Benefits for the Company and Employees Alike, Words from Brandon Frere

July 3, 2018
Ceiling view of an office full of cubicles and working employees at their desks.

Running a business isn’t just about having employees provide top-quality service to clients. There are steps that have to be taken first before that top quality can be achieved, some of which involve not just having any staff, but the right staff. Brandon Frere, CEO of Frere Enterprises and entrepreneur, says getting the proper staff may be made easier and quicker by offering the right incentives.

Some amount of training will have to happen due to each company being unique and an employee needing time to acclimate to the new work environment, but training time requirements can be lessened with such employees at hand. Attracting the right employees can require a bit more effort. “The most appropriate employee for an important job should be worth paying for. Beyond just a good, living salary are the other benefits that come with a job. The perks of a job have to be able to entice a potential employee because if they’re really good, chances are your company isn’t the only one they’re looking to work at and other potentially rival companies could try to have them join their business team instead,” says Frere.

Benefits could be things like being able to work from home if appropriate for a job, or having good break and lunch policies, or other possibilities. It may mean giving employees the tools that they will need out of the company’s pocket instead of their own. For some, even having a particular location could be a benefit for an employee to consider. “Being creative with what a business has to offer at all angles can be a huge boon to the company and owner. Investing in employees, just like when investing in tools, may be expensive at first, but the payout from high-quality work could be the reward that the company is looking for,” says Frere.

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