Ahead of the curve: Improving quality of care in uncertain times

May 7, 2020

By: MOA Benchmarking


Those at greatest risk through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis are the elderly, those with comorbidities and weakened immune systems. The risk the increases dramatically for those aged over 60. Naturally, aged care services have been among the most impacted by the spread of the virus.

Fortunately, the New Zealand Government and aged care sector have been particularly proactive and decisive in protecting the health and well-being of residents and staff as the global pandemic has escalated. COVID-19 is a fluid situation that creates challenge for providers to adapt to new measures almost daily. Particularly while ensuring that they don’t lose sight of building on their resident’s experience within their care.

MOA Benchmarking enjoys long term relationships with many New Zealand Aged Care providers. Fortunately, through our collaborative work in designing quality and risk management programs with them, we know that our partners are well-equipped to not only maintain care standards, but to continue to improve quality, through these uncertain times. Our longest-standing partnership exists with Te Hopai Trust. We have enjoyed seeing them build a record of achievement in continuously improving outcomes for their residents and staff. Through our work together, we know that their approach to continuous quality improvement is underpinned by a commitment to innovation and a data-driven system that provides them with the real-time insights required to make timely and informed decisions. Importantly, their quality and risk management system is agile and evolves with changing needs within their services and the wider sector.

To highlight this, as the Coronavirus approached our shores, MOA authored a preparedness self-assessment tool for Te Hopai and our partners to evaluate the rigour of their infection control policies and practices. While completion of this tool took precedence, through April, they will also continue on in self-assessing their regulatory compliance and effectiveness of their leisure interest and activities programs. This is part of an ongoing, annual quality program aligned with the  Health and Disability Services Standards. Completing tools empowers partner providers with benchmarked reporting, where potential risk and opportunities to improve are flagged and pushed through for collaborative action in an improvement planning software.

Most importantly, all MOA tools, reporting and software provided is continuously updated. The COVID-19 readiness tool is immediately updated as Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announces each new control measure and as bodies such as the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation change their infection control guidelines.

Te Hopai and MOA partner providers are always prepared to help flatten the curve, but to also stay ahead of it. Their commitment and efficient investment in continuous improvement won’t cease and they will be best positioned to emerge better than ever when the uncertainty ends.

MOA Benchmarking is now offering all New Zealand Aged Care providers the opportunity to join a free pilot program, including access to the COVID-19 readiness tools, through to June 30, 2020. Learn more at www.moa.com.au

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