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ally, is only as good as the fittings – the whole coupling
system. And what we’ve seen is – especially in North
America – a number of the pipe producers are using a
very, very short coupler. And the DOTs (Departments of
Transportation) are complaining because when there
are heavy loads on it – you have very little engagement
between the male and female ends of the coupler. So
the integrity of the whole structure is compromised.
This is an issue, especially in the States, and there’s a
lot of push back because of pipe system failures.
“But now we’ve got the solution, the Corma Super
Coupling. The notion here is that it’s a longer coupler;
there’s an extended sleeve so the walls of the female
and male end of the coupling are always in contact. So,
even if you don’t have the best installation practices,
or you’ve got heavy loads, or deep burials, or even in
an earthquake situation, if the pipe moves inside the
coupling, there’s still nowhere where you’re going to
get infiltration of soil or contaminants in between the
walls of the pipe. It’s a very neat idea. We’ve finished
the development and we’re just starting to market it
and we have our first pipe producer who’s going to go
with that Super Coupling.”
Lupke stresses that Corma does not manufacture pipe,
itself, but only designs, builds, and sells the pipe mak-
ing machines utilized by pipe extruder manufacturers.
Today, Corma sells and services its machinery in over
100 markets, worldwide. It recently opened offices in
El Salvador and Brazil to better support its customers
in Central and South America, and the company has
also made a strong commitment to its customers in
India by establishing a Sales and Service Center in
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