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March 27, 2024

Landmarks West

Building Relationships, Building Dream Homes


With the proven expertise and loyal client base constructing a great future is undeniable

In the bustling world of custom home construction, where every nail driven and brick laid represents a client’s dream taking shape, one builder stands out for its commitment to relationships over transactions. Jared Higgins, Partner of a prominent custom home-building business, Landmarks West, exemplifies a philosophy of transparency, client care, and cultivating lasting connections.

Asked to characterize its business operations, Higgins states, “We’re a 100% custom home builder that believes in transparency and taking care of our clients.” This dedication to customization and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of its approach, distinguishing Landmarks West in a crowded marketplace.

Flexibility is another hallmark of its business model, with a willingness to collaborate closely with clients and architects to bring their vision to life. “We work with quite a few architects in the community, involved from very early on during the design phase of the build,” he explains. This hands-on approach ensures that each project is tailored to the unique preferences and aspirations of the client, resulting in homes that are as distinctive as they are elegant.


Relationship building business

Higgins rejects the transactional mindset that often characterizes the industry; he emphasizes, “We’re in the relationship business, not the home-building business.” This extends beyond client interactions to encompass the subcontractors and tradespeople who contribute to the realization of each project. Higgins views these relationships not as fleeting transactions but as enduring bonds that enrich both the building process and the final product.

In an industry grappling with a shortage of skilled tradespeople, Higgins’ prominence on relationships takes on added significance. By prioritizing mutual respect and collaboration, Landmarks West has forged a network of trusted partners who share its dedication to quality and transparency.

Adapting to economic realities

Even amid the challenges posed by labor shortages and economic uncertainties, Landmarks West maintains reliable relationships with its subcontractors, many of whom it has known since the late ’90s. “Our relationships are extremely strong with our subcontractors,” he affirms, showcasing the importance of mutual trust and respect in sustaining collaborative partnerships.

In terms of adapting to local market dynamics, Higgins acknowledges the community’s unique characteristics while remaining optimistic about the current climate for custom home building. “Our clients look at the market conditions now as almost, hey, this is a great time to build,” he observes, shifting away from conventional concerns about interest rates towards focusing on material supply and procurement.

Sustainability and tradition

Sustainability is another key consideration for Landmarks West, embracing reclaimed materials to enhance energy efficiency in its builds. While acknowledging the importance of utilizing reclaimed materials, Higgins emphasizes the broader scope of energy efficiency measures, from strategic zoning of equipment to the selection of high-performance windows.

The intersection of technology and tradition emerges as a defining feature of Landmarks West’s approach to custom home building. Continuing to leverage technology to enhance client communication and project management, Higgins provides valuable insights into how innovation and ingenuity shape the modern construction landscape.

Tech-forward solutions

For Landmarks West, technology isn’t just a tool; it’s an integral component of its client-centric philosophy. Using video calls for regular “attraction calls” ensures transparent communication and accountability throughout construction. These virtual meetings track progress and maintain a personal connection with clients, even from afar.

In addition to video calls, Landmarks West employs drone technology to provide clients with captivating aerial footage of their homes under construction. “We make it fun,” Higgins remarks, stressing the importance of infusing the building process with excitement and engagement. These personalized videos document progress and serve as marketing assets, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication that define the Landmarks West brand.

Furthermore, cutting-edge scanning technology, such as Matterport cameras, creates immersive 3D models of completed homes. This allows clients to explore every detail of their new residence virtually, from the layout of electrical outlets to the placement of light switches. By embracing technology, Landmarks West enhances the client experience and facilitates efficient project management and documentation.

Yet, amidst the embrace of digital tools, Higgins remains deeply rooted in the tradition of craftsmanship and sustainability. He speaks passionately about using reclaimed materials, noting their ability to infuse homes with character and charm. From refurbished antique windows to locally sourced lumber, Landmarks West prioritizes materials that enhance aesthetics and reduce environmental impact.

In discussing popular finishes and materials, Higgins highlights the enduring appeal of stone and wood siding paired with high-quality wood-clad windows from trusted manufacturers like Pella. This craftsmanship extends beyond aesthetics, incorporating durability, energy efficiency, and long-term value.

Looking to the future, Higgins sees technology playing an increasingly vital role in home construction, from integrated lighting systems to energy management solutions. However, he remains grounded in the belief that technology should enhance—not overshadow—the timeless principles of craftsmanship.


Beyond bricks and mortar

Reflecting on the impact of national economic factors and supply chain shortages, Higgins acknowledges the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Procurement became such a big deal during COVID,” he recalls, noting the sudden challenges in sourcing materials like windows and appliances. Despite these obstacles, Higgins and the Landmarks West team have navigated the uncertainties with resilience and adaptability, ensuring that projects progress smoothly.

Looking ahead, Higgins remains focused on sustainable, organic growth, eschewing rapid expansion to maintain service excellence and quality workmanship. “We try to grow organically,” he explains, emphasizing the importance of nurturing talent from within and preserving the company’s promise to client care. This approach reflects Landmark West’s deep-seated belief in the value of relationships and the enduring legacy of craftsmanship—a philosophy that underpins every aspect of his business operations.

Central to Higgins’ vision is the dynamic partnership with his colleague, Van Kelly, whose complementary strengths and shared goals drive the company forward. “We’re best friends, but we yin and yang,” Higgins explains. They provide clients with a unique blend of expertise and perspective, ensuring that each project reflects their vision and exceeds their expectations.

Goals for 2024 and beyond

For Higgins and his partner, the overarching goal for 2024 is clear: to continue doing what they do best—taking care of people. With a roster of projects already slated to commence in the spring, the focus remains on ensuring exceptional service for clients and employees. “Our goals are to sustain what we have and care for our clients and employees,” Higgins asserts.

Higgins shares insights into the company’s holiday tradition—an annual Christmas party unlike any other. Attendees are treated to a memorable evening filled with camaraderie, laughter, and a unique auction experience that fosters a sense of community and appreciation. “It becomes an emotional night,” Higgins reflects, detailing the impact of this cherished tradition on Landmarks West culture and morale.

At the core of Landmarks West lies the belief that employees transcend their roles as staff members—they are integral members of a tight-knit family. “We find joy in letting our employees know they’re family,” explains Higgins, encapsulating the company’s responsibility to foster a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

Landmarks West’s enthusiasm for client satisfaction and transparent communication shines through in every interaction, from video calls that track project progress to personalized drone footage that captures the excitement of the building process. Higgins shares,” What drives me now is if the roles are reversed, I want somebody to take care of me.”

With its emphasis on exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and heartfelt appreciation, Landmarks West leaves a legacy that extends far beyond bricks and mortar. Amidst uncertain future challenges, one thing remains abundantly clear: prioritizing people over profit and relationships over transactions ensures a future as bright as the homes it builds.

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Landmarks West

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