Lindsay, California – Tulare County

January 31, 2024

Lindsay, California

A Confluence of Growth, Community, and Innovation


Explore the dynamic transformation of Lindsay, CA, where Mayor Cerros guides a city blossoming with cultural vibrancy, cutting-edge developments, and a vision for an inclusive and prosperous future.

Lindsay, California, a city with a rich historical tapestry and a vibrant present, stands proudly in the heart of the Central Valley. Established in the late 1870s and incorporated as a charter city, Lindsay has deep agricultural roots, especially in the cultivation of olives and oranges. This heritage is encapsulated in the worldwide recognition of Lindsay olives, a testament to the city’s agricultural prowess.

Today, Lindsay, renowned for its agricultural prowess and as a birthplace of modern irrigation, embodies a legacy of pioneers, inventors, and creatives. Nestled in Tulare County, adjacent to the Sequoia National Forest, and strategically situated between Fresno and Bakersfield, it’s an ideal locale for residents and visitors, offering stunning Rocky Mountain views. Known as “The Friendly City,”

Lindsay celebrates its rich diversity, with a population encompassing Latino, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Indigenous Native American, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities. This multicultural fabric is vibrantly displayed in events like the Orange Blossom Festival and Rib Cookoff. Lindsay’s global presence is marked by a longstanding sister city relationship with Japan’s Ono City, enhancing its local and regional ties.

Youthful Leadership at the Helm

Lindsay’s leadership narrative is as dynamic and evolving as the city itself. In the midst of global challenges and local aspirations, the story of Mayor Hipolito Angel Cerros brings a fresh perspective to the city’s governance. His journey into public service began in a period marked by global upheaval. “I started in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic,” he recalls. His political career was initiated as a council member during this challenging time. By 2021, he had risen to the role of vice mayor, and in December of the same year, his colleagues unanimously elected him to serve as mayor for the remainder of the two-year term.

Mayor Cerros’s remarkable journey in local government is deeply intertwined with his academic pursuits. Graduating from the prestigious University of California, Davis, with a major in science and technology studies and minors in management and political science, his educational path transcended traditional boundaries, leading him to significant roles like working at the state Capitol in Washington, D.C. for the US Conference of Mayors.

This exposure broadened his perspective and deepened his appreciation for education and its practical applications in governance. As the youngest mayor in California, Mayor Cerros infuses a vibrant, youthful energy into his leadership, challenging conventional views of local government and making it more relatable and engaging for the younger generation. He describes his style as enthusiastic and approachable, traits that significantly contribute to his ability to connect with and effectively represent the diverse community of Lindsay.



A City of Celebrations and Community

Lindsay’s cultural and social landscape is painted with vibrant events and festivals that entertain and unite its community. These occasions reflect the city’s spirit and the administration’s commitment to nurturing a lively and cohesive community environment.

Mayor Cerros enthusiastically shares insights into the city’s bustling event calendar. “We have the Orange Blossom Festival, an annual festival that has been around for decades,” he begins. This storied event includes the crowning of a queen, an honoring of a couple, and a grand parade. Its appeal extends well beyond the city limits, drawing in approximately 6,000 attendees. “It brings in over 6000 people… for the size of our city, it’s huge,” he notes, underscoring the festival’s significant impact.

Lindsay’s diverse events, ranging from food truck festivals to brew fests, embody the city’s vibrant community spirit, as highlighted by Mayor Cerros. With attractions like mechanical bulls and foam pits, these events are more than entertainment; they represent the city’s close-knit, family-oriented community. Post-pandemic, these gatherings have gained new importance in rejuvenating community bonds. Mayor Cerros views them as vital for reinvigorating community spirit, noting the public’s enthusiastic response. These events underscore Lindsay’s resilience and the joy of shared experiences, making their provision a fulfilling task for the city council and enhancing its welcoming ambiance.

Building the Future: Infrastructure Initiatives in Lindsay

Lindsay’s infrastructure development is a crucial chapter in its ongoing narrative of growth and modernization. The city’s strategic investments in various projects are setting the stage for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Mayor Cerros outlines several significant infrastructure developments, starting with residential expansion. “We’ve approved a housing subdivision, about 85 units with about 140 storage units,” he says, detailing a balanced project that combines living spaces with storage facilities. This initiative caters to the city’s growing population and contributes financially to its water infrastructure. “For every house that they build, we’re going to receive $1,200,” he explains, emphasizing the strategic financial planning that supports the city’s water system.

Mayor Cerros reveals that Lindsay’s water management has significantly advanced with a new basin enhancing water capacity and supporting agriculture. The city is also focusing on bringing non-compliant wells up to state standards, sponsored by state and federal funding. Transportation infrastructure is receiving attention too, with a $12 million transit center’s first phase set to begin next year. Additionally, Lindsay is collaborating with the county for infrastructural improvements in unincorporated areas, covering roads, sidewalks, sewers, lights, and water pipes, reflecting a comprehensive approach to enhancing the city’s infrastructure.

