“Given the high gas prices and increasing cost of living, should remote / hybrid work continue to be a viable option, where possible?”

May 2, 2022
Given the high gas prices

Xavier Pineda, Director of Sales & Marketing for All-Inclusive and Elegant Hotels, Barbados:

“Definitely, yes. At this point it is convenient, especially those families still struggling with COVID-19 restrictions or the new way of life after the pandemic. I think it is a good option to maintain a balance between family and work, in some way.”

Tony Elenis, President & CEO of the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Assoc., Mississauga, Ontario:

“Businesses are going to go to a hybrid model for many reasons. Because the employees want it – workforce being a big item – and it will help with expenses. I don’t think it will be 100 % one way or the other. There will be various types of hybrid models out there and it does have its efficiencies. But also, many people want to be in a social atmosphere… I hear so many that miss being with their teammates and their colleagues. In our industry, you have to be there to work. But in industries that are able to do the work from home, I believe that should be an option.”

Ms. Nayana Williams, CEO of Lifespan Company Limited, Portland, Jamaica:

“I think it’s a viable option for those employees who would fit into that environment. It would not be right across the board, of course. For us, as an example, we are a manufacturing company and we require the physical presence of the majority of our employees. But there are areas, like accounting and other services, that can be done from home. So it still remains a viable solution to some extent, if the employees have the same wish.”

Kevin S. McLaren, President of Catskill Hudson Bank, Monticello, New York:

“I do. It’s been shown that businesses can continue that way. And if you have a motivated employee – whether there working in your office or working from home – they’re going to get the job done. So if that alleviates some of the financial burden, then sure. We still have people who work a fair amount from home.”

Tracy Miller, Township Manager of Delhi Charter Township, Michigan:

“Yes. One of the things that we’ve always tried to embrace here, but that COVID really brought to the forefront, is that we need to do everything we can to encourage work-life balance. There are many jobs that can be performed remotely and I don’t think there’s any reason not to, as long as the organizational objectives are being met.”

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