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Business View Magazine - June 2016 59
large public assemblies, trade shows and athletic
competitions. In 2015, the GCCC hosted an estimated
2.5 million visitors.
Over the years, the GCCC has routinely expanded and
renovated the facility, including an $85 million expan-
sion and garage construction in 2001 and a $40 mil-
lion renovation of Battelle Hall in 2010 to transform it
into Battelle Grand, the largest multipurpose ballroom
in Ohio and one of the largest in the Midwest. Its latest
effort is a $125 million expansion and renovation proj-
ect which began in September 2015 and is scheduled
to be completed in July 2017.
According to John Page, GCCC’s general manager, the
project should be a “game-changer” in Columbus, al-
lowing the Center to increase its business and com-
pete more effectively on a national level for clients.
The Greater Columbus Convention Center
1.7 million square feet of meeting and
conference space for regional and national groups
Columbus, Ohio
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