Lindsay: A Hub of Innovation and Community Development

Under Mayor Cerros’s leadership, Lindsay is experiencing a renaissance of community engagement and innovative development, with projects and facilities transforming the city into a destination for recreation, education, and urban revitalization.

Mayor Cerros enthusiastically discusses McDermott X, a repurposed facility that has become a recreational haven. “It was formerly a packing house, but it’s now over a $10 million building,” he explains. This center, boasting indoor basketball courts, archery, indoor soccer fields, a gym, rock climbing, a zip line, a FlowRider, and laser tag, is not just a local treasure but also a tourist magnet. “There’s nothing like it around here,” he adds, highlighting its uniqueness and appeal to sports leagues and enthusiasts from across the valley.

The excitement extends to the revitalization of Lindsay’s downtown. “Creating a vibrant downtown is something I’m very passionate about,” Mayor Cerros shares. His vision involves incorporating art into the urban landscape, inspired by successful models in other cities. This includes murals, painted sidewalks, hydrants, and utility boxes. The community’s active participation in this transformation is crucial. “Getting the community out and involved in the revitalization process,” he emphasizes, pointing out initiatives like student-built park benches that provide workforce experience and add to the city’s charm.

Mayor Cerros is dedicated to revitalizing downtown Lindsay, with projects enhancing roads, sewers, gutters, sidewalks and the demolition of an old building to refresh the area. He acknowledges key partners like Provost and Pritchard for their street and water infrastructure contributions. He appreciates the Department of Water Resources and East Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Agency for boosting water capacity. The Mayor commends the Lindsay Hospital District and the Lindsay Unified School District for their roles in community wellness and pioneering education, respectively, showcasing the city’s commitment to innovation and inclusive development.



Economic Development and Partnerships: Lindsay’s Growth Engine

In Lindsay, the synergy between local businesses, infrastructure development, and strategic partnerships drives economic growth and diversification, making the city a hub of opportunity and innovation. Mayor Cerros highlights vital contributors to the city’s economic vitality. He mentions a global headquarters for water piping and sprinkler manufacturing located in Lindsay, a significant employer providing substantial revenue through sales tax. Additionally, he speaks about the recent approval of a diesel stop along the highway corridor, underlining the city’s strategic location for business development.

Partnerships with organizations like Five Retail Strategies and the Tulare County Economic Development Corporation further enrich the city’s economic landscape. These collaborations are instrumental in attracting heavy industrial uses to Lindsay, specifically targeting 22 acres of heavy industrial land for manufacturing and production facilities. “We’re looking for a manufacturing producer to come in and create those jobs,” Mayor Cerros explains, reflecting Lindsay’s proactive approach to economic expansion.

Mayor Cerros actively markets Lindsay, gaining substantial media coverage and fostering trust-based relationships across California and the U.S. The city’s robust supply chain features Lindsay Olives and a growing cannabis industry, with ventures like Valley Pure Cannabis and Elevate Lindsay, the latter combining a dispensary and lounge, boosting downtown activity. Cerros is keen on developing a brewery district, eyeing partnerships with local breweries like Barrel House and Stag. Key economic partners include Retail Strategies and Talented Public Affairs, highlighting the city’s economic diversification and growth under Cerros’s visionary leadership.

Lindsay: A Mosaic of Opportunities and Experiences

Lindsay, according to Mayor Cerros, offers a unique blend of experiences. “Whether you want to go on a hike, have a relaxing beer downtown, or have an exciting time at the activities and rec center, you can do it,” he says, showcasing the city’s array of recreational options. The vibrancy of downtown Lindsay, with its mom-and-pop shops and artistic endeavors, invites residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in local culture and creativity.

For tourists, Mayor Cerros describes Lindsay as “a walkable, bikeable city like no other,” inviting exploration and discovery. For investors, he sees Lindsay as a land of opportunity, ideal for stimulating personal markets and creating jobs. “There are opportunities on all ends,” he asserts, inviting private citizens and major corporations to explore Lindsay’s potential.

Mayor Cerros envisions Lindsay as a city that stands out for its diverse opportunities, community engagement, and innovative growth. It’s a place where education, technology, and business converge, creating a dynamic environment that is being replicated across the state. The momentum Lindsay is gaining under his leadership reflects its commitment to progress, inclusivity, and a high quality of life for all its residents and visitors.

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Lindsay, California

What: A dynamic city in Central California known for its rich agricultural heritage, innovative community projects, and diverse cultural events.

Where: Central Valley, Tulare County, California.



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