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26 Business View Magazine - August 2016
Corma, Inc.
Still going strong
The cover of Business View Magazine’s July 2015 is-
sue featured a picture of 76 year-old Manfred Lupke,
President and CEO of Corma, Inc., one of the world’s
leading producers of the machinery and die tooling
equipment for corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing.
Lupke, who immigrated to Canada from Germany in
1969, and went on to generate approximately 850
separate patents for innovative engineering, is still go-
ing strong, according to his son, Stefan, the company’s
Executive Vice President. “We’re aiming at his 77th
birthday, this summer, and he’s not going anywhere,
soon,” the younger Lupke exclaims.
Recently, BVM caught up with Stefan Lupke to find out
what has transpired this past year at the Concord, On-
tario-based company. “Everything we do is to try and
be technologically ahead of our competition or even
ahead of what the customer is going to ask for,” he
says. “So, we saw a couple of opportunities. One is for
even large pipe. Corrugated pipe, right now, is limited
to 60 inches – that’s pretty much the staple in the U.S.
and Canada. We’ve developed a machine which is go-
ing to be making pipe 72, 84, and hopefully, 96 inches
– that’s our target.”
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