Ontario Credit Union Foundation – Oakville, Ontario

May 1, 2023
Ontario Credit Union Foundation - Oakville, Ontario

Ontario Credit Union Foundation

supporting credit unions and cooperatives with philanthropic giving


Offering help to Ontario’s credit unions, Ontario Credit Union Foundation lays the philanthropic foundation

The Ontario Credit Union Foundation was created in 1979 by Credit Union leaders that were committed to making a larger impact throughout Ontario. OCUF is a public foundation with registered charitable status. Over the past four decades, OCUF has assisted credit unions with their philanthropic giving in communities across Ontario. Like private and local community foundations, OCUF administers funds created by donors for specific charitable purposes.

In addition, OCUF believes that building young leaders is the foundation of our communities and providing opportunities for affordable post-secondary education is a pathway to a brighter future.  The CU Succeed Youth Bursary was founded on this premise and to date, the foundation has awarded $536,000 to 407 students across the province. This would not be possible without the support and commitment of Credit Unions across the province who believe deeply in balancing people, profit, and community.  This is the Credit Union approach.

Credit unions offer a unique value proposition to their members. Each member is an owner, which puts accountability at the grassroots level ensuring credit unions are focused on member needs. While this is a significant differentiator from big banks, perhaps the bigger difference is their ability to be part of the fabric of the communities in which they serve.

Ontario Credit Union Foundation - Oakville, Ontario

Liisa Woolley

Credit Unions may deliver locally but they have a global perspective. OCUF supports credit unions with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy as well as their efforts supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Part of our influence is shining a light on how our efforts can be a catalyst in highlighting the impact credit unions are making.

Another way OCUF supports credit unions is through the “Foundation in a Box.” Foundations are powerful giving vehicles that help credit unions deliver on their philanthropic goals.  The Foundation in a box is a turnkey program that provides a simple and efficient way to help credit unions make an impact and leave a legacy for future generations.  Not only can this help to focus their giving to make a real impact, but it also formalizes strategies and give supporters greater fulfillment from their philanthropy.  The Foundation in a Box helps credit unions make meaningful changes within the issues that are important to them.

Credit unions are an invaluable alternative to big banks. Their value proposition and member ownership continue to attract new customers who want excellent value and where their financial business is valued. The Ontario Credit Union Foundation is proud to support these credit unions in making a positive difference in their communities while supporting our youth who are our future leaders.

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Ontario Credit Union Foundation

What: The foundation helping credit unions achieve their goals

Where: Oakville, Ontario

Website: https://ocuf.org

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