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Business View Magazine - August 2016 9
and Ireland (3%). Meanwhile, Germany leads the
ranking of the main exporters to US (31%), followed
by United Kingdom (15.4%), Italy (10.3%), France
(9%), Ireland (7.8%), Belgium, The Netherlands, and
Spain (5.6%, 4.6% and 3%, respectively).
The impact of Brexit and other current circum-
stances, on the commercial relations between both
of these economic blocs, is yet to be determined.
Another study by concerned US
interests in the Spanish economy. According to this
study, conducted on more than 250,000 users, the
US is the second country most interested in Span-
ish companies, with 8% of the 2015 total, and the
one with the highest growth in the first quarter of
Three US geographical areas led the interest in Span-
ish companies in US, comprising 43% of the coun-
try’s total: New York (15.9%), California (14.2%), and
Florida (13.2%). The Californian professionals’ inter-
est in Spanish companies is very significant, grow-
ing nearly 9 points in the first quarter of 2016. 3 of
every 10 interests from this region correspond to
the sectors of science, technology, and communica-
Five sectors of activity gather nearly 70% of the US
interests. The Spanish trade sector has been the
one generating more interest between US profes-
sionals in 2015, with 20.9% of the queries, followed
by the construction (12.7%) and the manufacturing
industry (12.6%). In the first quarter of 2016, the
interest in the Spanish manufacturing companies
grew 9 points, becoming the second sector of busi-
ness interest.
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