduring legacy of its founder, while also implementing contemporary, higher-level strategies that allow for its continued expansion.

Crown Fence prides itself on its ability to undertake projects of all scales, from small-scale endeavors to multimillion-dollar initiatives.

Embracing Advancements in Technology and Partnership

At the heart of Crown Fence’s operational prowess lies a commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

One of the things that Crown Fence does differently than most other specialty subcontractors, especially within the fence industry, is use technology to capture and convey data.

“We do our internal drafting to draw our plans, and all of our plans and specifications including daily activity in our projects are captured electronically and available to any member of the organization that needs them,” explains CEO and President Chris Nickellatti.

By harnessing digital tools and platforms, such as Microsoft Office, including Teams, and Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP), Crown Fence streamlines project management processes, fosters real-time communication, and ensures transparency across all levels of the organization.

“We’re using products that are already out there and already in all of our devices to share information, and that includes with key vendors that have access to our wants and needs when it comes to products,” Nickellatti says.

This proactive approach not only enhances project outcomes but also induces a strong “real-time” element to managerial oversight and decision-making.

Thanks to Crown Fence’s robust ERP network, everyone involved can observe the progress of any individual project from a financial perspective and make any adjustments early on, if needed.

This level of adaptability has been a core component in the reinforcement of Crown Fence’s reputation as an industry leader.

The other important component central to Crown Fence’s success is its unwavering dedication to cultivating strong relationships with suppliers and vendors.

“Relationships are always a key, and the key is having core vendors. [We] don’t need to have a huge list of people, but having a core group that knows and understands our business, its needs, and the goods and services we provide is important,” Silva says.

Additionally, Crown Fence also takes the opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its partners to help it better understand and refine its company strategy.

By prioritizing collaboration and mutual understanding, Crown Fence ensures seamless project execution while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.

This commitment to social stewardship, in a sense, can be seen as the supplementary fuel that has propelled and kept Crown Fence at the forefront of the fencing industry.

Building a Culture of Ownership and Sustainability

Fortunately, the socially oriented nature of Crown Fence’s partner interactions has led to some rather positive effects on its company culture.

Namely, the division of roles and labor has been comfortably established among the company’s workers as an area of their employment that grants a high degree of autonomy.

Chris Nickelatti Sr, CEO and President

“People have a tremendous amount of flexibility here. They are not dropped into a single role. They are allowed to work in areas that they enjoy and that they feel they can be successful in,” Nickellatti explains.

Once an individual finds themselves to be successful in an area, they’re granted ownership in that area and allowed to expand themselves in the way they feel is best for both their and the company’s development.

This is why, according to Nickellatti, Crown Fence provides its workers with an almost unlimited amount of training and educational benefits that they can leverage to improve their trades and skills.

Crown Fence’s vision for each employee is one where workers are encouraged to view their roles not as individual buckets that they are dropped into but rather as an entire area in which they can choose to be successful.

Additionally, the social nature of the company has resulted in a sustained focus on numerous safety, health, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) initiatives.

“We have a very healthy culture for safety… All of our foremen are mandated to do a daily safety analysis before we start the work each day… we also encourage our guides to complete their OSHA 30 certifications,” Silva states.

Crown Fence also keeps its employees up to date on First Aid and CPR via classes in partnership with its Laborers Union. In the realm of environmentalism, the company has been doubling its efforts to secure more fuel-efficient vehicles and enforcing strict recycling standards with itself and its vendors.

Driving Towards the Future:

Looking ahead, Crown Fence remains poised for continued growth and expansion in the dynamic California market.

Leading with its strong ability to successfully execute complex projects with even the most rigorous material specifications, the company’s leadership is confident that its collective employee knowledge and authority will make it the first choice when it comes to taking on large, high-profile projects.

By focusing on worker development, renewable energy initiatives, and market expansion, Crown Fence stands ready to meet the evolving needs of its clients and communities.

When coupled with its reputable, century-long, track record, it only makes sense that this company has landed itself in such a frontrunning position.

“We’ve been around for 100 years for a reason,” Silva states, “[we] identify the needs of our clients and then adapt to those needs.”

By embracing change, fostering innovation, and nurturing lasting relationships, Crown Fence is primed to embark on the next chapter of its storied journey.

Its ability to be highly responsive and actively bid for new projects is still its best form of advertising, and to this day, its name will remain largely associated with delivering top-of-the-line fencing solutions for generations to come.


Crown Fence

What: A cornerstone of the commercial fencing industry with a legacy of over 100 years, exemplifying excellence in craftsmanship, reliability, and customer service.

Where: Serving the entire state of California



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