BVM August, 2016 - page 10

10 Business View Magazine - August 2016
Mobile Devices: The New Gatekeepers to
Your Travel Industry Customers
By Deidra Hunter
Some people wake up because of it; others latch on
to it as soon as they wake. For many, it’s one of their
most valuable items and they check it nearly 150
times a day. The mobile device, cell phone, or tablet
is a personal extension of your customer, as well as
their companion when making purchase decisions.
So, why should travel companies be concerned?
Mobile devices offer customers the convenience of
connecting and purchasing from businesses any-
where, instantly. Retail customers use their trusted
mobile phones to search for coupons or reviews be-
fore making an in-store or online purchase. A 2014
report of e-commerce stores that use the Shopify
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