From the Editor – Volume 9 Issue 1

January 7, 2022
From the Editor

Welcome to 2022 and all the promise that a new year holds! A blank slate to populate with goals and dreams; a fresh opportunity for positive momentum and capitalizing on lessons learned. Looking in the rear view mirror can be quite cathartic – sometimes fun, sometimes not, but always thought-provoking.

As Dean Trantalis, Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, shares in this month’s Power Question, “I thought 2021 was going to be a year in which we could look at COVID-19 in the rear view mirror and be able to escape its clutches. But the reality is, I think COVID is going to continue to be with us in 2022 and we just have to be better at convincing people to be vaccinated, and to get more people protected from the disease. We need to be better shepherds of our communities than we have been in the past.”

Indeed, looking out for our planet and all its inhabitants is a worthy and necessary responsibility that none of us should be taking lightly. In the year ahead, we’ll be taking an active role at Business View to foster and promote sustainability – economic, environmental, and social – by sharing feature stories from the industries, communities, and organizations that are working diligently to make a difference. If you know of anyone going above and beyond in those areas, please send me a note with the details to . We’d love to hear from you.

This month’s Business View North America kicks off 2022 with good news from a variety of industries. In the Health & Fitness sector, Touchstone Communities operates 29 short-term and long-term care facilities throughout Texas, where residents, patients, and team members all benefit from the value-based, empathetic ‘culture of caring’. And for those looking to experience a delightful change of pace, Forest Highlands is a gorgeous 1100-acre master-planned residential golf community in Coconino County, Arizona that was designed in harmony with its natural landscape.

To keep us connected, Colorado-based Congruex (a design-build digital network solution provider) is in the race to take broadband and wireless 5G across the country, especially to the most-needed rural areas. When you’re looking for a place to work from home, AvenueWest offers full-time corporate housing rentals – furnished/monthly and unfurnished/long-term options are available in 15 U.S. cities. And in the Professional Services sector, you’ll learn some valuable info from the experts at Main Bank (New Mexico), NebraskaLand Bank, and Res/Title Inc.

If you’ve noticed that car & truck dealership lots have looked a little sparse with inventory lately, you’re not alone. The entire industry is feeling the pinch of supply shortages. To bring you up to speed, we present some in-depth insights from Anderson Automotive Group, Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association, and North Carolina Auto Dealers Association.

Lastly, we invite you to take flight, virtually, with our profiles of 10 Regional Airports across the U.S. – where infrastructure upgrades, business expansion, and community engagement to promote aviation as a career are making a huge impact on General Aviation and the way people choose to travel.

The new year is upon us, folks. Please stay safe, be well, be happy… and enjoy the read!

Editor in Chief

Lorie Lee Steiner

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