From the Editor – July 2021

July 1, 2021
From the Editor

Questions, questions, so many questions. It seems for the last 15 months, all we’ve been doing is asking questions – of ourselves, of our families, our medical professionals, our employees, our co-workers… our IT people! How are you? How are you really? How do I do this? When can I do this? Do I have to? Is it safe? What do we do now?

It’s no wonder “I’m exhausted” and “I’m so over it” are the prevailing sentiments, as we come out of (hopefully) the worst of COVID-19. That being said, I just had to ask one more question of the execs I interviewed this month for Business View. It was actually a question about a question… see what I mean? Yes, I’m exhausted and so over it but I just needed to hear what they had to say.

So I inquired, “As we come out of the pandemic and move on toward recovery, what is the biggest question you’re asking yourself?” You can read a variety of those replies in our “Power Question” segment of this issue. But one remark really got me thinking…

Nathan Steele, Director of Economic & Community Development for the City of Maricopa, Arizona equated it to “like when you’re leaving a gym. You’re exhausted because you just finished working out and your muscles are all sore. But hopefully you also feel a bit of pride in knowing you accomplished something hard, and you have hope for the future knowing that you’re going to come out stronger because of it.”

Nathan has a good point. We’ve all had a ridiculously long and strenuous workout but we can, and should, feel more than a bit proud of what we’ve accomplished, how we’ve learned to pivot and Zoom, and above all, the fact that we’ve come through it together by going through it, for the most part, alone. It’s not a time for celebration – the losses are too deep – but the valuable lessons learned will guide us through whatever’s on the horizon. And that’s something we shouldn’t question, but just accept… with gratitude.

We have a full slate of fascinating profiles in this month’s edition of Business View North America. Of particular note are some uniquely diverse Regional Airports: including Roswell Air Center in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico; University Airport on campus at UC Davis; and a quintet of small airports in Riverside County, California.

The Construction sector continues to boom on the residential side, as evidenced by Ashland Custom Homes and Chelsea Building Group. Meanwhile, Ebsary Foundation Company is doing exceptional work in complex marine and deep foundation projects; JCS is connecting the American heartland with fiber-to-the-home; and Forbes Bros. is powering up the Canadian west.

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Riverside Lions is taking life at a slower pace with a comfortable, caring “home” environment for the elderly and people with disabilities. And White Lake Marine is ramping up the action – making a summer splash with luxury ski boats to tempt you away from the screens and onto the water!

All this and more, at your fingertips, my friends. Take us out to the hammock, and enjoy the read!

Editor in Chief

Lorie Lee Steiner

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