Business View Publishing greets its ranking in the top 1% of Businesses on Glassdoor with excitement

August 25, 2022

Despite the challenges that most companies have had to endure over the last few years, the cream always rises to the top.

Proving once again that the best companies are those that keep their employees happy, Business View Magazine (BVP) is honored to find itself on top of the employer heap with a whopping 4.6 rating based on Glassdoor employee reviews. This rating puts BVP in the enviable position of earning its spot among the top 1 % of employers to work for.

Based on employee feedback from Glassdoor, considered a reliable source for employees looking to explore potential employers, it is undeniable that Business View Magazine is putting its team at the forefront of its business model. This is even more remarkable based on the difficulty that countless companies have had to hire the best and the brightest and keep them happy enough to prove employee loyalty.

When asked what variables have played a role in propelling and maintaining BVP into the top spot it enjoys, Alexander Wynne-Jones, COO of Business View Magazine attributes its inclusive and embracing company culture as instrumental to its employee retention and success.

“Our company culture emphasizes key attributes including respect, working well as a team, maintaining a humble approach, dedication, and motivation to get the job,” Wynne-Jones describes.

“We dedicate ourselves to the continuous improvement, education, and growth of ourselves and our team. We take accountability for our actions – we own our results and errors and recognize that accountability is the first step toward self-improvement. As well, we handle conflict in a timely, positive, and professional manner and will not allow conflict to erode our synergy and productivity,” Marcus Vanderbrink, CEO of Business View Publishing says.

Committed to cementing its top spot in the eyes of its employees will continue to form the backbone of its editorial and business objectives for years to come.

Comparing itself to other top contenders, Business View Magazine is confident that it has more than is needed to keep its employees happy while producing top-quality and informative interactive publishing products that readers can continue to enjoy.

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