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with some of the things that Elite does, as well, once
they begin discussions of equipment,” she adds, once
again alluding to the combined focus of the two enti-
ties and how well they complement one another.
As the marriage continues to blossom, Dahlhauser re-
ports that MH Equipment is intent upon moving more
aggressively into the stand up/electric market. “The
market is shifting from IC (Internal Combustion) lift
trucks to predominately electric with electric lift trucks
now comprising approximately 60 percent of the mar-
ket’s purchases. So, obviously, we would like to be a
bigger player in that game,” she says. Hennie says that
one of Elite’s long-term goals is to have an Elite office
or presence in each of the regions that MH Equipment
currently operates in. “Right now, Elite is headquar-
tered in Hudson, Ohio, and we have a Sales Engineer
in one other regional office,” he says. “But, ultimately,
we will have an Elite presence in each of the eight re-
gions that we operate.”
While it’s clear that the corporate marriage of these
two harmonizing companies is apt to provide much
economic benefit to their mutual bottom line, like any
strong union, the pairing must also be built upon a
deeper sharing of company tenets and beliefs. Happi-
ly, that is precisely what sealed the deal, according to
Hennie. “When Elite and MH Equipment started talk-
ing, there was a lot of synergy in our vision, and our
values, and our mission. Both entities take our vision,
mission, and values very seriously. If you look at our
logos and our taglines, you’ll see the words: People,
Passion, and Purpose,” Hennie says emphatically. “All
people matter and are due honor and respect; our
passion unites us; and our purpose is to make the
communities that we work and live in, better places.”
People, Passion, and Purpose – not to mention first-
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