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14 Business View Magazine - June 2016
Women in IT Networking
Call for Participation
The Women in IT Networking at SC (WINS) pro-
gram, introduced in November 2015 at the SC15
conference in Austin, Texas, developed as a means
for addressing the prevalent gender gap that exists
in Information Technology (IT) - particularly in the
fields of network engineering and high performance
computing (HPC).
The 2015 program enabled five talented, early to
mid-career women from diverse regions of the U.S.
research and education community IT field to partici-
pate in the ground-up construction of SCinet, one of
the fastest and most advanced computer networks
in the world. WINS is a joint effort between the En-
ergy Sciences Network (ESnet), the Keystone Ini-
tiative for Network Based Education and Research
(KINBER), and University Corporation for Atmo-
spheric Research (UCAR).
SCinet, SC’s dedicated high-performance research
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