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Business View Magazine - June 2016 23
Sanovnik Destang, Executive Director - Bay Gardens
“Attitude is the most important thing. You can
teach a person the technical skills, but they have
to have a good work ethic; be good at customer
service. You want somebody who has that naturally
ingrained in them. Obviously, qualifications do mat-
ter, somewhat, for some positions. But once they
meet the basic standards, you can teach them the
rest. The best candidates are those who have the
best attitude.”
Naveen Gupta, CEO - ISD Bahamas
“Qualifications definitely matters. The most impor-
tant ones will be experience and references.”
Leroy Campbell, Managing Director - Metro Security
“We try to find persons who are aspiring for a level
of discipline. We do look for persons who have ca-
det training – a young person coming from school
with cadet training is trained to follow a level of
discipline and code standards as far as military
bearing and so forth. That is the type of person we
strive for.”
Dean Rowe, Managing Director – Point Guard Secu-
rity Co. Ltd.
“Trust, loyalty, professionalism, and a clean back-
Arturo Salas, President - Senor Frogs, Nassau
“We have three values, here. Number one is at-
titude; you have to have a service attitude. You
have to be friendly, open to working in a restaurant
because sometimes it’s complicated. You have
to have that special attitude that service people
have. Number two is respect. And number three is
honesty. Those are the three things that we always
look for.”
Lt. Col. Derek Robinson, Managing Director – Ports
Security Corps, Ltd. Jamaica
“When we ask someone to put their life on the line,
for a company such as mine, it is really about na-
tional service - a service over and above what you
can gain. You don’t join my company to get rich.
You come because you wish to serve. So, we’re
looking for that level of commitment; that level
of awareness that what we do is important to the
national security of our country. It’s not a money-
making venture, at all.”
Kadia Wright, Marketing Director - Peak Bottling
Company, Ltd. Jamaica
“People with passion; people with drive who not
only want to see themselves excel, but while they’re
excelling see the company excel, as well. We want
people who will work day and night, if necessary,
for the company to achieve its objectives. We want
people with that kind of fire in their belly.”
Kevin Hendrickson, Founder and Managing Director
- Courtleigh Hotel & Suites
“A passion for success. If you have that passion,
we can steer you in the right direction. If you’re
passionate enough, we can motivate you towards
ensuring that you do the best that you can for our
guests, our team members, and, in general, for Ja-
Matt Pizzuti, Deputy Director - Oregon Convention
“What we look at most is ‘fit.’ Do they fit with our cul-
ture? Is this a person that we can see being some-
body that’s adding to our mix or is this somebody
that’s going to bring something new and different.
We look for that. And then, it’s ‘service heart.’ If
this isn’t a business that gets them excited when
they get out of bed in the morning – that’s not the
right person for us.”
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