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A new report from Navigant Research examines
global energy efficiency policies by region, with
samples and assessments of current policies, for a
select number of states and countries.
During the past five years, the number of energy ef-
ficiency polices around the world has continued to
increase. While policies vary by region and country,
and with more developed nations taking more strin-
gent approaches, a lack of enforcement remains a
significant barrier to implementation in many places.
“Globally, governments and regulatory agencies
have increased their focus on commercial buildings,
which are large consumers of the world’s energy,”
says Krystal Maxwell, research associate with Nav-
igant Research. “Europe is a leader among world
regions in energy efficiency policy, with the most
rigorous building codes, performance standards, la-
beling, and benchmarking, as well as some of the
most aggressive greenhouse gas emissions reduc-
tion targets.”
In particular, the European Union’s energy efficiency
regulations require member states to create and en-
force their own internal policies, which have forced
member states to proactively address energy ef-
ficiency in buildings and create their own policies.
Globally, according to the report, other drivers for
increased policy creation include events like the Par-
is Climate Summit and independent organizations
working to create labeling and benchmark require-
The report, Global Energy Efficiency Policy Analysis,
analyzes global energy efficiency policies by region.
Samples of current policies are provided and as-
sessed for a select number of states and countries.
The study encompasses various aspects of policies,
including policy level, with a focus on labeling and
benchmarking, energy building codes, performance
standards, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
targets. This report also provides state and country
classifications based on those focus areas for cer-
tain states and countries.
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